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The Jump City Convention Center was teeming with young adults of various ages. VidCon was in full swing and everyone was out testing the next big thing in video games. This of course includes a certain young man who was half-metal and a certain young man who was all green. A full month had passed since the imprisonment of Mento and the funeral of Elasti-Girl. The two Titans had been anticipating VidCon for awhile now and were trying to enjoy every minute of it. They had already tried out a slew of new games, participated in a dance contest, checked out a few booths, and saw about three game trailers that were just revealed to the world about an hour ago.

"Dude check it out! The new Colony Soldiers!" Beast Boy exclaimed, running up to the line for the demo station to try out the game. Cyborg was a step behind him.

"Yeah I heard the Co-op for this one is gonna be unreal!" the metal Titan exclaimed, Beast Boy's grin got even wider.

"Yeah and new weapons like the Burrowing Death and the Explode-A-Tron!" The green Titan gestured with his hands to convey his excitement. They chatted about Colony Soldiers' great new features for about twenty minutes before it was their turn to try it out.

The two young Titans' fingers flitted across the controllers like a blur as they played. Beast Boy pointed at the screen and laughed when his avatar in the game used the "Burrowing Death" weapon. It was a golden sphere about the size of a basketball shot out of the rifle. The golden sphere proceeded to fly into an enemy alien's face and effectively lobotomize it. Digitized blood and gore was everywhere.

"This is officially my new favorite weapon!" The changeling announced. Cyborg pointed at the screen suddenly.

"There! that's the boss for this level, lets mess it up!" The cybernetic Titan said to his green friend, Beast Boy's face scrunched up when he saw the boss.

"Yuck! that thing makes Plasmus look pretty." The emerald teen commented. Cyborg laughed.

"No kidding." He agreed. And with that the two went into a silence for a couple of minutes as they worked on defeating the boss. Once the gross boss was defeated, the two gave each other a high five.

"Sweet! we rock tin man!" Beast Boy cheered, Cyborg gestured towards the cafeteria

"Come on! lets see what kind of grub they got here." The metallic meat lover said, walking towards the cafeteria. The changeling followed behind at a sedate pace.

"You're already hungry? Didn't you have like three dead animal's worth of food before you got here?" Beast Boy asked, his answer was a growl from his friend's stomach.

"Yeah and that's only a light snack BB. I'm starved." Cyborg replied. The jade Titan shook his head and chuckled.

"Well you might regret that, the food they serve here isn't all that great." Beast Boy told him. Cyborg just shrugged.

"It's better than nothing." He told his green teammate. They both went through the line, ordered and sat down at a table. Except for a couple of glances, people left them alone. After taking up residence in Jump City years ago, people were used to seeing the Titans at public places. Beast Boy was hesitantly poking his salad while Cyborg was inhaling his pizza.

"Are you even tasting that?" Beast Boy asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know grass stain!" Cyborg replied.

"Not really." Beast Boy said, chuckling. Finally he took a bite of his salad, deciding it wasn't too bad he continued eating.

"Why didn't Robin come? I'm pretty sure he would be having a great time here." Cyborg asked. Beast Boy finished his mouthful of salad before speaking.

"He's with Star for some 'quality-time.' He needs it though. Dude's been in 'Must-find-Slade' mode for like a month now. Funny thing is, we haven't seen a sign of Slade in over three months!" Beast Boy told him.

"Maybe it's not about Slade this time, maybe it's someone else." Cyborg wondered out loud. The changeling's eyebrows furrowed in thought.

"Who could it be?" The green Titan wondered, Cyborg thought about it for a few moments then shrugged.

"Who knows?" Cyborg responded, returning to his pizza. In truth, the metal Titan knew that Robin was still investigating Rita's death. Robin had told him that there were too many 'loose ends' for this to be a freak accident. "How's training with Raven going?" He asked, attempting to change the subject, it worked.

"It's rough going, I don't see how Raven can so easily clear her mind. If my thoughts were cable cords they'd be a jumbled up mess so large you could lose your house in it." Beast Boy said. The changeling had been attempting meditation exercises with his dark teammate in order to help him control the Beast. It did help to an extent, but he knew he needed something more.

"Keep at it man, remember Raven has been doing that for years and you've only been doing it for a couple of weeks, it'll get better." Cyborg comforted. The emerald nineteen year old sighed.

"I hope so. I'm not exactly keen on going berserk again." Beast Boy responded. The metallic Titan was about to say something else when a loud crash was heard in the main area of the convention center. The two Titans looked at each other before racing off towards the source of the noise.

