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Scarlet Devil Mansion

Thanks to the efforts of Reimu and Marisa, Red Legion lost horribly and surrendered to Remilia. Like always, whenever a spell card battle is won, everyone comes back to life with torn up clothes that marked where they were hit or grazed. They've won the battle, but lost the mansion, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion quickly became another battleground.

"You stupid shrine maiden, I wanted the mansion saved, not vaporized!" Remilia held out a spell card and furiously shouted, "Curse Sign: Curse of Vlad Tepes!"

The spell card disappeared and blood stained knives spawned around the vampire. On command, the knives became danmaku and honed on the shrine maiden. She dodged less then half of the incoming danmaku, letting the rest grazed her. Normally this wouldn't matter, but using that M-16 sapped a lot of magical energy from Reimu and things were about to get worse.

Reimu aimed the M-16 and it turn into ashes because it absorbed too much magic, she quickly caught her gohei that was mounted on the M-16 and said, "How-"

"Illusion Image: Luna Clock"

Suddenly Sakuya, the Chief Maid of SDM, jumped into the fray. Even more knives appeared out of nowhere, it was a testament of Sakuya's time-stopping power. The knives glowed, became danmaku, and flew towards Reimu.

"You got to be kidding me!", Reimu shouted while tirelessly avoiding the danmaku, she held out a spell card, "Divine Arts: Demon Bind-"

"Love Sign: Non-Directional Laser!"

Marisa declared her spell card and lasers started to be fired from everything.

Reimu sighed a relief that Marisa was on her side, but then she dodged a laser. "Okay, that's normal", she thought and then four more lasers came screaming towards her. Like a professional gymnastic athletic, she dodged them all, but a stray shot burnt off part of the ribbon on her head.

Realizing that Marisa is now on Remilia's side, she angrily glared at Marisa, "You're suppose to be on MY side!"

The witch chuckled and said, "But it's fun watching Reimu struggling," she looked at Remilia and Sakuya and grinned, "Right ze~?" the duo smiled back and nodded.

Remilia saw Meiling with Flandre and shouted, "Hey guys, join in!"

On cue, the gatekeeper and little sister joined in the great Hakurei turkey shoot.

The vampire then saw Patchy, "Hey Patchy..." she noticed that the librarian was lying on grass trying to catch her breath and Koakuma fanning the librarian.

Remilia sweat-dropped, "carry on..."

She then noticed the former legionaries just sitting there in dismay, "Hey outsiders, your leader had betrayed you! Why don't you join the Scarlet Devil? Together we'll beat that shrine maiden!"

"Pfft, it's bad enough to have grown men lose to a bunch of lolis...", a soldier commented

"Yeah, I will never stoop as low as to take orders from a loli!", another yelled

A soldier got into fetal position and said, "This gotta be a bad dream, it's like being in those really retarded anime or Japanese thing!"

A cross-popping vein appeared on Remilia's forehead, "I'm not a loli!"

Sakuya added in, "That's correct, she's a loli."

Remilia glared at Sakuya. The maid sweat-dropped and said, "She's also a vampire and you know what vampires do."

A captain shouted, "Alright guys, I don't wanna get eaten or anything..." he ordered, "Guys focus your fire on that miko girl or whatever she is!"

The captain looked around and saw that all the tanks and armored vehicles were all burnt husks, "What the hell happened to our tanks?!"

"That harmless nuke thing happened!", a soldier yelled

The captain pulled out his pistol and fired at the shrine maiden, "Forget the vehicles, just hit her with everything we got!"

Meiling held out a spell card, "Flower Sign: Gorgeous Sweet Flower!"

Flandre did the same, "Taboo Sign: Kagome, kagome!"

Reimu quickly dived down, avoiding a huge mess of danmaku, she flew towards the outskirts of the Forest of Magic and hid in a bush. She silently curse herself, she has no problem taking one or two of them on her own, but an entire army? Plus, there was way too many danmaku flying around, if this was a actual game, then it wouldn't be a lunatic mode, this would've been a hell mode.

