The Curious Existence of Kurt Hummel, and the Werewolf who Loved Him

An adventurous and sometimes angst-ridden dramedy set in an alternate history, wherein magic and science try to find a balance in a changing society. Also there are werewolves, fantasy steam technology, a circus, and sex. Lots of filthy sex.

This began as a fill for the kink meme on LiveJournal, but then it grew a plot and became this monster of a story. It's still being written, but as I'm 25,000 words in with no end in sight, I really need to start posting it before I go insane. Massive THANK YOU to my beta betteroffapart (LJ username) for helping me solidify the story and just generally being awesome. I now know what authors mean when they refer to a beta as being a cheerleader \o/

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine with Kurt/Sam; ensemble cast with current canon pairings and a few surprises
Warnings: attempted sexual assault, unwanted sexual advances, brief violence, infidelity, allusions to bestiality
Other possibly squicky kinks: mpreg & lactation (WAIT! Don't run! I promise it makes sense in this 'verse, as it is of a magical nature and not assbabies), rimming, felching, come play, marking, nipple play, biting, jealousy/possessive, toys/object insertion, desperation, that ridiculous cat-in-heat!Kurt trope



"What's that one for?" Kurt asks, slinking up behind Sam and resting his chin on his shoulder to get a better look at the shelf. The shop hasn't opened for the day, the sun not yet all the way risen, and Kurt finds the shelves of elixirs and oddities lining the walls to be rather creepy in the dim grey light. Sam pauses his stocking and holds one of the glass bottles up, tilting it so Kurt can see the handwritten label. Kurt's tail swishes back and forth, his curiosity piqued. "Werewolf Repellent?"

"Yep." Sam resumes his job, lining the bottles up carefully. "It took Schue almost two weeks, but he's the first chemist in the region to get a working formula. People are getting paranoid, it's going to be great for business."

"I thought werewolves never came into the city, or really even near the coasts."

"There's been a lot of sightings lately, haven't you heard about it?"

"Not really." Kurt and the werewolves have one thing in common- he doesn't socialize much. Well, that and the part about being an animal/human transmogrification.

Kurt presses a dry kiss to Sam's neck and pulls back, his nose and ears twitching. He licks the backs of his hands and fingers and sets about cleaning his cat ears, smoothing down the fur and washing away the small traces of dirt his hair and fur have picked up from the dusty streets. Licking the dirt from his hands is kind of gross, but Kurt has spent his whole life getting used to it, so he keeps grooming and softly purring. Sam goes back to reorganizing the shelves, having to consolidate things to make room for the new product.

"I wish you wouldn't do that in public," he says after a minute. Kurt pauses with his tongue halfway out and glares.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize a privately owned business was considered a public venue."

Sam shifts uncomfortably and points out the front windows. Kurt turns and sees a couple of kids blatantly staring at him and giggling, though when they see him looking they shriek and run off, hooting with laughter. Kurt stands straight and still, the only hint at his mood his rapidly twitching tail.

Sam sets some overstocked bottles of Hair-Be-There, Mr. Schuester's best-selling hair growth serum, into a wooden crate and dusts off his palms. He walks over to Kurt, scratching behind his ears in a move he's used countless times to soothe him. It takes a few minutes, but Kurt starts to relax and eventually leans into the touch, purring and butting his head against Sam's hand to encourage him.

"You know I care about you, right? I just... I don't like to see you get upset when people give you funny looks for doing stuff like that."

"Do you think I do?" At Sam's confused look, Kurt rolls his eyes and clarifies, "enjoy being ridiculed for things I can't control. Because I don't, Sam, and I'm not looking to show off." Kurt also doesn't enjoy how slow Sam can be, but he's been nothing but sweet and Kurt likes the security of having a boyfriend. Being taken doesn't dissuade the most persistent men from hitting on him, but it has diminished the numbers.

"Sorry," Sam says after a moment. "I know that. I just worry about you."

