So big changes for the story. I've cleared up some problems with the story, no killing of the pirates and Ozai and Azula are still alive (if you haven't read the updated version of FEH, then I would suggest skimming it at least). Also another change is the OC known as Dovey has been changed to another OC. I'm sorry to the person I promised an OC to, but I didn't want to continue butchering your character. Anyways, let's hope I can actually finish this story the second time around.

"What?!" Suki screamed. Katara was still packing her bags as she told Suki about the situation. "How can you and Aang break up? That's as bad as…you and Aang breaking up; there is NOTHING worse than that."

She sighed, "Suki, it just wasn't working between us, we both knew it and it was just a matter of time before we broke up." Katara sat on her bag and zipped it up.

"Katara, please take a second to think about what you just said, Aang, the guy who you were going to marry, the one who you got a tattoo for?!" Suki questioned, Katara seemed to just ignore her comment; she took off her shirt and looked in the mirror.

"I think I may be gaining some weight, what do you think?" She turned a little, looking at herself.

Suki huffed angrily, "Katara, you're just changing the subject so you don't have to talk about it, you two will be bound together forever and you know that." She stormed out of the room, going to Sokka. Katara watched as she left the room and then broke down in tears. Her heart never felt this torn ever before, worse than when Sokka and her lost their mother. But she couldn't show it to everyone, she wanted to be strong. She shut the door and jumped on her bed and uncontrollably continued to cry. 'I love you so much that not even death can keep me away from you Katara…' His voice echoed in her head, making her cry even harder. Her cries were muffled by her pillow as she let out her emotions.

Someone knocked on the door, "Katara? You ready?"

"Yeah," Katara barely got out without her voice cracking; she wiped her face and got up, putting on a shirt. She grabbed her bags and opened her door. Katara walked down the hall until she saw Suki.

She paused for a second, "Sokka, go with Zuko, Katara and I are taking my car." Katara lowered her head, knowing she had been caught.

"Okay, remember to take the bridge downtown to get out to Ember Island instead of the ferry," Sokka yelled as he left the house.

Suki crossed her arms, "Now are you ready to talk?"

"How could you and Katara break up Aang? You made her a betrothal necklace, she got that kinky tattoo for you, you just don't end that." Toph said as Aang came and sat down next to her. Aang, Toph and Ty Lee were the first ones on Ember Island, Ty Lee was in the house setting up Toph and hers room as they sat out on the veranda looking out at the island. "You two are perfect for each other…well excluding the last couple months…that part sucked ass."

"Toph, she doesn't want to travel with me nor does she want me to, but I have to…it's my job," Aang told her.

"But didn't the whole 'prophecy' thing say when the scarred one, Zuko, was King there would be peace, the only reason you would need to travel is if there isn't peace," Toph pointed out.

Aang nodded, "Yeah, but it doesn't stop the fact that I still need to travel around the world. Being the Avatar isn't all about keeping peace, it's still meetings, constant events and helping cement decisions between the countries. I'm still needed in this world Toph and this thing with Katara, it's…it's more of a break than an actual break up, we just need some space for the time being. We've just been fighting too much and getting on each other's nerves…"

"So that's why you said you two broke up?" She asked, "Whatever, I'm not getting into your guy's relationship, I don't belong in it. But you two need to get back together, I know it kills you inside as much as it does to her." Toph got up and went into the house. Aang sighed, she was right; it killed him to not be with his love. "Ow fuck, I ran into the couch," Toph yelled from inside. He smiled softly and leaned back in his chair. Two months at Ember Island would be great, but then again Katara would be there.

He heard the front door open and shut, "Hey, anyone here?"

"There is a car in front of the house Sokka, of course someone is here," Aang recognized Sokka and Zuko's voices.

"Out here!" Aang shouted, not looking from the view.

"Hey, take my bags to the third door on the left," He heard Zuko tell Sokka. His footsteps came closer until he was leaning against the door frame. "How are you doing man?"

