I keep labeling this story as complete and I keep lying. Well, this time I mean it. This is just a silly little dialogue-only omake involving pillow talk and recollections of the corset moment. It's just a whim that I had to record the random snippets of conversations I kept imagining over the infamous corset incident and of course, how sexual it looks. This happened.

Although this is a small thing, reviews would still be awesome and wonderful!

"Sebastian, why the hell are you chuckling?"

"Forgive me, Ciel. I am simply remembering the evening many years back when you dressed as a woman and went to the Viscount's ball."

"May I inquire why you bring up that rather embarrassing incident?"

"Well, I must say that you make a very attractive woman. Also, I begin to see some similarities between what has just transpired between us and the effort that we took to get you into that corset."

"I fail to see any similarity. Or any need to relive that mortifying experience."

"Now, now. Don't look so murderous-it doesn't suit you."

"Nagging me is not going to accomplish anything. You are my butler and my lover, not my mother."

"Well, I would certainly hope not. Otherwise our earlier actions would raise some interesting moral dilemmas."

"What, the age difference and contract binding us isn't kinky enough for you?"

"That is certainly not what I meant, master. A demon's age is fairly inconsequential after the first hundred years, and I find the contract mark that we share rather…erotic."

"Speak for yourself. You can hide yours under gloves. I have to wear a bloody eyepatch every bloody day."

"If it is any consolation, I believe that the eyepatch is also rather fectching."

"It is not. Anyway, what were you saying about the corset?"

"Ah yes. That it bore remarkable similarities to having se-"


"What? You are certainly no blushing virgin. Blushing, certainly. Virgin, not anymore as of about half an hour ago."


"Should I continue with my comparison or would you like to let your extremely misplaced sense of modesty interrupt again?"

"Very well. Continue."

"Well, as I was saying, our joint effort in putting you into that corset rather reminded me of our joint effort in, ah, copulation."

"Sebastian, you can just say the bloody word. We had sex. Like you said, I'm not a virgin."

"With all due respect, you still blush like one. But regardless. In both situations you were rather attractively flushed, sweaty and short of breath. I had total power over you. There was pain, but the result was worth it."

"Speak for yourself. The sex may have been worth it, but I remember no benefit to that corset."

"Of course, I meant worth it for me. You are a quite attractive young woman. Of course, I do prefer you as a young male demon, but it's always interesting to try new things."

"I will NOT be putting on a dress or a corset ever again."

"I wouldn't dream of suggesting such a thing, my young lord. Where does your mind go these days?"

"Oh, shut it."

"And I do believe that the reason I recalled the corset incident was that in both situations, you called my name in a rather enticing, yet slightly feminine fashion. Of course, this time it was in approval, which is always preferable."

"I do not sound like a woman in bed."

"Certainly not. But you do sound like a fairly delicate and feminine man, which I daresay you are."

"So then how do you account for the differences? The corset scene wasn't sexual."

"Speak for yourself."

"Sebastian, you beter be kidding. Also, at that time I was a ten year old boy about to dress as a ten year old girl, whereas I am now a demon over 100 years old and I have physically matured enough that sexual actions between us would no longer constitute pedophilia."

"And I am quite grateful for that."

"Anyway, my point is that they are quite different."

"I never said that they were the same. I just said that I found some similarities. I would hope that there would be some differences though. For example, you vowed to never again wear a corset. I very much hope that you do not make the same vow about fornication. Although based on your reactions, I doubt I have to worry."

"Fuck you, Sebastian."