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Sam had had a few awkward moments in life. Usually they involved school transfers and meeting new people, but none of them had been as bad as waking up in the same bed with his crush and his crush's father.

'Oh holy awkward Batman,' Sam blurted as tried to extract himself from under Burt's arm, which was draped heavily over his shoulders and he couldn't quite shake it off.

There were deep vibrations from the chest under him. 'You weren't this big last night,' Burt offered, for reasons unknown to himself he didn't want to let go of either boy right then.

'I'm not four anymore?' Kurt blurted as he fell out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. 'I'm still wearing pull-ups!' he shrieked in horror.

'You shouldn't be embarrassed about wanting a cuddle,' Burt offered as Sam fidgeted awkwardly on the edge of the bed.

'But… I'm almost 18… I shouldn't need-'

'Kurt's a cuddle bug. He may not seem like it, but he loves it; especially on cold mornings and during thunderstorms,' Burt offered as he tried to stretch out the kinks in his back and neck.

'Dad!' Kurt blurted as he appeared in the doorway, scowling at his father. Burt smiled softly as he pulled Kurt in to a hug. No matter how old Kurt got, all Burt could see was the irritated eight year old who had grease stains on his brand new coveralls.

'Whether you're eighteen or eighty, you will always be my baby boy,' he whispered so only Kurt could hear him.

Kurt, for once, didn't know what to say, but he didn't think he could speak around the lump in his throat. So he squeezed his dad just a little tighter.

Sam took the opportunity to slip into the bathroom. He needed a moment to get away from the touching father/son moment that the Hummel's were having.

He leaned against the sink, and tried to get himself under control. He wanted to curl up and cry at seeing what he missed out on by not having a family that gave a damn, and he wanted to rage at his parents for ignoring and all but abandoning him.

'Sam?' Kurt's gentle concern had him spinning around. He was mildly relieved to find just Kurt watching him; he figured Burt had gone to make coffee, or something.

'Oh, Sam,' Kurt breathed as he cupped Sam's face and brushed away the tears with his thumbs.

Sam hadn't even noticed that he'd been crying, but at Kurt's gentle touch his eyes fell closed and he gave an aborted sob as he buried himself in Kurt's shoulder.

'Hey, you guys!' Finn blurted as he burst into Kurt's room, 'oh uh… yeah.' He backed up and almost tripped himself as he tried to leave.

The pair watched as he walked into Carole, who mumbled something about an uncoordinated Sasquatch.

'What do you say to a huge breakfast and then we go and pick up your stuff?' Kurt asked when Carole dragged Finn down to the kitchen.

Sam wanted to say no, wanted to just hide under the covers and curl up with Kurt.

But Kurt was giving him that look. That hopeful kicked puppy look that had had Sam caving and doing a duet with Kurt. That same look that Kurt got when he wanted Noah to do something for him in return for fixing Noah's car.

He dropped his head onto Kurt's shoulder and sighed as he nodded his agreement.

Almost an hour and half later, Sam was staring at the front door of his house. His former house? He was internally debating about whether or not to knock or just go in when the front door flew open and two small bodies collided with Sam's legs.

'Sammy!' the two terrors shouted together before they started babbling about missing him.

'Samuel,' his mother appeared in the hallway, her arms folded across her chest. 'Most of your room is packed up.'

'I take it you didn't do it,' Sam snapped. 'I appreciate it, but I don't like the idea of strangers pawing through my stuff.'

'I don't appreciate that tone-'

'You had your chance at discipline when I was growing up and you chose to ignore me, you don't get to start now. Besides I hear that you signed parental rights over to Mr. Hummel already.'

'Sammy,' she tried again with a sigh.

'You don't get to call me that! You stopped calling me that when I was 4 and I couldn't do anything right.'

'Don't talk to your mother-' Mr. Evans snarled as he barged into the hallway.

'She's not my mother!' he shouted back. Silent tears slid down his cheeks.

Kurt wanted to go to Sam, but his father held him back. This was something that Sam had to do on his own.

'I tried to be everything you wanted me to be; the star athlete with grades good enough to get a scholarship and the perfect son. But I was never enough! Never fast enough, never smart enough, never good enough. Whenever something went wrong it was my fault, even if I had nothing to with it. "It's your fault we have no money! If it wasn't for you we'd be happier. I wish you'd never been born!" Sound familiar mother?' he yelled, making the last word a curse word. 'If you wanted me gone so badly why didn't you get rid of me? Why didn't you get rid of me?' his voice dropped to a whisper as he blinked furiously against the tears but it was an effort in futility.

'Stacey, Stevie go to your room,' Mrs. Evans bit out.

'I want to stay with Sam,' Stevie pouted.

'NOW!' she yelled, pointing to the stairs.

