"Natsume, what the…" Ruka trailed off, he looked down to see he was hard. Ruka's whole face flushed a dark red and he quickly pulled his knees to his chest successfully hiding his hard member. He looked away from Natsume to hide his embarrassment. This was the third time he embarrassed himself in front of Natsume today. Ruka started to tear up well at least Natsume doesn't know he was dreaming about him.

"Ruka how did you fall asleep in the shower?" Ruka didn't answer he was to busy dieing of embarrassment. "Ruka?" Natsume asked again still no answer. To be honest Ruka didn't even know why he was having these dreams and feeling this way toward his best friend. Ruka was so confused. Natsume already had a towel on and had another one for Ruka he handed it to him and Ruka took it and covered himself without uttering a word or looking at Natsume. Natsume was pissed he knew something was wrong yet Ruka wouldn't tell him.

-To be continued-

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