A collection of ficlets exposing the most used plots in HP FanFiction history :) First up, Harry as a girl :O This is a humour fic, so everything should be taken light-heartedly. Note: I am not hating on these concepts. Just poking fun. Hey, if it weren't for these ideas, there would be no fanfiction. Destroyed. Mhm.


Harry awoke to find his surroundings a blur. Was he not wearing his glasses? No, he was. Then why was everything blurry? Why was —

He took his glasses off. Everything settled in place. That was strange. He had needed his glasses for the most part of his entire life. Why was his vision suddenly corrected?

Harry also felt some soreness in his chest region. He glanced down, wondering what was the source of the discomfort. To his utter horror, he found that he had formed a pair of solid D-sized breasts. He shrieked, and was again astounded to hear a girl's sweet, melodious voice ringing around his ears.

"Hello?" Harry called out nervously, speaking to no one in particular, but rather to confirm what he was dreading. The teen girl's voice again came out of his larynx.

What was happening? Harry darted towards a nearby mirror and scrutinised himself. There, staring back at him, as a beautiful, willowy blonde. Her hair was silky and shiny; her skin glowing and flawless; her limbs slender and fair. She was the perfect girl.

Harry — no, that couldn't be his name. He was a girl now. She was a girl now. What name should she have? Harriet? Jamie? Rose? Lily? Druidess Padraigin? Whatever the case, she might struggle with her new persona, but ultimately decide that this was what she was meant to be. A woman.

She would attend Hogwarts and receive the affection of fellow students and teachers alike. She would be perfect. She would be the love interest to a motley bunch of Slytherins, ranging from one dreadfully OOC character to another. It might be Draco Malfoy, who would be initially hostile but ultimately realise his feelings for the beautiful girl. He would valiantly risk everything for her and help her overcome whatever obstacles stood in her way, be it vanquishing Voldemort or choosing a good outfit for the many Hogwarts balls that would suddenly be held.

At Hogwarts, the female Harry would find herself strangely attached to her Potions teacher, Severus Snape. She would then go on to understand that he was her birth father, who gave her up at birth for another valiant reason. She would find out that he had loved her mother dearly, and was devastated by her death. As a result, he would be fiercely protective of the girl and let nothing harm her.

She could go through numerous hardships as a girl, be it going through her monthly menstrual cycles or even giving birth to a child as a result of her undying and romantic love with her partner.

Or, on the contrary, she could adapt to her new lifestyle with ease. Her transition would not be difficult at all. In fact, she would discover that she was destined to be an Amazon druidess, bent on bringing justice to all with her godly ways. Her sweat would cure people. Her acts of fornication would save the world.

Or, she could just be a guy. She could just be a male Harry Potter. But, hey. What fun would that be?

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