The three siblings shared a look but Sam nudged them towards the stairs. 'I'll come see you before I leave,' he promised as he ruffled their hair.

Giving their older brother a teary look the pair ran up the stairs.

'It wasn't my fault that you had sex when you were drunk and ended up pregnant. It wasn't my fault that you had to marry a man you could barely tolerate. It wasn't my fault that you work in a job you hate. It's not my fault. It's not my fault!' he yelled desperately.

Kurt freed himself from Burt's hold and pulled Sam into a tight hug, he whispered softly to him, trying to calm him down.

'I never wanted a fag for a son,' Mr. Evans snarled. Before any of them could react he was nursing a bloody nose as Burt shock his hand.

'No one wants an idiot for a father,' he stated, glaring at the other man. 'Boys, go get Sam's things,' he said without taking his eyes off Mr. Evans.

Kurt nodded and pulled Sam up the stairs, his hand firmly holding Sam's.

'We talked yesterday, and those papers last night, they made me Sam's guardian. I brought him here so he could get his stuff, and possibly confront you; which he's done admirably. You had your chance with him, and you screwed it up so it's my turn to fix what you screwed up. Tell my boys, I'll be outside.' With that he turned and left.

Up in his room, Sam shoved as much as could into the few bags and boxes that he still had in his room.

'Sammy?' Stacey whispered from the door.

'Come here guys,' Sam beckoned them over as he crouched to their level, and they launched themselves into his arms.

'I promise I'll try visit with you guys,' Sam mumbled into their hair.

It took a few trips, even with Stacey, Stevie and Burt helping but they finally got what Sam wanted out of the house and into the truck.

With the last box Sam stopped at the door, and turned to look at his parents who were now standing in the doorway.

'Sam, please. We're sorry,' his mother started.

'It's too late,' Sam started. 'You gave me away when I needed you the most. I was turned into a four year old and taken in by people who could've just dropped me off at home, but didn't. Burt and Carole have been more parental to me in the last few days than you have been since I was four. I might eventually be able to look at you with out punching you, but right now it hurts too much. I'll call when I want to see the twins,' he stated before he pulled the door closed behind him.


Kurt was furiously scribbling in his notebook as the substitute chemistry teacher droned on about the periodic table. Only Kurt wasn't making notes about the periodic table. He was plotting his next spying mission.

After the incident earlier in the week the teacher had opted for theory work rather than practical work that they'd already covered, so none of the students were paying all that much attention.

Rachel and Quinn, who'd sort of bonded over not being turned into a toddler, were giggling together much like Santana and Brittany were, while Lauren and Becky were having a very animated conversation about something.

Mercedes, Tina, and Dave had their heads together whispering furiously about something, while Mike and Artie watched in wonder. Azimio, who'd been scowling at all of them, had fallen asleep on his desk.

Finn was playing on his phone as Puck was reading a thick book that may or may not have been Lord of the Rings, Kurt couldn't see the book properly to tell.

Beside him, Sam was currently drawing Puck as a superhero, or as an Avatar character - complete with Mohawk.

The only two that were actually paying any attention were Jew-fro and that other kid.

'Professor Binns,' Kurt stated as he stood, not really thinking about what he said, but blushed when both Sam and Puck snickered. 'You've been wonderful, really. But we go through the table every year, and I'm pretty sure that no one here is ever going to use it,' he stated with a wave around the room. 'So if you'll excuse me, I have a boyfriend to make out with and a super-secret spy mission to plot.'

Dave grinned and gathered his books while, beside him, Sam stared dumbfounded at him and Puck grinned like a loon.

Several seconds later everyone was shoving things into bags and piling out the door. They all instinctively headed to the choir room.

Back in the classroom, Jew-fro and Other Kid were staring at the teacher who had a soft smile as Azimio snored loudly.


'I know I was an ass, and I'm sorry Kurt,' Dave offered quietly as they worked on their spy mission.

'Dave,' Kurt started.

'No, I'm serious. I was jealous that you were out and proud and you didn't let anyone bring you down, even me.'

'I won't tell anyone, it's not my place to tell,' Kurt offered.

'Everyone,' he called out, standing suddenly. 'I'd like to say something.' Everyone stopped what they were doing and gave Dave their attention. Suddenly Dave was incredibly nervous and he had to wipe his hands on his jeans.

'Thank you Jones, for including me when you could have just shoved me to the corner. I just… oh god… I apologized to Kurt, and I'm sorry for how I treated all of you. I know it's not enough, but I just wanted you to know. And uh, the reason I picked on Kurt so badly was because I sort of have a crush on him.'

'Hah! I knew it!' Puck blurted just as Rachel cooed.

'Aw, you were pulling his pigtails.'

