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Revenge is Sweet

All was finally peaceful in Camelot...well, it seemed that way for Merlin and Gwaine. For the first time in a month, they were able to relax in more ways than one.

'Vacation' never appealed more to Merlin than now. Sitting down with his feet on the table, the young warlock was watching Elyan in amusement as he struggled to get a third of his chores done and it was already evening. The knight never realized what Merlin had to go through as a servant. In conclusion, it wasn't easy and this was only Day 1.

Gwaine might not have been able to say the same thing about vacation, but his wallet was nice and full for the entire week although the same couldn't be said about Lancelot. Originally, Lancelot had split all the money he was willing to spend into seven piles, one for each day. By the end of Day 1, three of the piles were emptied. He was going to be in big trouble if he couldn't pay the tavern owner.

Not only did he have to pay for Gwaine (and some of his newly acquired 'friends'), but he had the 'pleasure' of dragging his sorry arse home afterwards. No matter which route he'd take, the man attracted trouble like a magnet. A drunken knight proclaiming his undying love to everyone he met on the way was not dignified - especially when said knight flirted with another noble's wife.

It was safe to say that it didn't end well and the black eye Lancelot received for Gwaine's behavior was going to last for days.

It wasn't until the last night of the week-long punishment that Elyan and Lancelot met up with each other in one of the palace halls. The sun was just setting and upon seeing each other, they stopped and gave one another a tired smile. After an awkward pause that felt like eternity, Lancelot spoke up first.

"Well, I think we've learned our lesson Elyan".

"Yeah. We might've gotten a bit over-competitive..." Elyan replied.

"...and Merlin and Gwaine suffered because of our actions" Lancelot finished.

There was another pause before both knights began laughing at how ridiculous they acted this past month.

"You know Lancelot, you're right. We were acting stupidly and do deserve our punishment" Elyan said before mentally adding, to some degree, at the end. Lancelot nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, but it can't get any worse than me buying drinks for Gwaine all night and you doing Merlin's chores all week. Speaking of, can I borrow some money from you?"

"Are Gwaine and his drinking buddies drying you clean?"

"You can say that again".

So both Lancelot and Elyan, having now officially ended their feud, began heading towards their respective chambers, unbeknownst of a drunken knight and a warlock lurking in the alcove behind.

"So they think it can't any worse" Gwaine said, watching the knights in the hallway.

"Oh how wrong they are" Merlin replied as his eyes flashed gold. "How wrong they are indeed".


Lancelot and Elyan both woke up refreshed. Their punishment was over, their lesson 'learned', and it was a beautiful sunny day. They welcomed their ordinary knightly duties with open arms. On their way to the training grounds, both met up with each other.

"I'm glad that's over" Elyan said while stretching his arms.

"Yeah, things are finally going back to normal" Lancelot replied. So they talked along the way to the training fields. However, on their way, the knights were getting very strange reactions from those passing by.

A noble gave them a shocked look after both knights greeted him. The servants, who knew Lancelot and Elyan to be kind, down-to-earth knights, couldn't help but laugh when one of them opened their mouths to speak. One girl, who had taken a fancy to Elyan, avoided him like the plague after he greeted her.

Lancelot and Elyan were confused. What was making everyone act so strangely today? As if reading each other's thoughts, they looked at each other to see if there was anything wrong with their appearance. Nope. Nothing. So, they shrugged their shoulders and carried on until they finally reached the training grounds.

Upon arrival, the other Knights of the Round Table, Arthur, and Merlin were already there.

"Hello everyone. Sorry we're late. People have been acting weird all day and..." Lancelot began but was cut off by the looks on his friends' faces. Leon, Percival and Arthur just stared at him in utter confusion. Merlin and Gwaine did nothing to hide their grins.

"Not you too" Elyan complained. After looking at Merlin and Gwaine (who he could tell were suppressing their laughter with great skill), he continued. "What's so funny?"

That was the last straw. Losing all self control, Merlin and Gwaine burst out laughing; the young warlock clutched his side while the drunken knight almost fell over. To make matters worse, Arthur suddenly found it fitting to join in on their laughter. Leon and Percival had the decency to not laugh but were still grinning from ear to ear.

"So this is what you meant by 'personal revenge' Merlin" Arthur said, remembering the incoherent mumblings of his friend the other night. "I've got to say, I do like it and it is funny seeing it done to some else I admit" the young prince continued, remembering the same thing happening to him (except this time lacked the ears).

"It was Merlin's idea. I just encouraged him to do it" Gwaine added with a smug look on his face.

"What's going on!" Lancelot and Elyan yelled at the same time, only getting a roar of laughter from everyone, including Percival and Leon.

Deciding to save them from any further embarrassment, Percival composed himself, walked over to his confused friends and said, "Fellows, you acted like asses towards your friends during the bet. Now you two sound like one as well."

It took a couple of minutes for Lancelot and Elyan to process the information. Well that explained why everyone was acting so strangely, both mused.

"Merlin! I know it was you. Undo this right now!" Lancelot shouted.

This, however, only caused them to laugh even harder as the loud, angry braying of a donkey was heard. Merlin and Gwaine backed away slowly, grinning like idiots (as Arthur would say).

"Oh don't worry. It'll only be a few days...if you're lucky" Merlin shouted back.

"Gwaine! Merlin!...when I get my hands on you..." Elyan tried to threaten, but once again, only a screeched braying was heard.

Both knights then gave chase to their two soon-to-be-dead-when-they-caught-up-with-them friends.

"You know what Gwaine?" Merlin quickly asked between breaths.

"What is it my friend?"

"I've just realized something this past month. Something important, a 'soul-searching revelation', if you will".

"And what would that be" Gwaine now yelled over the loud braying of Lancelot and Elyan who were getting closer to their intended victims. They're probably cursing us, Gwaine thought to himself.

"Revenge...is sweet".


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