Suddenly part of the forest was vaporized by a Master Spark, and Marisa flew overhead, "Reimu, come out, it feels like you aren't even trying ze~!"

Remilia flew alongside with the witch and grinned, "It's not everyday where you can beat up Reimu" she looked at the soldiers who watching from the gates, "C'mon, I order you to enter the forest and find her!"

The Captain shook his head, "No can do miss, lure her out into the air and we'll take care it."

Remilia's face turned red in anger, "You guys are cowards, fighting off in the distance like that!"

Sakuya smiled and sweat-dropped, "Milady, aren't we fighting off in the distance too?"

Remilia stomped her feet in the air, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

Moments later a gap appeared right before Remilia and Yukari flew out. The gap youkai looked at the carnage, "Well this is new..."

Remilia materialized a spear and pointed it at Yukari, "Are you here to help her?" she asked threateningly

Yukari calmly said, "Oh no, I'm just here to end this unbalanced battle." she snapped her fingers and they heard Reimu swearing off in the distance, "Oh look at that, my job's finished." a gap opened next to Yukari as she slowly flew back in.

Remilia's mouth dropped, "You knew where she was?!"

Yukari stopped, pulled out her fan and did the usual thing to conceal her mouth, "Silly vampire, I'm the youkai of boundaries, I know everything. Hasta luego~" she flew into the gap and disappeared.

Marisa crossed her arms and said, "I hate it when she uses her fan, it's like she has some kind of hidden motive ~ze"

Remilia calmed down and said, "She always have a hidden motive."

Suddenly miniature gaps appeared right above everyone in the area (and anyone in Gensokyo that isn't fighting) and a letter dropped out of the gaps. The letter stated:

Congratulations on receiving this letter, Mr./Mrs./Miss Youkai or Human or Lunarian or it

In about a week from now, Gensokyo will fall into a state of war. Well actually, it's a spell card war. It's like any old spell card battle, except for some differences. They include:

1) All of Gensokyo is subjected to the spell card rules until the war is over.

2) Spell cards have unlimited uses, but a one minute recharge period per card.

3) Factions can allied with one and another.

4) A faction MUST have a HQ or headquarter.

5) A faction can include one or more person(s).

6) The war ends when one faction is standing.

7) Besides from annihilating the other faction, victory can also be obtained by capturing the HQ or destroying it.

7) If you die, you die permanently! Until the war ends, and when it ends, the dead will respawn at the Road of Liminality.

8) Dead people can watch other players via "death cam" just like those so call video games. (Big sister/brother is watching you~)

9) For the very first spell card war, only winged youkai, flying machines, magical broomsticks, celestials can fly.

After everyone finish reading that letter, they just stood in silence because Yukari had turned Gensokyo into one fucked up real time strategy game.

Moments later, Remilia's eyes glowed red, she snapped her fingers, and the Spear of Gungnir spawned. She pointed the spear at the former-captain of Red Legion, "You guys lost, so join us."

The captain held his hands up in the air, "Alright, we'll join you. Personally, I rather get shot by an AK-47 than being impaled by a spear!"

Sakuya cleared her throat to get Remilia's attention, "According the rules it stated: 'victory can also be obtained by capturing the HQ or destroying it.'" the maid pointed at the remains of the SDM, "I believe we have no HQ."

Remilia grab Sakuya by the collar and said, "Then stop time and fix it!"

Sakuya sweat-dropped, "Milady, I'm a maid capable of stopping time, not a miracle worker." she looked at the Hakurei Shrine, "We can always join her."

Remilia crossed her arms and said, "But that's boring..." the vampire held her fist in the air and proudly yelled, "We should take it by force!"

Marisa looked at the midnight sky, "Oh, look at the time! Good luck being homeless ze~" the witch quickly flew back towards her home, laughing all the way.


