-The majority of this first chapter is not touhou related but the last part of it is, it's mainly about my OC before he enters Gensokyo. I figured that we might need to know where the OC came from. Also, the OC changes his name every time he becomes a different tank in this chapter.

September 15, 1916 – France

Today was the day Mark I(1) was about to get his first taste of battle. He was eight foot tall and was armed with two cannons and four machine guns. Usually, he would break down and the crew would spend hours and hours putting him back together. Sometimes the army had to replace his crew because they would either faint, or die from the poisonous fumes he releases inside, but today, he is in tip-top shape.

Lumbering at a top speed of three miles per hour, the infantry would have no trouble keeping up with him, and due to his large size, he basically a big old meat shield. Those who were unlucky enough to find cover behind him in No-Man's Land were mowed down by a barrage of bullets.

Unfortunately, Mark I never reached the German lines; instead he got stuck in a crater, and his crew passed out from the poisonous fumes. The infantry he was protecting made the mistake of charging through no-man's land, only to be mowed down by machine guns. This was the last thing he saw before an artillery shell turned him into a pile of scrap metal.

Unknown Month and day, 1943 – Russia

Mark woke up from his twenty-seven year slumber, but he is no longer a Mark I tank, he is now a Lend-Lease M4 Sherman(2) and because of this he took up the name "Sherman" instead. Strangely enough he just gained the ability to speak English, German and Russian.

Sherman groan in pain due the headache he got from that artillery shell twenty-seven years ago. Sadly this frightened the one of Soviet tank crew.

Private Plekhanov, the driver, was the first one to hear the groaning and moaning, "Comrade, I think our tank is haunted!"

The commander of the crew shouted, "Damn it Plekhanov, I told you not to drink all that vodka"

This time the sound got louder up to the point where all the crew members heard it. The commander ordered, "Abandon tank!"

The driver cursed, "Damn the Americans and their haunted tanks, I'm outta here!"

Several miles away, Leutant (2nd Lieutenant) Barbarossa and Gefreiter (Private) Schlieffen watched the entire ordeal. The private said, "Sir, I think the Russians are setting a trap!"

The lieutenant reacted, "Don't look at a gifted horse's mouth Schlieffen, we're going to get promoted with this!"

As soon as they got back, they did got promoted, and as a reward for their bravery in stealing a Allied tank, German High Command decided to send them to fight in the western front against the Americans and Commonwealth nations instead of the Soviets.

December 17, 1944 – France

Oberleutant (1st Lieutenant) Barbarossa paced back and forth. It had been a year since he and Schlieffen took that abandon Sherman tank and then discovered that it was capable of speech.

"This is madness! This plan is far to risky, there is a really high chance of all of us dying, but this plan needs to succeed, it's our last resort." He thought.

The operation required their newly formed brigade to sneak behind Allied lines in order to cause confusion and hold the bridges on the Meuse River located in the Northeastern part of France. In order for it to succeed, they needed captured equipment. Lucky for Barbarossa and Schlieffen, they're using the captured Sherman they got from the Soviets.

Barbarossa walked up to "Sherman" to meet up with the rest of the tank crew. There, he quickly finds Schlieffen and greets him, "Stabsgefreiter (Lance Corporal) Schlieffen, should we let our new crew members on our secret weapon?"

Schlieffen responded, "Yes sir, we can't leave the crew in dark for too long..."

Barbarossa's crew turned their attention towards him as he told them of their secret, "Gentlemen, the captured Sherman we have right behind us is capable speaking German, English and Russian!"

The crew burst into laughter. "Oberleutant, you can't be serious! Its not even the 21st century yet!" The loader laughed

"Talking tanks? What's next? Flying saucers kidnapping cows?" The driver joked

The radioman said, "Sir, please tell me you're joking."

The crew didn't believe it. To them, they would have had a better chance of believing in the tooth fairy than a talking tank.

Finally, Sherman addressed the crew, "Hey people, do you know that its rude to laugh at a higher ranked officer?"

Shocked by the new voice, quickly the crew looked around to find the person, after that they slowly turned towards Barbarossa and saw him smile.

Barbarossa said, "Sherman, I didn't know you were awake!"

Sherman complained, "Barbarossa, your crew's laughter woke me up! And I was having a nice dream too."

