Apollo and the mother of Will Solace

Sometimes during the day when Apollo was bored he would visit university campuses in search of anything to quell the dullness of the endless life he lived. Today it was a cloudy day, due to the fact that the sun was now parked in the University of Alabama's parking lot.

His first class was Astronomy which he enjoyed because the way mortals viewed the universe amused him.

As the teacher began explaining about dark matter and supernovas Apollo's attention was caught by a blonde haired girl who had burst through the doors of the classroom out of breath and red in the face. The teacher gave the girl a dirty look but continued teaching.

Apollo however was only focused on the beauty. His day had just gotten a lot more interesting.

Once class was over Apollo followed behind the girl quietly. He tried convincing himself it was perfectly normal to follow her. He felt himself quickly falling in love with the girl – well as close to love as the forever bachelor god could get. The girl whose name he found out in Biology 180 was Julie Solace. In Anthropology 102 he found out she was only 18-years old and lived with her mother – her father skipped out on her and her three siblings. In Calculus 1 he discovered she was single and had never been in a relationship.

As she would walk to her classes he discovered that she was special –she would pause every few seconds on her way to class to admire a rabbit or flower. Apollo noted that whenever she was fascinated by something she would bite her lip and smile and her nose would crinkle.

By the end of the day Apollo was determined for them to get together.

After following her to a coffee shop where she worked in the evenings, Apollo watched from a small table as she prepared for her shift. And as soon as she stepped up to the register he approached her.

"Hello beautiful," he said smiling at her suddenly red face.

"What can I get you sir?" she asked quietly with a southern drawl that Apollo found delicious.

"Well I'll take a small cup of your finest coffee, but what I really want is for us to run away together, you're far too cute for this coffee shop," Apollo winked as he flirted with the girl whose cheeks were now a violent pink. It was a lame pickup line, but it seemed to work.

She didn't say anything but gave an awkward laugh and quickly started making him a cup of coffee.

"Here you go," Julie said nervously as she handed Apollo his coffee.

Apollo took it but didn't leave the counter. "So when do you get off work?" Apollo asked although he already knew from spying on her in her Anthropology class that she worked until 8pm on Wednesdays and until 9pm every other day.

"8," she said smiling shyly with a blush on her face.

Apollo knew it would be all too easy.

"I'll see you then lovely," Apollo winked at her before leaving the coffee shop. He would finish all his godly duties and by the night's end she would be his.

Once 8pm came around Apollo was sitting on the front of his Mazarati in the parking lot of the coffee shop. Julie exited the shop and looked around expectantly but didn't see him. Apollo grinned amusedly when he saw the look of sadness cross her face. Deciding to end her misery he stepped over to his car's window and honked his horn, alerting her attention.

Julie smiled and quickly ran over to him. Apollo had to keep from laughing out loud at her innocent wide brown eyes that looked up at him with amazement.

"You didn't think I'd wait, did you?" Apollo asked with a small smile on his face.

Julie shook her head and Apollo could tell that her earlier shyness was coming back. And that just wouldn't do. "Let's go for a drive."

Julie pursed her lips slightly as Apollo walked over to the passenger's side holding the door open for her.

"Common, I won't bite" –Yet, he thought amusedly.

"What's your name?" She spoke for the first time to him in a soft timid voice.

"I'm Apollo, like that Greek god or the speed skater – whichever sounds cooler. And you're Julie right? Julie Solace – cool name if you don't mind me saying," Apollo noticed her frown as she probably wondered how the heck he knew it without being a creeper (which he totally was). "Your name tag had your name on it earlier," he lied.

Julie seemed to believe him and slowly brushed past Apollo and sat down. Apollo was happy with how easy things were turning out. Though it was to be expected, he was basically the god of awesomeness, and over time he learned that the younger girls were the easiest to get -it were the older ones that put up more of a chase.

Julie had never had a boyfriend before, to her he must've seemed like the god he was.

"I know this cool place by this pond that I want to show you, do you want to see it?"

Julie nodded and Apollo started driving in the direction. He was barely focused on the road, instead he would watch Julie from the corner of his eye. Her small hands were fidgeting with the hem of her shirt as she probably wondered what she was doing in a stranger that she just met's car.

"You don't have to be worried Julie, I can tell already that I really like you," Apollo tried to ease her nerves, "And I'm very protective towards those that I like."

Julie glanced at him and only smiled back at him weakly. Apollo took one hand off the steering wheel and captured her warm left hand in his burning right hand. He felt her tense but didn't mind, lots of girls were nervous at first.

When they finally approached the clearing next to a large pond that was glistening with stars in the dark moonlit night Apollo was more than ready for things to heat up.

He opened the car door and quickly helped Julie out her seat. They sat together in silence at the foot of the pond as they swatted away mosquitoes and listened to crickets chirping.

"You know you're a really beautiful girl," Apollo shifted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He felt her tense but was relieved when she didn't pull away.

"The moon's really pretty tonight," she whispered softly. Apollo had the feeling she wasn't really talking to him and glided his hand up along her back as his face inched closer to her neck.

"I don't normally do stuff like this," her breath hitched as Apollo kissed the crook of her neck.

Apollo moved his face in front of hers and smiled, "It's okay, I'll lead."

She never saw him again.

Julie discovered she was pregnant two months later. The stress of school and the pain she felt from her one-night stand prevented her from seeing the signs. And by the time she found out it was already too late to have an abortion – not that she would have. At least that's what she told herself after William James Solace was born. Her baby boy, whom she hoped would never turn out like his father, a womanizer, or herself, naïve and clueless about love. She wanted him to be strong and responsible, to respect women and care for them.

She never graduated college, dropping out to have a baby by herself after her conservative parents kicked her out. Although she now considers herself successful, as an owner of a beauty shop, she knows she could've been much more. But if there was one thing she will like about what Apollo did was the gift of her son.

AN:/ I think Apollo is interesting and I always want to write about him. I think because he goes around looking like a teenage boy probably means he mainly targets girls who are in their teens too. I would also think he kind of has a sadistic way of looking at girls then. Most girls that age are really gullible and naive. So I think he loves for them in a I'm-going-to-live-forever kind of way. So sorry if Apollo seems kind of mean, but that's actually the point. He doesn't mean to be mean, I think he sees it as a privilege to be with him.