A ear-shattering noise was heard, Remilia looked up and saw what appears to be two metallic objects flying towards the Human Village at the speed of sound. "What are those things?" she asked.

Marisa saw the jets and said, "On second thought, I'll just follow those metal things ~ze"

The captain shouted, "How the hell did they get the Tigersharks(1) up in the air? That runway at the base was built for short-takeoff and landing aircraft!"

The vampire commented, "They look very fragile, but fast."

West Side of the Human Village

Bullets were hitting the house that Reisen was using as cover, every once in a while she would pop out of one the windows and take four or six of the legionaries down. It was painfully obvious that she was going easy on them, not because she feels sorry for them, but she's testing their capabilities because these were soldiers from the outside world. Not only that, but for some strange reason, they turned youkai.

Reisen peeked through a small hole and observed their tactics. "Strange, despite being youkai that can fly, they rather stay on the ground and use cover." She thought. To the lunar rabbit, it was very interesting, the Red Legion were using very similar tactics to the Lunarian Defense Corps and Lunarian Imperial Army. She kept on observing them even though she was getting shot at, but it didn't matter because they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at close range. It was very strange, they were hitting the VDF soldiers with pinpoint accuracy, but missed when they engage more well known figures like Reisen just in those American sci-fi movies.

The lunar rabbit jumped out of the window with a spell card in hand and said, "Lunatic Red Eyes!" her eyes glowed red and the legionaries made the mistake of looking onto her eyes.

The legionaries looked at each other and one of them shouted, "Allied scum to your left!" they all shot each other dead because they thought all of them were Allied soldiers from the outside world. Reisen smiled at her successful deception and then moved to another house that was directly behind Abe to conceal herself.

The battleground around Abe was a tanker's worse nightmare, buildings and buildings everywhere. Sure, he can run down those fragile house with ease, but there was just too many of them, plus, they provide excellent cover for foot soldiers. To make matters worse, his rear end is now more vulnerable then it is in the outside world thanks to the spell card rules. In fact a danmaku shot the size of a pea can do a lot of damage to him or worse, knock him out.

Abe decided to fire the first shot by declaring his spell card, "Shell Sign: Canister Shot!" Caligula was in a Mi-28 Havoc, so it makes sense to use an anti-air type attack on him.

A single danmaku shell flew out of his cannon, moments later, it blew up, released a thousand of more bullets of the same size, and then the bullets spread apart in a shotgun-like pattern. Unlike the last battle against Sanae, the distance was much closer, so it should leave Caligula with barely any time to dodge it.

Caligula skillfully ascend higher up into the air so that the danmaku harmlessly flew up him. Off in the background, screams of Red Legion soldiers and VDF soldiers were heard because they were caught in the crossfire. He flew at treetop level aka several feet above the buildings in order to avoid getting shot at by Abe, he then popped out and declared his spell card, "Rocket Sign: S-8!" and 40 danmaku rockets were fired.

Abe quickly devised a new spell card and said, "Aegis Sign: Shark!" Immediately a ring of danmaku surrounded Abe, the ring lashes out what appears to be bolts of lightning and vaporized 24 rockets, then the ring disappeared. 14 rockets slam head on his glacis plate and bounced off thanks to the fact that the rockets themselves were danmaku. Unfortunately, two of the rockets managed knock out both of his tracks, leaving him immobile. He responded back by firing his machine guns.

Reisen jumped out of the house and landed on top of Abe's turret, "Outsider and Lunarian tanks are all the same, they both need support." she fired her guns at Caligula.

Caligula flew sideways and avoided the danmaku, "What the hell? A barrage of rockets would've vaporized even the most heavily armored tanks out there!" he fired danmaku at the tank's side and it bounces off, then he declared a spell card, "Spiral Sign: Ataka-V!"

Realizing that she'll be a sitting duck for that spell card, Reisen flew off of Abe and shouted, "Abe, get away!" she noticed that his tracks were knocked out and quickly assumed the worse.