Barbarossa ignored what Sherman had just said and resumes to talking to his crew, "Alright men, you all volunteered for this operation and well to be honest, this operation is suicide, but luck is on our side because we have Sherman, so I'm positive that we will achieve the impossible!"

Barbarossa and his crew all believed they would succeed because of Sherman, but there was one flaw in their tank; American Sherman tanks ran on gasoline whereas lend-lease Sherman tanks run on diesel and they both smell differently. Sherman can only hope that the Americans had a poor sense of smell.

Two days have passed and they didn't come into contact with any Americans. Around midday, they spotted an American checkpoint and the soldiers stationed there signaled the tank to stop.

The American private said to the sergeant, "Sarge, that Sherman smells a bit weird, heck, it sounds different from the ones we're using!"

The sergeant ordered, "Get the boys ready, that Sherman isn't ours, it doesn't smell like gasoline and the British aren't anywhere close here."

The private noted, "There's a TD(3) nearby, should we get them to assist us too?"

"Of course, by all means."

The American Sergeant walks up to the Sherman and asked a question, "What is the capital of New York?"

Fear consumes Barbarossa and his men, "Driver, get us out of here!" he ordered, "None of us know the answer to that!"

The American sergeant overheard the German conversation inside the tank and quickly had his men surround it. "Alright, we have you surrounded! Surrender now and none of you will be killed!" He ordered his men, "Radio in that TD, if that Sherman moves an inch, the TD is free to open fire."

The situation was grim for Barbarossa and his men, if they tried to escape, they will get blown up. If only there was a miracle...

Sherman spoke in English, "We will surrender, but under the condition that my crew will not harm."

The American sergeant said, "Alright, all of you come out with hands up, nice and easy."

All of the crew came out, but something was missing. The Sergeant could swore he heard an American voice telling him that they're surrendering. Immediately, he went over to Barbarossa and pointed his pistol at his forehead, "Hey you, I heard someone inside the tank speaking in English and convinced you guys to surrender, get him out of there now!"

Barbarossa said in flat, broken English, "No American, talking panzer!"

This was getting out of hand, Sherman thought. If this continues on, then the tank crew might be mistreated or shot. Sherman decided to make his move by moving his turret and pointing it right at the American Sergeant, "He's telling the truth, I'm a talking tank."

The American sergeant said, "...You know what? I'm not even going to deal with this, I'm sending these POWs to a prison camp and you... are heading back to America!" He thought to himself, "Command is really going to enjoy this..." as he lead the tank crew into a truck.

Present day, unknown Middle Eastern Country

Ninety-five years have past since that incident, Sherman isn't a M4 Sherman anymore, the Americans melted down his form and recycled him into a M1A2 SEP Abrams complete with the Tank Urban Survival Kit or TUSK(4) for short. They revealed him to the public and claimed that he's a experimental tank outfitted with a highly advance A.I. with the ability to think for himself and act on his own.

Currently he is deployed in a American military base located in the Middle East. Of course, he's just there as morale booster for the soldiers and to instill fear into the terrorists since they usually think twice whenever they see a tank. For the first time in all of his life, he was bored because there was nothing to do in the base, back in the past he was able to talk to nearby soldiers, but the barracks in this base is located far away from the motor pool and most of the MPs that patrols the motor pool at night aren't the friendliest people he ever met.

Tonight is the same as ever; he just sat there in the motor pool and watched the sky, but someone had caught his attention; it was a lady and not only that, but a civilian. She wore a weird looking white cap on her head and she wore a unique purple dress that reassembles something from the Victorian Era, but her dark golden eyes clearly tell him that she isn't human and the fact that she's sitting on top of some kind of gap or portal with creepy looking eyes.

Abrams ordered "Hey civilians are not allow in this area without permission! Leave now or else!"

She casually walks up him and proceeded to slamming her umbrella on his hull, leaving a sizable dent on it, proving that she is definitely not human, "My, my... Don't you have any matters at all? It's rude to talk to a lady like that."

Abrams countered, "Well sneaking into a military base at night is considered rude too you know, who are you and what do you want?"

The lady answered "Well allow me to introduce myself, I am Yukari Yakumo, a fellow youkai and I'm here to kidnap you."

"Wait... kidnap?"

Yukari continued, "Well of course! I rarely do this, but you're a very unique type of youkai, and they're generally not accepted here. Plus, the outside world is getting boring for you, is it not?"