"Well, don't." Kurt ducks out from underneath Sam's hand, his reluctance to leave a good petting session overridden by his need for a dramatic exit.

"Wait," Sam calls after him, and Kurt pauses by the door but doesn't turn around. "Your coat's messed up."

Kurt reaches back and realizes his tail had pushed out to one side, instead of poking out of the split back of his tailcoat. Kurt lives in fear of his carefully created clothes slipping and exposing himself to anyone who looks. He feels for the ties that cinch shut the hole in his trousers and sighs when he feels the secure knots. A quick tug and the tails of his coat are back in place, his own tail hanging between them.

"Thanks." Kurt sweeps out, coat billowing around his legs as he stops short on the stoop. Will Schuester is at the bottom of the steps, blinking at him.

"Morning, Kurt," Mr. Schuester says once he gets over the surprise of nearly being run over. He smiles and pats his shoulder. "I was just talking to Miss Pillsbury."

"Oh?" Kurt arches an eyebrow and tries to fight back a smirk. Mr. Schuester is completely obvious about his crush on Kurt's employer, which would be more disturbing if Miss Pillsbury herself didn't blush and stammer every time the chemist's shop was mentioned. "Well, if she's already in the shop then I should head in." Kurt steps around Mr. Schuester and gracefully spins, walking backward as Mr. Schuester opens the door. "I like the new sign much better, by the way."

"Thank you, again, for the lettering design, Kurt. It looks much more scientific." He pauses to admire the letters stencilled on the window front of his shop, smiling to himself. "Have a good day, Kurt."

"You as well, William Schuester, Master of the Chemical Arts," Kurt teases, using the ostentatious title displayed on the window. Mr. Schuester waves and closes the door behind him. The full sign adds Proprietor, New Directions in Laboratory Science, which is silly enough without the former sad crooked lettering that Kurt finally convinced him needed replacing.

Kurt turns around and whistles as he walks toward his own apprenticeship, already dreaming of the fabric he hopes to play with today.

Kurt finds it impossible to say no to his adoptive father, which is why he lets Burt talk him into joining the family at their favorite bar that evening. Sam's waiting for them outside the door, wearing the same clothes from that morning, though he's removed his goggles and the horrible stained leather apron he wears in the lab. Sam holds the door open for Kurt and the others- Burt, his wife Carole, and Carole's son Finn. Kurt hesitantly adjusts Sam's collar for him, his eyes fixed on his hands, and Sam presses his palm to the small of Kurt's back. Kurt glances up and Sam is smiling at him, apparently unconcerned with the vaguely uncomfortable end to their morning.

"Hello." Kurt drops a kiss on Sam's cheek and passes through the doorway.

"Hello yourself," Sam replies, right on his heels, and Kurt knows he's watching the swing of his hips and tail as he follows the others to a small table. He saunters a bit more exaggeratedly and looks over his shoulder. Sam raises his eyes from his ass up to Kurt's face, smiling sheepishly, but Kurt just grins back at him.

After Burt grabs them all pints of beer, they start up a game of cards. Carole protests loudly when Kurt refuses to be dealt in, which Kurt loves her for, but they all know he'd rather be at home with a book. He perches on the edge of his chair and watches them, his extra set of ears helping him pick out the sounds of the piano in the back over the noise of the boisterous and mostly drunken crowd. It's not Kurt's scene, but nothing in this city truly is. He nuzzles at Sam's neck when Burt gets tipsy enough to not say anything and blushes when Carole winks at him across the table.

"Are you trying to cheat?" Finn asks, looking between Kurt and Carole. Carole laughs and hides her face behind her fan of cards.

Kurt rolls his eyes. "Yes, Finn, clearly Carole and I are in cahoots. Nothing pleases me more than cheating at games I'm not even playing."

Finn looks confused, which isn't all that unusual, but he's interrupted from saying anything else by Puck slamming a pint down in front of him. Kurt doesn't normally mind Puck, but he's coming on extra strong tonight, leering at him unashamedly as he roughly fondles Kurt's ears in greeting. Kurt swats the hand away and glares, but Puck just licks his lips and gives him a smoldering look.