A single danmaku rocket flew out of the helicopter's hardpoint at 550 meters per second or 1230 mph and slammed into Abe's side armor. The tank's side armor was unable to withstand the impact of spell card type danmaku, so it went in like a hot knife cutting through cold butter. Abe stopped shooting and smoke was coming from the open hatches on his turret and the hole that the spell card made. His 120mm was slowly pointing at the ground.


The rocket blew up and Abe was engulfed in flames. Inside the turret, the blast doors that separated the crew area from the ammo stowage was blasted open. Small popping sounds were heard in his turret, it was the sound of his ammo going off, and then all of his ammo blew up.

Caligula laughed in joy, "See that? Tanks are like medieval knights; they both went obsolete!"

Suddenly, Abe's wreckage glowed in a coffee lighted color, the light faded and revealed his youkai form. He touched his helmet and realized that it was charred black to represent the ruined turret of his tank form. He looked at the windows of a nearby house and saw his reflection; his clothes were torn up as if he lost in a knife fight, but his rifle was intact. The key that was attached to his rifle fell out, he reattached it and got an error message that popped up in front of his face like an annoying pop window, it stated that the M1A2AI Abrams is unavailable. He sighed and said, "Well that stinks."

Reisen landed next to Abe and said, "You know, that picture in the bunbunmaru made you taller then what you really are." she proceeded to pat him on his head as if he was a child.

Abe lashed out into a tantrum, "Shut up, tanks are short in general, so it's not my fault I'm short."

The Mi-28 Havoc landed in front of Abe and the helicopter glowed in a purplish light. The light faded and revealed Caligula himself. He gave a bloodthirsty smile and said, "You know, I always thought it was suspicious that the Allies had only one AI tank, but now I know why," he blandish his rapier, "You're one of those things... youkai!"

"Well humans don't transform into helicopters." Abe replied back

The general slowly walked towards Abe and said, "I was human, until I ended up here in this fairytale." the general picked up the pace.

Reisen and Abe instantly aimed their firearms at Caligula and he stopped. Reisen confidently said, "You just turn into a youkai and you're already confident enough to take on two youkai?"

Caligula grinned and casually said, "Well I'm not alone." he snapped his fingers, legionaries suddenly jumped out of hiding and pointed their guns at the duo, "It helps when you have an army of professional soldiers that recently turned youkai." he said with a smile.

"Professional? Compared to the Allies, you guys just rely on numbers and firepower." Abe added

Suddenly a really loud sound was heard directly above the village, causing everyone to look up; if an attack helicopter bought fear into the hearts of the tankers, then two F-20 Tigersharks probably brought them hell. A radio transmission was then broadcast to Caligula and his Legion, "This is Cheetah, me and Lynx are here to provide air support."

The general's face turned red in anger and with a neutral voice, radioed, "Caligula here, who gave you permission to launch fighters?"

A few seconds later, he received a reply, "Cheetah here, umm... how should I say this..." there was a brief silence, "well, after we all became youkai, we found out that we can lift up things that are 100 times our weight! So basically, one of the ground crews threw us up in the air like a catapult."

"How dare they do things without MY consent!" Caligula thought and then radioed, "Fighters, RTB (2)."

Lynx, the other pilot replied, "But sir, we're armed with cluster bombs and sidewinder missiles! We could achieve total air superiority in seconds!"

Caligula forcefully ordered, "Caligula here, R...T...B..."

Cheetah radioed back, "... Copy that. Mission canceled at 00:12, September 5, 2011... RTB" The 2 Tigersharks carrying weapons that would've ended this battle tried to leave the scene. Unlike the youkai and humans, fighter jets like the Tigersharks are much faster, but they requires a lot of spare to maneuver. They both performed a wide left turn, suddenly they both blew up after smacking right into the spell card barrier that was implemented to prevent people from running away. It turns out that people can enter the spell card battle, but they can't leave.

