AN: Lol yes! I finally ended Jade/Riley last chapter! HAHAHA! Anyway... before I start on Anley one shots or Kami/David oneshots, I wanted to write this. Because I had originally made Riley to be the worst enemy of Wally, and I'm kinda getting away from that so... yeah?

"You know, lions are pretty ficious."

He stiffens slightly at his voice, trying to hide his sudden shock and fear. Riley smirks at Wally's reaction.

"I read a bit of them when Abby lent me a book."

He puts no special emphasis on his words, but the meaning was clear: She was nice to me, you were not.

"Did you know that when a lion conquers another ones pride, the first thing he does is kill the other lions cubs? I mean, why should he raise cubs that aren't his?"

Riley sneers at his enemies turned back. He can't help but stand up and slowly start over to Wallabee.

"And that's all I was doing right? I beat Nigel in a fair fight. His pride became mine. Survival of the fittest."

He reaches toward Wallabee's shoulder and gives it the slightest of shoves.

"You know, som say we're opposites. That's why we get on eachothers nerves so much."

Wally finally speaks, but he can hear the itching doubt in his voice. Riley smiles coldly in having been able to have another window for taunting his enemy.

"But we know better don't we Walls? It's just that we're so much alike, we know exactly how to get under eachothers skin."

Wally moves his shoulers away from him uncomfortably.

"Never." He squeaks with more than a small hint of doubt.

Riley smirks evily and stands next to him. Two immobile statues in the sunset, one gold, one dark haired.

"And that scares you doesn't it? Knowing I could push you into doing something you'd regrect later. Knowing that the very part of me you hate, is something we share?"

For once, Wally doesn't twitch at the sound of his voice. Almost as if he was thinking deeply on what Riley had said.

Riley lends over and whispers sinisternly in Wally's ear, "The weak lions are sometimes killed instantly in the wild Walls. Lets see which lion is weak."

Ten minutes later, two figures are seen in the distance closely fighting to the death.