"Why did it have to be today of all days?" Cyborg said with a groan.

"Dude I hear ya. I bet you it's Control Freak." Beast Boy replied.

"I say it's Overload, this many electronics around must be like a gold mine to him." Cyborg responded, the changeling grinned.

"Loser has dish duty for a week?" The green Titan asked, his cybernetic friend matched his smile.

"Deal!" Cyborg answered as the two made their way to the main area. The two crime fighters quickly found the source of the disturbance, Cyborg shook his head when he saw who it was. "Aw man!" he said, disappointed at losing the bet.

"Looks like we were both wrong." Beast Boy added, frowning. Standing on stage and interrupting the current dance contest that was going on was a young man in a big red robotic suit. Currently he was holding one of the dancing contestants by his throat. Neither Titan expected Adonis of all people to be crashing a video game convention.

"You nerds think you can have a convention in my city? I don't think so!" The self-centered man said as he squeezed his hand tighter around the poor contestant's neck. Before he could do the civilian serious harm a green rhino plowed into him. The impact sent him flying across the stage and he lost his grip on the civilian, who quickly ran as far from there as possible.

"Dude, this place isn't called Adonis City, I don't think I'd want to be anywhere near a city named after your dumb ass." Beast Boy stated, now back in human form. Adonis sat up, resting his weight on his elbows and sneered at the green Titan.

"Well well, if it isn't the green loser, I should have known you'd be the first to be defending these geeks." The narcissistic villain insulted, Beast Boy wasn't fazed.

"At least they know how to stay out of jail, you've only been out like what? two weeks? And now you're about to go back there again. I think you miss being in jail, dropping the soap in a regular shower not giving you the same feeling?" The changeling retorted, Adonis' face turned red in response.

"I'm going to break your skinny little neck for that one wimp!" The villain shouted, Beast boy crouched into a fighting stance and smirked

"Not likely." was all he said before transforming into a bull and charging. Adonis was ready, he intended to grab the bull by the horns and toss him away like their first encounter. However as the emerald bull came into range, Adonis was shocked to discover he had grabbed only air. While he was still trying to figure out where the changeling went, he never noticed the green mouse run between his legs. Beast Boy then morphed into a kangaroo and gave Adonis' backside the hardest kick he could. The villain stumbled forward, right into Cyborg, who buried his right fist into Adonis' gut. Half a second later, the green kangaroo leapt up and gave the back of Adonis' head a hard kick. The self-centered villain found himself face first on the stage floor.

Although he was down, Adonis was not out. As the two Titans stood triumphantly over him. He suddenly reached out with his right hand and grabbed Cyborg's left ankle and yanked backwards. The cybernetic Titan yelped in surprise as he fell on his back. Adonis quickly stood up, still gripping Cyborg's ankle, and flung him into Beast Boy who was now in human form and caught off guard. The two Titans were flung off the stage and into the theatre-style seats, with Cyborg landing on Beast Boy.

"Geez dude, I know you're made out of metal, but damn you're heavy!" The changeling complained, his larger teammate quickly stood up and offered an apology. The two were interrupted as Adonis grabbed one of the statues that was near the stage and flung it at them. Cyborg raised his right arm, turning it into his sonic cannon and fired, Beast Boy saw what he was shooting and his eyes bugged out of his head.

"NOOO!" The jade colored Titan shouted, but it was too late, and a one-of-a-kind "Era of the Clans" wood elf sorcerer statue was shattered into a million pieces as Cyborg fired at it.

"Such indescribable beauty! gone forever!" Beast Boy cried overdramatically. Cyborg didn't have time to reply as a red metallic fist slammed into his chest, sending him backwards. Before Beast Boy could react a red boot slammed into his ribs, he grunted in pain as he too was sent flying, crashing hard into a flat-screen monitor and falling back to the ground. Adonis smiled and flexed his mechanical muscles.

"You nerds cherish the stupidest things!" He exclaimed, Cyborg recovered from Adonis' attack and charged at him again, leaping into the air and interlocking his hands. He slammed his combined fists into Adonis, aiming for his face but barely missing it and hitting him on his suit's right shoulder, staggering him backwards.

Cyborg wasn't done yet though and moved in to finish him off. Adonis saw this and struck out his fists in a left-right combination, but the metallic Titan dodged both. He answered with a left-right combination of his own that had Adonis backpedaling rapidly. The arrogant supervillain spun around in a full circle, lashing out with his right arm in a spinning backhand. Cyborg anticipated this however, ducking under it and countering with a right uppercut that nailed Adonis in the jaw.

