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I know this chemistry class probably wouldn't work like this, I took Biology instead, but for the sake of this fic it does. So there! ;-P


Kurt and Sam were actually trying to work through the chemistry stuff that their teacher had left for the substitute for them to work on. This particular substitute paled in comparison to one Holly Holliday, in fact she reminded Kurt (and Sam and Puck, who was sitting behind them with Finn) of a female, live version of Professor Binns.

She rattled on about, whatever it as she was rattling on about even as Finn began mixing random chemicals over the burner that shouldn't been be on. After something gave an ominous hissing, Kurt spun around to yell at Finn about being irresponsible but found that Puck was already hissing at him about being irresponsible.

Yeah, so it was an odd Chemistry class, Kurt was the first to admit, but it seemed to work for them. It was more of a Tutorer/Tutoree class but everyone got along or, in the case of Lauren and Karofsky, kept their partner in-line.

'What the hell, Hudson?' Puck's angry/confused shout startled everyone from their work so they could all stare at the pair.

Before Finn could reply, the beaker in front of the rattled before exploding, and the last thing Kurt remembered thinking was that he didn't sign up for potions and that Neville was way hotter than Finn.

When Kurt blinked himself awake, everything was absolutely huge; including his clothing that was puddled around him on the floor. He sniffled, but he wasn't going to cry. However the miserable sniffle that came from beside him almost broke him. He found a small brunet sniffling beside him, but he was bleeding. Kurt quickly grabbed the other boy's shirt and began dabbing at the cut on his forehead.

There was something about the boy that Kurt recognized when he pulled away a little. Those lips… 'Sammy?' he asked before clapping a hand over his mouth, horrified at how high his voice was.

Teary, confused green eyes peered up at Kurt through blond bangs.


A high pitched wail stopped any conversation; however it frightened the pair so badly that they clung to each other burying themselves in the other.

'Shut up! This is your fault!'

Sam and Kurt both turned to find both Puck and Finn on the floor, at least they guessed the three year olds were Puck and Finn, if the Mohawk and dishevelled look was anything to go by.

Little Finn had his knees pulled to his chest as a little Puck stood over him, his hands on his hips as he glared at the crying boy. But the entire thing was ruined when Puck gave a sob that he tried, unsuccessfully, to cut off.

Suddenly both he and Sam were in strong arms and he was surprised to find that Will Schuester, their Spanish teacher and Choir leader, was trying to comfort them.

He took a moment to glance around, and found that he, Sam and Puck hadn't been the only victims of Finn's ill-advised fooling around. Teenage Mike was cooing softly to tiny Tina, and Puck and Lauren were huddled together as Coach Beiste hovered over them. Miss Pillsbury was crouched in front of an unaffected Artie who had both mini Brittany and mini Santana in his lap. Quinn was sitting calmly with toddler Mercedes in her lap as she rubbed the little girl's back and Rachel was rocking Finn, trying to calm him. He wasn't positive, but he was pretty sure that Karofsky was in the arms of the Substitute.

He really wanted to know what the hell Finn had been playing with to make them all 4!

'Here's what's going to happen.' Sylvester breezed into the room, not even looking at anyone as Becky trailed after her. 'Everyone who is under the age of 5 will stay here until your parents pick you up. Emma, take William to get some clothes for the tots, Beiste stay here with…' she simply waved a hand at the Substitute. 'You. Jewfro. Cheerio whose name I don't want to know and Jock who will be mopping the floor at Pizza Hut with me. Now!' She bellowed the last word before she spun on her heel and stalked out of the lab with Figgins stuttering after her about not being able to do that.

'You heard the woman. Now!' Becky yelled at Jacob and the jock since the Cheerio was already following Sylvester down the hall. The trio quickly left, leaving a stunned Beiste, Schuester, Emma and Substitute to take care of the kids.

'We should go get them some clothes,' Emma said as she glanced around at the 10 young children and 4 teenagers who were trying to calm their friends.

Schue nodded, and set Sam and Kurt on their desk. 'Are you two going to be okay if I leave for a little while?' Sam, who'd been holding Kurt's hand the entire time, squeezed it and Kurt glanced around at everyone else, meeting their gaze, before he nodded.

'Yesh, Mishter Schue, we're shtill ush, jush littler,' he replied and winced, it had taken forever to train himself out of the "sh" thing he'd done whenever he said any word that had an "s".

'S'okay,' Sam offered, 'I haff a hawd time wiff are's.' He pronounced the letter carefully.

Schuester gave them a smile, and ruffle their hair, much to both their chagrins. 'Right, we'll run to the store and pick up some better fitting clothing.' He glanced at Beiste, who nodded, before he and Emma left.

'So, who's going to tell me what happened?' Beiste demanded, not quite as harsh as she normally was when dealing with ill-mannered teenagers.

'It was Finn,' Santana blurted, pointing to the still crying boy in Rachel's arms.

'I didn't mean too,' Finn wailed again.

'He was missing things when Kurt and me told him to stop. But he not lissen.' Puck explained.

Beiste glanced at Substitute with a furrowed brow. 'Missing?' she mouthed but the other woman just shrugged. 'Oh, mixing!' she blurted when it suddenly clicked.

'Yeah, missing. Tha's what I said,' Puck pouted, as Lauren patted his hand.

Not quite sure what to do with the teenagers trapped in toddler bodies, the two teachers waited in silence for either their parents to come and claim them or for their colleagues to return with clothing.