And with that, she stepped into the portal and disappears. Before Abrams could find her, he felt someone inside of him, sitting in the driver's seat. "Your turn, don't keep a lady like me waiting, who knows what she'll do~." Yukari said within him.

Abrams said, "Well in that case, my name is M1A2 SEP..."


"Ow, what was that for?"

Yukari said, "Silly boy, thats the name of the form you're in."

"Well she does have a good point..." He thought. He then rotates his turret around looking for some kind of idea for his name. He stopped and the turret was pointing at a nearby Abrams. He told Youkai, "Call me Abe. Also, what's a youkai? Why are they not accepted here? And why are you referring the Earth as the outside world?"

Yukari let out a yawn and mumbled, "You ask too many questions and all of them will be answered once you get Gensokyo."

Suddenly, a MP showed up after hearing Abe speaking with someone, "Is anyone there? This is a restricted area!"

Fortunately for Yukari, she was inside of Abe so the MP didn't find anyone. Abe said to the MP, "Sorry about, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine"

MP got furious, "Hey A.I. tank, visitors ARE NOT ALLOW IN HERE!"

Abe added, "Did I mention to you that she's from the CIA and that she's really hot and sexy? Come out and introduce yourself."

Yukari popped open the hatch of the driver's seat, or rather, Abe opened the hatch for her. She pulled out her fan and slightly concealed her face, only her eyes. The MP just stood there and from the looks of it, he was sweating and was red as a tomato. Yukari stated, "Yukari Yakumo, pleased to meet you."

The MP stuttered, "I...umm...gotta...go..."

The MP slowly walks out and both of them can hear him complain that he should've joined the CIA instead. Yukari looked at Abe, "I'm flattered; am I really that good-looking?"

"Actually no, I was lying the entire time."

Yukari narrowed her eyes and lowered her voice, "Choose your words carefully next."

Abe tried to reply back, "I'm only kid-"

The conversation ended with Abe being engulfed by the gap the Yukari created. The gap was a strange place, for it was dark and there were these weird eyeballs staring at him as if they were looking to his soul. Abe remarked, "Are we there yet? These floating eyeballs are creeping me out"

Yukari smiled, "Interesting... I never thought I heard a tank being creep out by this." Abe heard a thump inside of his turret, a thump that felt like a queen sized bed. "good night,"

Abe said, "Wait, how did you... On second thought I don't even want to know how..."

A couple of hours later, Abe saw a bright light, meaning that they are almost out. He said, "Yukari wake up! We're almost..." He activated one of the cameras inside his turret and found no trace of her, "Where did she go?"

He never did get his answer because he was engulfed by the light. When he woke up, he felt strange... no not strange, he felt fragile, just like a living thing.

Abe was now no longer a bulky 70 ton MBT. He was now wearing a pair of boots with retractable tracks representing the tank's caterpillar tracks, a desert-tan t-shirt and cargo pants that represented the paint job he had, a backpack that looks like a turret, a combat helmet equip with a pair of night vision goggles, and a breach-loading rifle representing the 120mm cannon that was strap on the backpack. Besides the clothing and gear, he looks like a 19 year old adult, sports black messy hair, brown eyes and stands at a measly 5'4 ft. He growled, "She can't just leave me here in the middle of this forest."

Out of nowhere, a gap opens up, its that same gap Yukari uses and it drops a letter.


If you're reading this, it means that you've survived the transformation. If you want answers, or if you want to become a tank again, follow the map behind this letter.


Yukari Yakumo~

The map shows that Abe was currently located in a place called the Forest of Magic, and according to the description, the forest contains plants that are capable of eating humans. He doesn't know if he should be worried or not because he wasn't human, and lastly, the map shows him his destination, a location known as the Hakurei Shrine. Judging from the map, he is very faraway from his destination, "...God damn it, Yukari!"

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Author's Notes:

I'll admit it, this 1st chapter of my fanfic was difficult to type, but rest assure other chapters won't be like this.

Note (1): The Mark I is the world's first operational tank ever built.

Note (2): All lend-lease Sherman tanks run on diesel. Only the US Marines used diesel powered Shermans during the war.

Note (3): TD means Tank Destroyer, all American soldiers in WW2 called their tank destroyers TDs.

Note (4): TUSK is a kit upgrade for the M1 Abrams, it's made improve the way the tank fights in a urban environment.

September 15, 1916 - Somewhere in the middle Battle of the Somme during World War I

December 17, 1944 - Second day of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II

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