"Man in the back sent that for you," Puck says, jerking his head toward the pint Finn is already sipping. "Figured you wouldn't drink it, but that Finn here knows how to appreciate it."

"Hey, thanks," Finn says, smiling. "I mean, I wish all these guys would stop buying Kurt drinks, because it's kinda creepy, but I really don't mind drinking them."

"Thanks, Finn," Kurt drawls sarcastically. "You sure are sweet, drinking to my discomfort." Finn gives him a stilted salute and takes a long sip. Kurt shakes his head and laughs, amusement lingering as he leans into Sam, butting his head against his boyfriend's temple.

Puck leaves with a strained smile and another man takes his place, trying to start up a conversation with Kurt about some news from another country. Kurt gives stilted answers and shifts his chair closer to Sam, trying to look interested in the card game.

The man leans in and cups Kurt's shoulder. "You don't look like the type to enjoy cards, gorgeous. Why don't you join me and my friends in the back?"

"No, thank you," Kurt says brightly. "Why don't you and your charming friends pay a visit to Goolsby? I think his boys are more your type."

"What did you say?" The man squeezes Kurt's shoulder hard and narrows his eyes. Before Kurt can think of something sufficiently scathing to say, Burt is already pulling the man off of him.

"The kid's with his boyfriend, asshole, and I'm sure he wouldn't give you the time of day if he was single. Beat it." The man slinks off without another word and Kurt sends Burt a small smile. There's no way the poor guy could have known what he was getting into when he adopted Kurt, but he's stepped up to the role of protective father figure quite admirably.

Sam resumes his card playing one-handed and pets at Kurt fondly, running a hand down his back and scratching hard at the spot right above Kurt's tail. Kurt mewls loudly. It's one of the most sensitive spots on his body and it always makes his back arch in pleasure, but this time the simple touch sends Kurt sprawling across the table as he thrusts his ass in Sam's face, tail twitching off to the side to expose himself. The crowd goes quiet around them and Sam snatches his hand back.

There are several moments of uncomfortable silence before Kurt gets control of himself, dropping to his feet with less grace than usual. His face burns in shame as he hurries out of the bar. He can't believe he just presented his ass to his boyfriend in front of a bunch of strangers- in front of Burt and Finn and Carole too, god, like he's some desperate sex addict. He hadn't realized his heat was starting, though now as he leans against the brick of the building to catch his breath he can't fathom how he missed it. He's been irritable and moody the past few days, as well as increasingly... flirty. It's not like him to flaunt himself in front of Sam like he did tonight.

He'll go back to his tiny apartment and hide for a few days until his body is back under his control, just like he does every cycle during the mating season. He has a long walk back, since he won't be getting a ride from Burt's steamcar. They all know to give him space when he's going into heat, so he doubts any of them will follow him. He pushes away from the wall and heads down the side street.

"Here, kitty." Kurt freezes, ears flattening against his head and eyes narrowing to slits as he watches a man approaching him. He's walking at a quick and slightly wobbly pace, cornering Kurt between the wall and a large pile of empty crates.

"Stay the fuck away from me," Kurt says coldly, curling his upper lip as he hisses. The man laughs, and when Kurt moves to dart past him the man catches him and throws him to the ground. Kurt springs to his feet instantly but the man manages to back him against the wall before he can run.

"I saw you in the bar," the man says, pressing closer to pin Kurt fully. "You're in heat like a mindless animal, aren't you, little slut? Just like your sister."

"Get off me," Kurt spits out, trying to twist his way out of the hold. The man is bigger than him, though, and Kurt can smell the alcohol wafting off him. He's suddenly aware of how much danger he's in, what this asshole could do to him, so Kurt sucks in a deep breath and screams as loud as he can. It's cut short as the man slaps him hard and slams his head against the brick.