Caligula shook his head, took out his radio and said, "Attention to all legionaries, we're forfeiting this battle, someone back at base, did something WITHOUT my consent..."

He heard a lot of groans and cursing over the radio. He smiled and said, "Oh yeah, use scorched earth tactics, set fire to the village and destroy everything in your way. I'm going to meet up with the leader of this VDF thing to discuss the terms of surrender, oh and dump those bodies, we'll win next time." immediately there were cheers and some groans over the radio. He started his journey towards the Southern part of the village to let the VDF know that he's forfeiting because things didn't go the way he wanted, even if it would've benefit him.

The general thought to himself, "Damn idiots, stealing MY glory..." he looked at Abe, "I'll let you off for now, my men ruined my plans by making it better."

Caligula transforms into a Mi-28 Havoc and flew off in search for anyone that looked like a leader. Abe had a sorrow expression, "I can't believe he did that AGAIN, I feel bad for his men now."

"He's one of those guys?" Reisen asked

Abe nodded, "Yep, a total control freak."

Reisen and Abe felt someone smack their backs, they behind and saw a legionary who was smiling, "Oi, rabbit lady and tank boy, we'll kill you guys later so best wishes!" the legionary laughed and ran off with the remaining legionaries.

Once the legionaries were out of sight, the houses next to Abe and Reisen burst into flames. Abe's sorrow expression changed to an annoyed expression, "I take that back, Caligula and his men are assholes!" he looked around and noticed Reisen flying off in the air towards a pair of Cobra attack helicopters.

He looked at the burning buildings, the intense heat caused him to sweat and he smiled, "So this is how a fire feels like, I never felt something like this as tank." he touched one of the flames like a total idiot and burned his hand, "Well that explains how humans are afraid of this."

"Wait a sec, humans tend to die in fires, spell card battle or not, she can't let me die in blazing glory!" he thought, Abe ran and jumped into the air, he flew for about 12 seconds before falling back to the ground. A three story house tipped over and blocked the path in front of him, there was a wall of fire behind him; he was basically trapped.

Road to Human Village

Back at the road that leads up to the village, the youkai of darkness finally regained consciousness after she was run downed by a 70-ton youkai.

Rumia opened her eyes, "Ugh, what happened..." she did some stretches and the sound of cracking bones were heard.

She scratched her head and looked at Abe's tank tracks, "Oh right, that weird metal youkai thing ran me over!"

She looked at the burning village and noticed the T-64BM2 tanks attacking, "Wait, that metal youkai looked just like those things over there, which could only mean one thing..." she sat on the ground in a thinking pose, moments later a light bulb popped up on her head, "That means the metal youkai thingy can multiply!"

Meanwhile, a fairy was watching Rumia from behind, she shut her eyes and started laughing because Rumia had an enormous track mark on her back. She opened her eyes and noticed Rumia was gone. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her; it was Rumia.

Rumia was shaking the fairy around and asked, "Stupid fairy, what are you laughing at?"

The fairy said in a timid voice, "Your back" and despite being held by Rumia, she started laughing again.

Rumia walked over to a water puddle and saw her back in the reflection, "Is that so~" she squeeze the fairy and the fairy blew up as if it was hit by danmaku.

The youkai of darkness clenched her hands and said in a sinister voice, "That metal youkai thingy will pay..."

Then suddenly, a purple gap opened above Rumia, a shrine maiden falls out, landed on Rumia and knocked her out AGAIN. Reimu got up and brushed the dirt off her clothes. She looked the burning village, then she cursed and thanked Yukari for getting her here.

Reimu noticed Abe surrounded by burning buildings, "I guess have some exterminating to do, mainly Abe for committing arson." she thought. Of course that was just a silly excuse for Reimu to fight Abe. Like anyone who fights with spell cards, she lives by one rule; "Shoot first, ask questions later" because danmaku is harmless.

The shrine maiden takes off into the air, prepared to shoot anything down that gets in her way. As she flew closer and closer at treetop level, a Hind attack helicopter fell in front of her and caused a small forest fire. She looked up and saw Sanae flying down towards her.