Aang groaned, "Can we not talk about it? Just be happy I'm not drowning in my own tears…"

"Why did you break up with her in the first place then? You still clearly care for her, why end it?" He asked.

"It's more of a break-"

Zuko interrupted him, "Aang, I may have only known you for a little time, but I bet $5 that you have been telling yourself that all night." Aang looked at him, Zuko calmly stared back at him and the Air bender gave him a 5 dollar bill. He tucked the 5 in his pocket, "Man, I hate to get unserious in this, but that is great way to make money. Now by me making money off of your misfortunes, doesn't that at least make you want to get back together with Katara?"

"I think we need time away from each other Zuko, we've been fighting for the past two months and we just need some breathing room," Aang said, but Zuko came over and picked him up by his shirt.

"Aang, I'm giving you two options, you either get back with Katara we forget about this or you don't and I can go back to calling you weakling," Zuko threatened, "You're not acting like the Aang I got to know, you're kind of being a little bitch."

Aang narrowed his eyes and broke free of Zuko's grasp, "How about a third option, I let Katara and I have our space, you not call me anything and I figure out how to take your bending too."

He put his hands up, "Fine, but do it soon Aang…before you regret it." Zuko went inside while Aang took a deep breath. "Oh, by the way, we're going down to the club by the beach in an hour…" Zuko called from inside. He looked out across to see a car crossing over the bridge before he went inside to get changed.

Suki's car crossed over the bridge and onto the island, "I don't care how strong you think you are Katara, you can't just pretend that what happened tonight is okay with you."

Katara dropped a couple eye drops into her eyes to clear them, "Suki, I can't have him think that I am nothing without him, I'm my own person."

"But Katara, you are nothing without him. No offense, but you literally spend as much time as you can with each other. Even Sokka and I have our own things…Aang went to all of our games, even when you two were fighting, he had to room with me…which was really weird after what happened earlier this year," Suki countered. "Just talk to him about it, I'm sure you two will get back together."

She shook her head, "No Suki…he wouldn't break up with me if he still loved me…"

Suki hit her head against her steering wheel as they waited for the light to change to green, "Katara, he broke up so you two could stop fighting, if he didn't love you he wouldn't have stayed for 2 months of fighting, he would have just dumped you and found someone else."

"But what if he already has?" Katara started to weep again. Suki sighed, mentally cursing herself for bringing them back to square one. She pulled over to the side of the road and took off her seat belt.

"Katara, I know how to fix this, it's what Sokka would call a 'hailmary', our last chance here. I am only using this because you don't seem to understand this. I can get you and Aang back together, if you can do a couple things for me."

She wiped her eyes, "I'll do anything."

"You're going to have to make sacrifices, like going with Aang on his Avatar duties and whatever. Also, you can't question what I tell you to do; you have to do it, okay?" She laid down her demands. Katara nodded. "Good, now what we are going to do is make him jealous. Sokka said we are going to a club tonight, so you are going to dress as hot as possible and you're going to hit on other guys, it will really get under his skin." Suki got back on the road, towards the hill going up towards the house.

Katara bit her lip as she thought about it, making Aang jealous? She wanted everything to go back to normal as it was before her and Aang started fighting. It wasn't like she could just say no now; she agreed that she couldn't question anything. Suki seemed to know what she was doing, "Okay…what should I wear?"

"You all ready to go?" Sokka shouted from downstairs. Aang looked in his mirror; he had put on a nice dress shirt and black dress pants. He had never been to a club before so he wasn't sure what the regular attire was for the place. "Aang! Hurry up, the club closes at 2."

