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Anyway, this is an extension of a scene from episode 17, I believe. It is just after Sebastian seduced the female cult member for information about the cult and Ciel and Grell were forced to wait and listen. I have added some information about Ciel, Sebastian, and demons in general which is not, to my knowledge, canon, but it's not any more extreme than in most fanfictions.

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Ciel had long since outgrown his uneasiness at being naked in front of Sebastian. At first, the sensation of being bathed by another man, even if that man were not quite human, was strange to him, but Sebastian had insisted, claiming that, "If I could not ensure that my young master washes behind his ears, then what kind of a butler would I be?" When Ciel had begun to feel the first stirrings of puberty, bathing once again became an awkward affair (for Ciel at least, embarrassment seemed to be one of the many emotions that the demon was not affected by). But Sebastian quite tactfully handled the situation by confining his cleaning to chaste areas of his body, and always handling his task in the most professional of ways.

So, to sum up, Ciel was no longer embarrassed by being bathed by his butler. However, his feeling of discomfort arose again right after theā€¦incident in which Sebastian had seduced a young female cult member for information (in a rather unfortunate way-his methods had caused Ciel to listen to the two in addition to hearing Grell jabber in indignation). So when Sebastian drew his bath, Ciel was rather irritable and was even more imperious in his orders than usual. However, once he was undressed, by Sebastian, of course, and sitting in the tub, his simple annoyance became discomfort and a vague feeling of possessiveness that he could not place.

"Sebastian," Ciel stated coolly, "Was that display of yours really necessary?"

Sebastian, infuriatingly calm as ever, simply continued his washing as usual as he replied. "It was simply the most expedient way to obtain the necessary information, my young master."

The way that he addressed Ciel as his young master had always reassured him. Although Ciel claimed not to need anyone, he was still a young boy who had lost everything, and Sebastian at his side calmed him and reassured him that he would never truly be alone. The mutual possession the two shared based on the contract only solidified the fact that the two were bound for as long as Ciel was alive. And that was the only timeframe he was really concerned with. But after his butler had been with another person so intimately without his express position, Ciel felt as if someone had used his possession. And Ciel was not accustomed to sharing what was rightfully his.

"You could have gained it through other means. You have in the past. Or were you enjoying yourself when you should have been following your orders?" Ciel's voice slipped into the tone which was reminiscent of a child throwing a very subdued tantrum. Although it rarely showed, he was a child, albeit a very mature one, and sometimes hints of childishness would permeate his typically mature countenance.

"Young master, I was following your orders. And I thought you were willing to solve cases by any means necessary, as you have so often told me."

Ciel could picture the butler's slight smirk as he threw Ciel's words back at the boy. A amused glint in his eyes, looking slightly more human without his jacket on, but still far more handsome than a human. And his gloves were still on, as they almost always were, hiding the mark of their contract. Ciel idly wondered how he did not get them wet.

When Ciel did not respond except with a derisive humph, Sebastian continued. "And if you truly wish to know, I did not enjoy myself in the slightest."

"Stop lying." Ciel snapped, still subtly pouting.

"I told you, my young master, I will never lie to you. You ordered it, if you will remember. I believe it was when you were wearing that fetching pink dress at the Viscount Druitt's party."

"I believe I also ordered you to never speak of that incident again."

"Actually, you only strongly suggested that. But anyway, if you truly wish to know, my preferences lie more with the male gender. I find females rather distasteful on the whole." Although it was said in the exact same manner that Sebastian always seemed to have, it was some of the most personal information the butler had ever revealed.

"I thought you didn't feel such human emotions such as attraction."

Sebastian almost sighed. His master was feeling exceptionally petulant today.

"Actually, that is a common misconception about demons. We can feel emotions, but it is much more difficult to induce those emotions. We can more easily feel base emotions, such as desire, wrath, or hunger. We even feel amusement, annoyance, and such fairly often, but it is much more difficult for us to feel stronger emotions. For a human to cause a demon to feel true affection or loyalty is a great feat indeed."

Ciel remained quiet for a moment, processing the information.

"Have you ever felt those things because of a human?"


Ciel did not press the matter. He felt vaguely uncomfortable discussing feelings, with a demon of all people, so he reverted to scolding.

"Well, even if you did not feel enjoyment from your activities, I would prefer that you not employ such methods again. They are quite tiresome."

"Is that an order, young master?"

The two often bantered like this, defiant and sometimes verging on antagonistic. It kept their wits sharp and to be honest, it was rather more entertaining than conversing cordially with imbeciles such as the other Phantomhive servants.

"Does it need to be?" Ciel narrowed his eyes. Although Sebastian could not see, he chuckled.



Ciel tried to drop the topic there, but it was still bothering him. And much like a guard dog, once he grabbed onto something, it was difficult to let go. He sat stewing as Sebastian continued to wash his back, his neck, his arms. Suddenly Ciel snapped, frustrated at the silence.

"And take off those damn gloves. They'll get wet."

Sebastian said nothing, obediently removing his gloves with his teeth. Ciel watched in the reflection of the tub.

"And anyway, I don't understand why that girl was idiotic enough to give up information for something as carnal as sex. I cannot comprehend the workings of the average mind."

Sebastian chuckled again. "Well, the thriving prostitution industry would imply that most adult humans are willing to pay for such services. And besides, I am simply one hell of a lover."

Ciel snorted. "I doubt that."

"Indeed, young master?" Sebastian was suddenly beside him, rather than behind. Ciel turned to meet his eyes.

"I mean, what sort of appeal could such activities hold? They are simply unnecessary and impractical."

Ciel was about to turn away, when Sebastian caught his chin with his bare fingers and forcefully held his gaze. Then he swooped forward like a falcon catching his prey and kissed Ciel, gently at first, so the boy could comprehend what was happening. Then he became more demanding, slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth as he let out a small gasp.

Then before Ciel could react in one way or another, Sebastian had broken the kiss, leaning back smugly. Before he went to fetch a towel, he leaned in next to his master's ear and whispered huskily

"I'll show you when you're older."

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