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Beast Boy had attended way too many funerals.

His parents, his friends in Africa, Rita, and now Terra. The last two happening in just around the span of a month. At that moment Beast Boy didn't feel like a nineteen year old superhero just reaching his prime. He felt more like an old man who was watching the ones he cared about disappear around him.

The green Titan stood in front of Terra's tombstone. Dark grey clouds covered the sky, threatening rain but nothing had fallen from them yet. The blonde geomancer was very withdrawn in her life after her stint with the Titans. Very few people showed up to her funeral, Jenni being one of them.

Twelve days had passed since Ravager's plan to conquer the city. Jenni had not spoken a word to him in all that time once she learned of Terra's death. Even at the funeral she avoided him. He supposed he couldn't blame her, he was Terra's murderer after all.

So Beast Boy stood in front of the tombstone of one of his good friends, contemplating how he had arrived in this situation. He stood there in his dark green and black superhero costume, the left sleeve flailing loosely in the gentle breeze where his arm should have been.

Two pairs of footsteps came behind him. Beast Boy didn't even have to look to see who it was. Cyborg, his best friend and Raven, the dark girl he had fallen in love with. They stayed back a respectful distance from him, letting him work through his thoughts on his own.

"Thanks for coming you guys." The changeling spoke.

"That's what friends do. We help each other out when we're dealing with tough times." Cyborg replied. Raven nodded in agreement.

"You're not alone Garfield." The dark girl stated. Beast Boy turned his head to look at them and nodded.

"I know." he answered before turning to look at Terra's tombstone once more. "When I first thought that Terra had freed herself from her stone prison, I was elated. I believed that there could have been nothing worse for a person than being stuck as a stone statue, unable to move forever. So for her to be free again, I was really happy for her." The green man's shoulders slumped. "I was wrong, the thing that was worse than being a stone statue was being murdered by a friend, someone you trusted."

The changeling lowered his head and closed his eyes tight, feeling the emotional pain rise in him. "Even if we always didn't talk about our lack of trust for Terra, we thought about it. All of us, even me. It's kind of ironic you know? That it was me who ended up betraying her trust. Ending her life that she had entrusted me with to protect..." Beast Boy couldn't speak anymore, words started to get caught in his throat. He thought tears would be coming down his cheeks, but strangely there were none.

Something grabbed his right hand and interlaced it's fingers with his. Surprised, Beast Boy opened his eyes and looked to his right to see Raven holding his right hand with her left. The dark girl gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"It wasn't your fault Garfield, that creature inside you was eroding your sanity. We've taken care of that." She told him. He gave her a sad smile.

"Yeah we did Raven, but you didn't see it. The look in Terra's eyes as the life flowed out of her." Beast Boy shook his head slightly. "I'll never forget it."

"Come on man, it was an accident. Everyone on the team knows you would never harm an innocent." Cyborg spoke up, Beast Boy had returned his gaze to the tombstone.

"You're right." The green Titan replied to his friend. "Under normal circumstances I would never have done that. However, I had allowed myself to become seduced by the power granted to me from some damned monster that now lives in my mind." Beast Boy grit his teeth, fighting with his self-loathing before continuing. "I was too arrogant. The fucking creature even told me the drawbacks of using it's power, but like moron I ignored them! I thought I would be strong enough to resist the madness that those powers brought with them but I was wrong!" The changeling finished, shouting the last few words as he vented.

Raven gripped his hand tighter and Beast Boy took a few calming breaths. "And now because of my huge error in judgement, Terra is dead. You guys say it's not my fault and I want to believe that, but I can't."

"It's alright Garfield. We'll help you get through this, I promise." Raven vowed, leaning her head on his right shoulder. The green man had to admit, her extra warmth did feel good. He felt Cyborg place his right hand on his left shoulder.

"Whatever you need man. We're here for you, you know that." The metallic Titan informed him. Beast Boy still had his gaze fixed on Terra's tombstone, but he nodded in response to Cyborg's words.

"I know, thanks." He replied. Doubt lingered in the changeling's heart though. He couldn't help but dwell on the fact that most of the deaths of people important to him were his fault. He failed to save his parents, failed to save friends in Africa, and now he had failed to save Terra. Perhaps he was cursed to fail his loved ones?

Beast Boy's attention turned to the purple-haired girl leaning on his shoulder. No, he had not failed everyone, he had saved Raven from Ravager's Project Char at least. And he had saved millions of lives by stopping Slade's crazy daughter.

He was a superhero, he kept telling himself that in his head. The words seemed to ring hollow however. His hands were stained from the blood of too many people he should have been able to save.

And so Beast Boy continued to stand before the tombstone of a girl he had killed. His fellow superheroes beside him, lending their support. The changeling himself though, did not feel like a superhero at all anymore.

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I've received some questions about this series and I figured now is a good time to answer some of them.

1)Where did you get inspiration from?

From many things actually, but for the main story itself. It was based off a crazy dream I had of Beast Boy fighting Ravager in Jump City with a satellite firing giant red lasers of death on them from above. Of course I made some changes as I didn't want that huge of a death toll in the story, at least not yet.

2) Why did you give Beast Boy new powers? Will he get his old ones back?

I thought hard on this one, in the end it's how I pictured it in my head. Beast Boy ended up being an experiment for a character in another story I'm currently writing. I wanted to see if I could successfully portray the kind of powers he had in a battle. I think I succeeded, but I also acknowledge the fact that I shouldn't have messed with Beast Boy's character like that. As for his old powers it's very likely he'll get those back if I get time to write a future installment.

3) Why Ravager and not Slade as the main villain for this?

I figured Slade had his time in the spotlight as main villain during the TV series. For Primal Madness I wanted him to still be there, but more in the background, fulfilling his own agenda. Ravager seemed a perfect fit to use as a villain as she had a link to Slade, being his daughter. So I could use a character that was similar to Slade, but with a few twists. It's possible Slade will have a bigger role in a future installment.

4) Not enough romance between Beast Boy and Raven.

I'm still working on improving the romance parts for my stories. For Primal Madness I wanted to focus more on Beast Boy and his struggle with the madness inside him. It's possible I might write a story that focuses more on their relationship.

5) Will there be another story that follows Primal Madness?

Well I do have a third story in mind. So far though it's all in my head. My current plan is to write some short stories that take place after Primal Madness when I have time and then if I feel up to writing another big epic story I'll get to work on the third one.

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