He glared at her before continuing, 'I know we won't ever be best friends, but I will do what I can to keep the other guys off your backs. You guys don't get near enough credit. You work your asses off and no one gives a shit about you.'

No one really knew if they should be insulted or not.

Dave stood and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. 'So uh, yeah,' he finished lamely dropping back into his seat.

'You didn't have to do that,' Kurt offered.

'You don't still have a crush on him?' Sam blurted, trying unsuccessfully to hide his irritation and possible jealousy.

'Sam!' Kurt scolded indignantly even as Dave blushed scarlet,

'Yeah, who wouldn't? But I know after everything I did, I'd never have a shot.' He glanced at Kurt, who couldn't meet his gaze in his embarrassment.

Sam studied Dave for a full minute before he nodded and tore a corner off a scrap bit of paper.

'This is a friend of mine, he's a year older than us, and is gay too. He was a bit of mentor to me and he might be able to help, if you want to talk to someone who doesn't know you like we do,' Sam offered him the phone number he scribbled down.

'Blaine?' Dave asked, reading the name. With Sam's scrawl it could have been Blair or Blaize or George.

Sam nodded and Dave tucked the paper into his wallet. He didn't know when or even if, he'd call Blaine, but at least he hoped he might have someone to talk to who didn't know him as a complete jack off.


Instead of going to class, they, along with the rest of the gleeks stayed in the choir room. They worked on homework, but eventually Santana, Mercedes and Becky worked on a giant puzzle, while Puck, Sam and Tina compared their artwork.

Kurt and Dave had somehow pulled Brittany, Mike and Artie into the spy games they were making up, while Lauren, Quinn and Rachel were flipping through glossy magazines.

Finn watched it all with a little bit of envy. He didn't know where he fit in anymore; he'd been too busy having a hissy fit over everything the last few days to realise that things had shifted.

'Finn!' Rachel and Quinn both shouted as Lauren chucked a magazine at his head, pulling him from his thoughts.

'What?' he glared at the three girls.

'We're playing Monopoly,' Quinn offered as she set the box on the table they were sitting around.

'Oh,' he mumbled watching them set up the game, wondering where that game had come from.

Lauren glared at him, 'sit down Sasquatch.'

Finn sat and as the game progressed he refused to be pulled into the girls shouting matches. Who knew they could be so ruthless.


When the final bell rang, they all cleaned up the choir room, and slowly left in pairs, or small groups.

Mike and Tina were first to leave, they had to be a Mike's place to make dinner for all their families, while Santana, Brittany and Artie were just leaving; though Artie looked way too pleased.

Quinn, Rachel, Mercedes and Becky were all going to the mall for some retail therapy and had asked Kurt but he was going home to "watch movies" with Sam. Both boys were blushing.

Lauren and Puck were going to go talk to Lauren's parents. They had gotten in earlier that morning.

Finn was going to ask if Dave wanted to play video games or something, but he was already on the phone, calling Blaine.

Slinging his bag over his shoulder, he headed out to walk home. So maybe this wasn't what he had planned when he started mixing that stuff in class, but whatever he'd done, it seemed to work.

Hopefully this would keep the fighting to a minimum.

With one last glance at the choir room, where Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury were laughing and flirting, he shrugged already missing the mats, and headed to the front doors.

'Hey, Finn?' Dave called after him. Finn stopped and waited for Dave to catch up. 'You busy right now?'

Finn shook his head, 'no, was just gonna go home and annihilate undead things.'

Dave nodded, 'want to come over?'

Finn's eyes widened in surprise but before he could reply Dave looked surprisingly nervous.

'I'm not hitting on you or anything, I just figured that since you weren't doing anything and I wasn't doing anything and we were both going to play video games I thought…' he blurted.

'I didn't think… I thought you were, you know, on the phone with Blaine,' Finn tried to explain.

Dave gave a soft chuckle. 'I was but he's got Warbler practice till 5 and he wants to talk a little more before meeting.'

Finn nodded, 'so you driving?'

Dave grinned, 'I've seen you drive, the only wheel you're getting behind is a go-cart.'

Finn looked scandalized, 'I'm not allowed to drive one those either.'

His pout had Dave just about howling with laughter and Dave slung an arm around Finn's shoulder and patted his chest, 'if you're lucky I'll teach you how to drive.'

'If Kurt, Puck, Burt, my mom and the three instructors couldn't teach me, I don't think you can.' If anything Finn's pout only deepened.

'We'll see about that,' Dave replied cryptically. Unnoticed by Finn they had pulled into the Karofsky driveway. The pair spent the next several hours killing things.

With a glance at Dave, it occurred to Finn, that maybe he should apologize to Kurt about saying he couldn't be friends with straight guys.

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