"Hold on man," Aang shouted back, he grabbed his phone from his bed and bounded down the stairs. Everyone was at the door waiting, Sokka and Zuko were both wearing dress shirts like him, he was quite thankful he didn't look like an idiot. He didn't even notice what the other girls were dressed like because he couldn't help but look at Katara. She wore a red strapless dress and was actually wearing make-up. His heart nearly cracked more when he saw that she didn't have on the necklace he gave her for the first time. Even if he broke up with her that day, it still felt horrible to see if off her neck. "Let's go then." He was out first and didn't see Suki wink at Katara. The group walked down the hill in awkward silence, Aang a little bit ahead of them all, even though he didn't know where they were going and Katara and Suki in the back.

"So Sokka, where is this place?" Toph asked, "Can we drink there?"

"Actually, I told Sokka about it," Zuko told her, "I know the owner, Zita, she will let us in and have a drink, but we can't get too drunk or we will be kicked out."

Toph smiled, "Sweet." They continued down the road until they heard the loud music thumping. The part of town they were in didn't have many homes around it so the music never really bothered the people who lived on the island.

Zuko walked to the front of the group, Jin on his arm and met the door guy, "Hey, I'm a personal friend of Zita. My name is Zuko. I should be on the list, as well as my friends." The man looked down at his list, then stepped out of the way and let them in. The group walked in as the people still in line complained. Zuko smiled as the others were awestruck by the club. It was a two story club that went into the ground, a multicolored light up dance floor, and a giant VIP section. "Follow me!" He yelled over the music, Zuko led them down the metal stairs towards the cut off section. Another man stood guard at the closed off part of the club. "Hey, is Zita here?" He nodded and motioned for someone to come over. A tattooed girl came over with a bottle of Jack in hand. Her hair was pitch black and she wore smoky mascara, her boobs were almost hanging out of her top. "Hey Zita."

"Oh Spirits! It's Zuzu!" She cheered, grabbing him in a one armed hug and kissed the side of his face, making Jin a little jealous. "It's been ages! How is your bitch of a sister?"

"She's jail Zita…so is my father, haven't you read a newspaper lately?" He asked, wiping the side of his face.

Zita shook her head, "Fuck no." She stepped over the red rope that was between them, "Why is everything so sad with you Zuzu? You use to be so upbeat."

"Wait, so you call Zuko, Zuzu also?" Sokka asked; a sly smile on his face.

"Also? Azula took that from me, she really started hating me after I took little Zuko's virginity," Everyone's eyes went wide when they heard the news; "Oh and you must be the new girl Zuzu is charming. I hope he's been treating you right."

Jin blinked a couple times, "So you took Zuko's virginity?"

Zita nodded, "Yeah, but it was a onetime thing, don't worry." She looked over to Aang and smiled, "And who is this cutie?"

"This is Aang, he's the Avatar," Zuko introduced them. "You would know that if you actually listened to the news."

Zita smiled and grabbed his hand, "Come on Aang, let's get you a drink. You all can go into the VIP section and relax." She pulled him through the crowd while Katara secretly fumed.

Suki put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to her ear, "Don't worry Katara, we'll make him jealous." The rest of them went into the VIP Section; all the seats were cushioned like couches and were colored black. Zuko sat down, put his arm around Jin, who was still wanting to know more about Zita. Everyone sat down around them and tried to blend in. Suki looked around and saw a lone guy sitting close to them, "Katara, come with me, we're going to set you up with someone." She dragged her over to the guy, "Hi, this is my friend Katara, what's your name?"

"Zach," He extended a hand out to Katara, she smiled and shook it. "Nice to meet you Katara."

"Nice to meet you too," Katara replied.

Suki smiled, "Could you keep her company? She just got out of a long term relationship and needs to be shown the ropes." She shoved Katara, making her sit down next to Zach, "Thank you, see you later Katara."

Katara tried to object, but Suki had already left. "So, Katara," Zach said a little bit slow, getting use to the name. "I'm suspecting you don't usually go to these kinds of places." She nodded, "Would you like to go somewhere a little bit more quite? You can even bring someone if it makes you comfortable."

"For what?"

