There was a human shivering at the entrance to my cave – my refuge from the world while my broken wing healed. He was drenched from the torrential rains; his unblinking eyes stared longingly at my fire before he took a few halting steps towards the inviting flames. He managed to make it to the edge of the flames before collapsing to his knees, holding his hands out to the warmth as his chattered.

To say I was surprised would have been an understatement – a human had seen me and still approached without fear. Ofcourse he looked like he was so far gone from the cold, he probably didn't realize that I was an angel – a species rightfully hated and feared by all humans.

Truth be told though, I wasn't exactly reacting how an angel is supposed to react when they come across a human either.

"N-not enough…," he chattered, turning to me. I got a good look at him now – he could be any of the villagers I saw during the raids. Dark skin. Shaggy, brown hair. Big brown eyes. Delicate features. Beautiful in a common sort of way. He was glowing in the light from the fire-place – his skin burnished into perfect copper and chocolate eyes shimmering under thick, sooty lashes. His body was lithe and supple under the wet peasant rags. I felt arousal beginning to stir within me; so I didn't shift away when long slender arms wrapped around my neck and he pressed himself closer, burying his face in my chest and sighing as he stole warmth from me.

I've fucked humans before, ofcourse. All male angels have. Even though they were far beneath us, they still served their purpose – they grew crops we could raid and were easy enough to prey on if we lusted after one. But this was something new … this human would be willing. He probably wouldn't realize what he was doing but that was no concern to me.

I wrapped my arms around his hips – drawing him into my lap and closer into my warmth. When I tilted his chin up and kissed him, he was quick to respond – opening his mouth and inviting me in to taste him properly.

"So warm…," he sighed, eyes closed, his fingers tangled in the hair at the back of my neck as he tangled his tongue with mine.

"Yes …I'll make you warm," I agreed as I stripped him bare and lay him down my deer skin rug. He whined, dark half-lidded eyes silently begging me to touch him again as he shivered lightly. He didn't have to wait along – soon I was taking my place in between his parted legs, kissing those soft lips until they were swollen and then making my way down lower. I made sure to prepare him well for our joining using the salve I used on my wings. No need to cause unnecessary pain.

He was almost unbearably tight around me when I pushed into him – a virgin, no doubt. Or atleast, no other man has had him before. But he did seem to enjoy this – arching his hips up into me and thrusting back to impale himself further. I didn't last long that first time – the heat around me and the sight of him joggling helplessly under the force of my thrusts was my undoing. I quickly stroked his arousal off as I thrust harder and deeper into him, rutting against that spot inside him that had him quivering underneath me in desire.

Then he tightened even further as he let out a loud scream and came between us – my own release was accompanied by a guttural moan from my throat as I coated his insides with my seed shaking from the pleasure of my orgasm. I collapsed on top him, catching my breath for a few moments before I rolled us over onto our sides. I didn't bother to pull out of him as I wrapped my wings around him, pulling him into my safe embrace.

The smile on his was soft as he rested his head against my shoulder, eyes closed and those rough hands splayed against my chest. I heard him whisper one word: 'warm'. Moments later, he drifted off into sleep, shielded from the cold outside by my wings.

I could never have anticipated I would become so … possessive … of a human over the course of one night. But that's exactly what I was feeling. How many times did I have him last night? I lost count – never expected to feel so much desire for this ordinary human male. The dawn was breaking but he was fast asleep in my arms, still surrounded by my wings and I was still buried deep inside him after our last love-making session. He moaned and shifted closer, tilting his head back.

High cheekbones. Small nose. Full lips that were still swollen and bruised from my kisses. His dark hair was mussed and a stark contrast against my pale shoulder. His skin bronze in the sunlight streaming in through the cave entrance. I wanted to stay there staring at him until he woke up – then I wanted to find out who he was and ask him if he would be mine.

"Yamato! Yamato Ishida! Where are you?"

Unfortunately, that was not to be. My comrades were out looking for me. I had been missing for twenty six days while my wing recovered after all. I'm sure my superiors were worried about me – I was a valuable soldier.

But I could not let them find me here. Not with this precious bundle in my arms. I knew what would happen to him if the others found him - I'd participated in gang rapes of humans in the past and it never ended prettily. He wouldn't survive it – not with that innocence I sensed intact. And in my injured state, I could not fight all of them off and protect him either.

Time to say goodbye, love, I murmured as I pulled out of his soft warm body. He whined softly at the loss and then let out a pitiful little moan as I unwrapped my wings from around him, instinctively wrapping his arms tighter around my neck as if to stop me from pulling away completely. I couldn't help the small smile of affection on my face as I wrapped him in the deer skin and lifted him up. Then I was walking out of my cave in the direction of the nearby human village – carefully to stay hidden from the other angels flying overhead, looking for me.

All too soon, I had reached my destination. As if sensing that our time together was coming to an end, he began to stir just as I reached the edge of the village – those big eyes slowly opened and I was staring into hypnotic pools of half-lidded molten chocolate. He smiled as he wrapped his hands around my neck, pulling my face down to meet his lips in a deep, deep kiss where he invited me to claim him once again. By the time I pulled away, he was asleep once more, head lulling against my shoulder.

I wanted to stand there with him in my arms for a while longer but time was of the essence; I had to get back before the other angels wandered over here and saw him. Reluctantly, I lowered him to the ground and took a few precious seconds to study him – he was covered with marks that screamed of my possession, his thighs were splattered with my cum that flowed out of him, his body curled towards mine when I pulled away. I smiled in satisfaction and then I pressed one last kiss against the back of his hand before I was standing up and moving back in the direction of my life.

I didn't know who he was. There was no future for us. But that wouldn't stop me from smiling every time I thought of last night.