Adonis would have fallen to the ground had he not caught himself on one of the seats. Cyborg had his right fist raised, ready to deliver another punch. The supervillain raised his left leg and delivered a kick to Cyborg's stomach. The blow sent the cybernetic Titan skidding on his feet across the floor, falling face down as he was coming to a stop.

Before Adonis could gloat some more, an emerald lion pounced at him. The lion struck out with it's left claw as it leapt past the villain, tearing a piece of metal away from the metal suit's left torso. Sparks and electricity began to shoot out from the tear. Adonis growled in annoyance.

"I just made this suit!" The self-centered villain complained, Beast Boy answered by leaping at Adonis once again in lion form. This time the changeling was aiming to try and bite out a piece of Adonis' suit near his face. He was hoping if the short circuits became too hazardous Adonis would be forced to abandon his suit, making victory certain. The villain was ready for him this time though, and raised his left arm in protection. Beast Boy wasn't deterred however and snapped his feline jaws down on Adonis' left forearm. The villain grunted in pain and used his free hand to strike the green lion in the head, but the changeling still held firm.

Out of the corner of his eye, Adonis saw Cyborg charging up his sonic cannon. Under normal circumstances he'd be in trouble. Thanks to a deal he made however, he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Quickly he pointed the palm of his free hand at the half-robot Titan. His palm glowed red for a split-second before discharging a beam of red energy. The blast hit Cyborg and slammed him against the far wall, where he made a sizable dent and then collapsed onto the ground.

The Villain quickly readjusted his aim to blast the green lion in it's belly. Beast Boy quickly morphed into a spider, managing to get on Adonis' left forearm a moment before he fired. Adonis smirked at the small green spider and swatted at his forearm with his free hand to crush it. The changeling managed to dodge again by morphing into a monkey and leaping onto Adonis' face. Again the arrogant villain tried to swat at the monkey, but it once again leapt out of the way in time. Unfortunately for Adonis, this time he managed to smack himself in the face when the monkey dodged. While it was a light slap, the mechanical arms of his suit had greatly enhanced strength. So what would be a normal slap with average human strength ended up feeling like getting hit in the face with a truck.

As Adonis stumbled around holding his face in pain and cursing the green changeling. Beast Boy morphed into a sasquatch, grabbed the villain's right arm and threw him over his shoulder. Adonis fell to the ground in front of Beast Boy with a loud thud. The emerald Titan then raised his foot, intending to stomp on Adonis' hand to destroy or damage the laser he had installed there. The green sasquatch brought his foot down, and stepped on nothing but concrete as the egotistic villain moved his hand in time. Beast Boy roared in frustration as Adonis got up to one knee and used his free leg to kick the jade sasquatch in the sternum. The kick sent him through several booths.

The narcissistic villain got to his feet and then was immediately knocked back off them by a sonic blast, courtesy of Cyborg. The villain skidded across the floor, finally stopping when he bumped into a wall with his head. Using the nearby wall for support, Adonis rose to his feet. Suddenly the earpiece he had on sprang to life.

"Well done Adonis, you have their attention, begin phase two." The voice told Adonis, who smirked. He fired a laser blast behind him to destroy the wall. Debris and dust enveloped the self-centered villain, Cyborg cursed and fired a few sonic blasts into the dust cloud. When it dissipated though, Adonis was gone.

Beast Boy morphed into a cheetah and made his exit through Adonis' makeshift door. Cyborg made to follow when the sound of a motorcycle coming in fast stopped him. He looked to the source of the noise to find Johnny Rancid barreling down at him. Just barely the cybernetic Titan managed to dive out of the way. Rancid stopped in front of the hole in the wall, blocking Cyborg's path.

"Cyborg, the wanna-be terminator guy! You think you'll be tough enough to take me on all alone?" The biker villain challenged. Cyborg smirked.

"I won't even break a sweat!" The metallic Titan claimed, firing his sonic cannon, Johnny Rancid countered by firing his laser pistol. The two blasts collided in a brilliant flash of light.

Beast Boy was hot on Adonis' heels in cheetah form. Although Adonis' suit allowed him to travel faster than a normal person. He was still slower than Beast Boy in this form.

The Villain saw that Beast Boy was gaining on him, but he wasn't worried, time to try out that other trick up his sleeve. Adonis took a few more steps then bent his knees, a green ape landed on his back at that moment. It's arms trying to wrap around his neck. Adonis cursed and tried to abort activating the rockets on his suit's feet. It was too late however. Adonis' rocket boots Sent both combatants high into the sky and into the horizon.