Hermes and the mother of Chris Rodriguez (100 words)

Marissa Rodriguez had been a young widower. Her husband, whom she married during her senior year of high school, was only 22 when he died. For 10 years after that Marissa worked to own the most popular flower delivery service. Never having time for romance, she didn't have time to admire the handsome man who'd become one of her biggest competitors. His curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a mischievous glint only annoyed her. Somehow they became friends. Perhaps it was his gentle teasing, or the strange way he reminded her exactly of her deceased husband. She fell for him.

Hermes and the mother of Travis and Connor Stoll (479 words)

Hermes sometimes liked to appear as a youngster, mainly after having to deal with high stress situations – like having to complete a catering party order for the entire Underworld. He met Caitlin Stoll when she was just a young girl, and he appearing as a young boy. She was on a paper route and having a hard time. She'd forget who was on her list, or accidentally throw a newspaper in the bushes. He helped her after that. Unknown to anyone but them, Hermes helped her deliver newspapers every day until she left for college.

"Hermes, I want to see Olympus," she'd say, having known for years he was a god. Of course, Hermes couldn't do that, and to ease her kindred spirit he'd change the subject.

"Hermes, I want to go flying," she'd say, he knew she was jealous every time he'd fly in front of her. Hermes resisted at first, it wasn't safe to take mortals into his father's zone. But after her insistent pleading he gave in - holding her close to him as they soared into the clouds.

"Hermes, I want to have some fun today," she'd say, he saw that mischievous glint in her eyes that almost equally matched his own. Hermes teamed up with her and they played a prank on everyone in her dorm building. Getting all the water out of the flooded building the next day, was a lot harder than it seemed.

"Hermes, I want you to love me," she said, tears threatened to fall from her dark blue eyes. Hermes knew she was dealing with the sudden death of her mother, and he with his own pain from having his May being broken, so he gave in. Allowing himself to love her.

"Hermes, I want another child," she said one evening, Connor was asleep in his pram. Hermes was visiting for the last time and this revelation threw him. She knew she'd be alone, he could only help from a far distance. But he also knew she was strong, she never gave up- she'd do fine. They made love one more time, and Hermes made sure the fertility gods granted her wish. Travis was born months later.

A few days into the battle of the Titans, Hermes felt her calling to him. Managing to slip away after a rather unsettling meeting with Percy Jackson, he saw her worried face in the doorway of her house.

"Hermes, I want you to make sure they live," she said, her eyes hardened with slight wrinkles around them and wisps of her grey hair mingled with brown strands. She was older and was a determined mother. Hermes understood her worry and vowed to keep their boys safe.

He was rewarded with a small smile, and Hermes felt his father calling for him. With a nod at his old friend and lover he left.


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