"C'mon, be a good kitty." The man keeps Kurt's hands pinned with one hand and moves the other lower, Kurt gasping and whimpering through the throbbing pain in his head and the knowledge of what is to come. Kurt bares his teeth and hisses. He's never been more angry in his life but there's nothing he can do; the man is pushed up against him so thoroughly Kurt can't get any leverage to move.

Just as his attacker starts struggling with opening Kurt's pants, Kurt hears the growling. A split second later the man is wrenched off of him, screaming, as the biggest wolf Kurt has ever seen pulls the man to the ground, cracking his head against the pavement. Kurt slides down the wall to sit, his legs shaky from terror and confusion, and sees the wolf glance at him, golden eyes glowing in the moonlight. His front legs are braced on the man's chest, pinning him with seemingly no effort. The wolf turns away and bites down hard on the man's neck, tearing out his throat with an efficient jerk. He kills him so quickly that Kurt doesn't have time to think about running away to save his own life; he can only stare as the wolf prances over to him, licking the blood off of his mouth.

"Please don't hurt me," Kurt whispers, because he knows without a doubt that this is a werewolf and not just a crazed wild animal. He can smell the human part of him, a faint musk underneath the outdoorsy scent that is infinitely more appealing than canines usually smell to him. The werewolf's eyes are more expressive, too, brows tilting in an earnest gaze as he gives a high-pitched whine and lowers his head. Kurt pets him instinctively. "Thank you for saving me?" Kurt says, unsure if the werewolf can understand him. The werewolf licks Kurt's wrist and whuffles, so Kurt takes that as a yes. He moves closer to Kurt, nuzzling in to sniff at his neck and lap at his face. The werewolf's tongue is wet and smooth but he doesn't slobber, just gently licks the tears from Kurt's cheeks before nosing at his jaw and licking once behind his ear. Kurt shudders and flushes in shame as he realizes he's getting aroused. The werewolf must notice, too, because he drops his head to sniff at Kurt's lap.

Kurt growls as he pushes the werewolf away and staggers to his feet, arms crossed protectively. He wants to defend himself, explain that he can't help it, but the way the werewolf is looking at him makes Kurt think he already understands. It's still embarrassing, though, and Kurt wants nothing more than to crawl into bed and forget this night even happened.

"I'm going to walk home now." The werewolf nuzzles Kurt's elbow and follows him as he starts to move, keeping pace with him right at his side. "Are you escorting me to safety?" Kurt asks incredulously, and the werewolf looks at him and very deliberately dips his head in a nod.

Kurt tries to ignore the body he's leaving behind. He wouldn't normally hesitate to bring an assault like that to the police, but there's no way this won't spiral into a city-wide werewolf hunt. He doesn't want to get tangled up in it, especially when he won't be himself for the next few days.

"You'll need to get out of the city for a while," Kurt says quietly. He rests a hand on the back of the werewolf's neck as they cross one of the busier streets. There are more people over here, and though they look at him suspiciously they don't say anything. Most of the residents know about Kurt, and if they think the werewolf is anything other than a giant dog, they're probably assuming it's another one of Mr. Schuester's experiments. No one could fathom that a werewolf would walk docilely down a city street.

They reach Burt's steam repair shop without incident, and Kurt sighs in relief as he walks around back to the wooden steps that lead up to his apartment. He stops at the bottom landing and crouches down, grabbing the werewolf's ears and looking into his eyes.

"Listen, hairball, I appreciate what you did for me, and I'm definitely not crying over you killing that bastard, but you should be careful. I don't know what you may have done, nor do I particularly care, but people in this city are absurdly afraid of your kind and finding that body is only going to fuel that. Do you understand me?"

The werewolf nods, then darts forward to lick Kurt's nose. Kurt scrunches up his face at the contact and looks at the werewolf through squinted eyes. The werewolf growls deep in his throat but it's not a menacing sound, just full of some emotion he can't vocalize. He leans in and licks at Kurt again, several short licks right across his mouth. He pulls back and runs off without a second glance, and Kurt watches him go, feeling dazed. Did that werewolf seriously just kiss him?