"I don't want you to think I'm some type of rapist," He explained, "…and now I feel weird mentioning rape…"

She giggled, "Its okay, where do you want to go?"

"We can go out on the beach," Zach told her, "Come on." He got up and led her through the crowd. Katara looked over at Suki, who gave her a thumbs up. She smiled softly but then her face dropped when she turned and made eye contact with Aang.

Zita took a drink from her bottle as Aang got his drink, "So Aang, how is it being the Avatar?"

"It's been a ride," He laughed and took a drink.

She put her hand on his on the bar, "I'm sure you manage." Zita smiled, "So, does the Avatar have a girlfriend or is he still on the hunt?"

"Uh, I actually just got out of a relationship…like 4 hours ago," Aang told her, "…with Katara." Zita pulled her hand away.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know. You just broke up with her?" He nodded, "You must be a wreck!" She pulled him into a hug, his face ended up in her cleavage. "How long were you with her?"

Aang finally got free, "We were together since September…so about 9 months."

"Then why is she leaving with that guy?" Aang looked over to where she was pointing. Katara was in fact following a guy out of the club. She was smiling until she made eye contact with him. He wanted to go over and kill the guy that took her towards the exit, but she was no longer his girlfriend. Aang turned away and drank the rest of the contents in his cup. Zita put down her bottle, "Oh, don't do that, come on, let's get back to Zuko." She took him by the arm and they walked back to the VIP section.

"…Then why haven't you told me about it Zuko?" They walked into Zuko and Jin bickering at each other.

"Because we never talked about it," Zuko calmly answered. They both looked up and saw the two standing there.

She sat down in front of them, "You two are fighting about me and Zuko aren't you?"

Zuko scratched the back of his neck, "Kinda…"

"What's your name?"

"Jin." She answered, still a little bit jealous of her.

Zita took Jin's hand in hers, "I promise you Jin, you have nothing to worry about. Zuko and I had our chance together…then again I was 19 and he was 16, but that's beside the point. If Zuko and I had any sort of thing between us, I would have tried to take Zuko over to the bar instead of Aang." Jin smiled a little. "If you aren't comfortable with Zuko and I being in the same room, its okay, I can just not be around him."

"No…I shouldn't be so jealous, I'm sorry Zita, I shouldn't have been so jealous," Jin apologized.

Zita smiled, "Good, everything is settled, now, where are your other friends? One of them had a silly hair cut."

Zuko laughed, "You mean Sokka, Suki, Toph and Ty Lee? I think they all left because they were tired."

"They came to a club for 5 minutes, then left?" Aang asked. "I think I may do the same, I really just want to get some sleep after this long day."

Zita softly smiled, "I think I'll walk you home, you coming Zuzu?"

"Yeah, but don't you need to close the club? You are the owner of it…" Zuko implied.

"I own it, not run it, that's what I have my workers for, let's go," Zita grabbed Aang's arm and they went to the exit.

Zuko shot a look to Jin, "Do you think she…?"

Jin thought about it for a second, "No, there's no way…"

Katara crossed her legs as she and Zach looked out at the water crashing against the shore. "So, I guess he really meant a lot to you, huh?" She had explained to Zach about Aang and everything else, making sure he knew that she wasn't interested in anything.

"Yeah…I really loved him."

Zach leaned back on his arms, "I'm sure he will come back to you, 9 months isn't something you just forget…ya know?"

Katara nodded, "Yeah, I just hope he'll come back to me soon…"

"He will, if I know guys, and I'm damn sure I do, he wouldn't let a pretty girl like you go," He explained. She smiled at the compliment. Zach checked his watch, "Whoa, looks like it's time to get you home." He got up and grabbed her hand to help her up.

"You know…if Aang didn't have my heart…you would be a great boyfriend," She told him.

Zach smiled, "I know, I get told that a lot. I'm more of a friend to girls anyways."

"What were you doing at a club then?" Katara asked.