Reimu noticed that Sanae had four stars drawn on her left sleeve. She pointed at the drawings and asked in a disapproving voice, "What are those for?"

Sanae hovered in the air with a very arrogant pose and proudly said, "I shot down four helicopters! In the outside world, if a pilot shot down three aircraft, then he or she becomes a fighter ace; they're the best of the best!" then she dramatically points in the air, "From now on, I'm the Green Baroness!"

Reimu shook her head in embarrassment. She pulled out a spell card.

Sanae looked at her in horror and said, "Wait, I'm helping the village out! You can't just knock out an ally!"

Reimu deadpanned, "I have an incident to resolve and you're in my way!" her spell card glowed, "Divine Arts: Demon Binding Circle!"

The spell card activated and a barrier made of danmaku engulfed the two shrine maidens. Once the spell card ended, Sanae was lying on a bush and yelled, "Reimu, you idiot!" before passing out.

Reimu ignored her and continued flying. She smiled and said to herself, "Green Baroness..." she immediately burst into laughter.

Meanwhile in real life, somewhere in Europe and the afterlife, a certain WW1 German fighter ace (3) is rolling in his grave.

The Hell of Blazing Flames

Deep inside the Hell of Blazing Flames lies the Nuclear Furnace. Previously in the Subterranean Animism Incident, thanks to the efforts of Kanako and Suwako, the furnace is now completely operational. Nuclear power or "the power of the sun" provides a lot of power, but it's very harmful to humans and most youkai, and because of that, the residents of the underworld relied the hell ravens to keep the furnace in check and to "contain" any kind of nuclear radiation that appears above ground. One of the most famous hell ravens is Utsuho Reiuji or Okuu for short.

In times of battle or an emergency, Okuu usually has her third leg, cape, and arm cannon equipped, but it's another regular day for her so she just wore a white short-sleeve shirt with a menacing red eye in the center, a short green skirt, and a green bow on her reddish/brownish hair. Everyday, she would either open the vents to cool the furnace down, or toss corpses in to heat it up.

Almost immediately, the lights turned red, all of the computer screens were displaying warning signs, and the klaxon alarms were going off.

Okuu excitedly flew towards one of the computer screens and reads out loud, "Nuclear contamination detected, located in the Human Village." the screen switched to a picture of a M1 Abrams and she reads the description out loud, "War machine from the outside world, armor is built out of depleted uranium" her wings were fluttering like crazy due to excitement because hell raven like her rarely goes above ground.

The hell raven flew into one the fitting rooms, she started to equip her iconic third leg, arm cannon, and cape. She wasn't expecting trouble, but better safe than never. After that she got out and opened a reinforced steel door while leads to what appears to be a missile silo, there was a steam-powered catapult that was salvaged from an old supercarrier from the outside world. The highly modified steam catapult used steam from the furnace and was modified to launch hell ravens all the way up to the surface like a missile, it's considered to be the fastest method to get above ground.

Okuu placed both of her feet on two small platforms and confidently said, "Utsuho Reiuji, requesting launch!"

A fellow hell raven checked Okuu's equipment and said, "Everything's all set, wait till the steam pressure builds up."

Another hell raven checked the pressure building up from the Nuclear Furnace and said in a monotone voice, "60%, 80%, 90%, 99%, 100%... launching now"

"Yahoo!" Okuu shouted in joy because she was being propelled up to 500 miles per hour towards the surface. Right after she left, the computer screens, alarms, and lights turned back to normal. Then the computer screen displayed, "Threat has vanished, war machine transform into humanoid..." the screen suddenly turned into a blue screen of death with the words, "Machine transforming into humanoid? DOES NOT COMPUTE."

Every hell raven on scene looked at the screen in shock because most above ground youkai considered Okuu as dangerous and they'll attack her in sight, despite her innocent and childlike personality. One of the hell ravens then said, "Shouldn't someone go get her?"

