Lilo awoke to Nani shaking her. "Hey…" Her older sister said. She smelled like perfume and looked as if she was going to go out on a date with David, her sort of boyfriend, soon.

"Huh?" Lilo sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes, not completely awake yet. Nani shot her a smile as soon as Lilo could see her face.

"I've got a surprise for you. Come on." Nani left the room.

A surprise? Lilo was intrigued. She climbed out of bed, put on her muumuu, and got ready. She met Nani down at the car, their old punch bug. Lilo climbed in the back. Nani got in front, started the car and they left the home.

"Where are we going?" The young Hawaiian asked.

"That part is the surprise!" Her older sister said. Lilo sighed and watched the foliage go by in the window of the car. There was silence, but it didn't feel really awkward. Lilo thought about last night, and how she was glad she bit Myrtle. She knew though that she would have to apologize if she saw her today.

Finally, the car stopped. Lilo unbuckled her seatbelt as Nani did the same. Lilo got out of the car and looked at the sign beside her, informing her of the place Nani had driven her to.

"Animal rescue?" Lilo said aloud, curiosity in her voice.

Nani nodded. "We're here to rescue an animal!"

"Wait. You don't mean…"

"I do mean."

Lilo grinned from ear to ear.

They were getting a lobster!

Just a short one-shot!

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