He shrugged, "I got to get out once in awhile, ya know? Can't always stay inside doing nothing."

"Do you live here on the island?" She questioned.

"Yeah, born and raised here…it's a little bit weird since people come here for vacation, but it's a pretty fun place," Zach told her. It was a quiet walk up the hill, Zach stopped, "This is me right here." From what Katara could see it was a pretty normal house. It was two stories and was painted red. He had hammock in his front yard and a pool on the side of the house. "It's a safe walk from here; no one on the island is a criminal or anything."

"Are you sure you don't want to walk up with me? Meet the rest of my friends?" Katara asked.

Zach shook his head, "If I did that I would only be making your situation worse. You coming home with a guy with you ex boyfriend there? That would look bad or else I would I walk you up there."

"Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you Zach," She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're welcome Katara, if you ever need anything, you can come down here anytime you want, I live here alone," Zach told her. "Have a good night Katara." He waved at her and walked up his driveway. She smiled, knowing she had another good friend. Katara continued up the hill and she saw the lights of the house and she quickened her pace up the drive way. She finally got to the house and got inside, the cool air from the AC unit hit her. Her friends turned from the couch they were on, but went back to what they were doing.

Ty Lee came down the stairs, "Hey Katara, who was that guy you were talking to?"

"Zach, he lives down the hill," Katara told her as she climbed the stairs; Ty Lee started to follow her.

"So are you and him going to go out?" She cheerfully asked.

The Water Bender shook her head, "No Ty Lee…I still love Aang, I can't be with another guy."

"Well Aang is with another girl right now, they're in his room," Ty Lee told her, Katara's eyes went wide. She made a B-Line to Aang's room. Slowly opening his door, she peaked her head in and saw them. Aang was facing the door, but asleep. Zita was behind him; her arm was draped over his waist. Katara felt the tears run down her face and she ran past Ty Lee. The noise of her running down the stairs woke up Aang. He moved out of Zita's grasp and slipped out his door, seeing Ty Lee still standing there. "Hi Aang!" She exclaimed, a big smile on her face.

He rubbed his eye, "Uh, Hi Ty, what's with the noise?"

"Oh nothing, it was just Katara. She saw that you were with Zita and ran off crying," She informed him.

"Damn it, where did she go?" Ty Lee pointed downstairs. He went downstairs and saw everyone staring at him. Before he could ask, Zuko pointed him outside. Aang gave him a nod and went outside into the warmth, which he welcomed, only being in shorts. He saw Katara curled up on a deck chair, quieting sobbing to herself. The soft patter of his bare feet across the deck wasn't loud enough for Katara to hear him, he squatted in front of her, so he could look up at her face. "Kat."

She looked at him through her tears, "Go away Aang, I don't want to talk to you."

"Don't do this Kat, talk to me, what's wrong?"

"It hasn't even been a day and you're already in bed with another girl, one you just met today." Katara cried, "Did I really not mean that much to you?!"

"Katara." She didn't look at him, Katara just continued to cry. "Katara." Nothing. "Katara Aqua!" She finally looked at him. "Do you want to know why she was in bed with me? It's because I just cried myself to sleep, do you want to know why?" She wiped her face a little and nodded, "It's because I thought the same thing about you tonight. When you left the club with that guy, I just wanted to die. You know I still love you Katara, I always will. I just think we need to spend some time single for awhile, but not for too long, okay?" She nodded again. Aang leaned up and gave her a kiss. "I promise that I love you Katara."

Katara sniffed, "I love you too Aang."

He smiled, "Good, now let's have some fun this summer, okay? Everything will be back to normal soon." Aang got up and offered his hand to help her up. She took it and stood in front of him, her mascara was running down her face. "Go take a shower, get a good night's rest and we can talk about this tomorrow, okay?" Katara nodded as he wiped away some of the make-up. "Good night Katara," He gave her another kiss and went inside.