Another hell raven said, "You mean..." she pointed up, "go out there?"

"No way, it's too bright!" Another one added in.

"Wait the computer just got a BSOD again!"

"Okuu, where do you want these corpses?" A voice ringed out and everyone stopped and looked. It was Rin Kaenbyou, she and Okuu go way back. She has four ears, they are two cat ears and two human ears. She had her red hair styled with braids and she wore a black dress.

Rin noticed everyone staring at her and said, "What?"

Immediately, they picked her up and toss her into the missile silo. One of the hell ravens handed her a barf bag with the words, "May the gods have mercy on your soul." written on it.

Rin was busy trying to piece together what just happened to her, "Wait..."

"60%, 80%, 90%, 99%, 100%..."

Her face was slowly turning pale, "Wait..."

Rin shouted with a hint of fear in her voice, "Wait, you can't do this to me! This thing's scary!" like any non-birdlike youkai, she was very comfortable moving really fast in any direction that doesn't involve flying straight up at a incredible speed.

The hell raven operating the catapult pressed a button, "Launching now."

Rin screamed, "Satori, Okuu, help!" as she was propelled to the surface and all the way up to the wild blue yonder.


I actually redid this chapter at least three times and I also changed chapter nine's title. Abe lost to Caligula, but it's understandable, just look at the battleground, he was basically a sitting duck in there. Also note that steam powered catapults aren't canon in Hell, but having Okuu being launched out into the surface like a Gundam or Evangelion is totally worth it. Well actually I always pictured that place as high-tech because there's a nuclear reactor there.

*Warning complicated stuff here*

Somewhere in the beginning of this chapter, a red legion captain stated, "Personally, I rather get shot by an AK-47 than being impaled by a spear!" Well, a melee weapon such as a spear (Remilia's Gungnir) will do more damage than nearly any gun in real life. This is based off of my own experience when I witnessed two farm animals being killed (One with a rifle, another with a knife) for food at a farm in California, USA. One of my history professors had also confirmed this with his own research which showed that a Roman Pilum (Javelin) has more stopping power than a military sniper rifle that shoots .338 Lapua Magnum rounds. Basically what all of this means is that melee weapons can cause more pain than guns that are below 50 caliber.

*Complicated stuff ends here*

Note 1: The F-20 Tiger Shark first flew in 1982 and was largely abandoned in 1986 because of competition from the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It's a single engine fighter that is capable of flying a little over mach two aka two Aya Shameimarus (two times the speed of sound, yes I used Aya as a unit of measurement)

Note 2: RTB is short for "Return to Base". The term is usually used in the Air Forces in many different countries.

Note 3: The WW1 German Fighter Ace that was referenced is Manfred von Richthofen aka the Red Baron. He's officially credited for shooting down 80 airplanes and became the top ace of WW1. Sorry Sanae, you're 76 kills short from becoming the "Green Baroness".

Abe's Spell Card

Aegis Sign: Shark - A solid ring of danmaku forms attaches itself on top of Abe's turret. Whenever a danmaku bullet comes close to him, the ring lashes out lightning and vaporizes the bullets. The spell card ends when it destroys 24 bullets of any size. The spell card itself is named after the AMAP-ADS hard-kill Active Protection System (APS). It's designed by a German company and the APS is known as "Shark" in France. About 20 seconds in this video ( watch?v=vTmas41tVhY) will show you what it looks like.

Caligula's Spell Card

Rocket Sign: S-8 - Fires a barrage of rocket type danmaku. The S-8 rockets in real life were used by the Soviet Air Force and now the Russian Air Force. They're mainly used on aircraft and helicopters.

Spiral Sign: Ataka-V - Fires one homing missile type danmaku at it's target. The Ataka-V in real life are anti-tank missiles used in the Mi-28 Havoc, it's also worth noting that the missile can also be used against other aircraft as a improvised air-to-air missile.