UPDATE: Just incase you didn't read the first chapter: So big changes for the story. I've cleared up some problems with the story, no killing of the pirates and Ozai and Azula are still alive (if you haven't read the updated version of FEH, then I would suggest skimming it at least). Also another change is the OC known as Dovey has been changed to another OC. I'm sorry to the person I promised an OC to, but I didn't want to continue butchering your character. Anyways, let's hope I can actually finish this story the second time around.

He flipped through the newspaper as he drank his cup of tea, "How was it?" Zuko lowered the paper to see his girlfriend's smiling face. "I tried a new type of tea and wasn't sure about it, should I stick to the regular or keep trying this one?"

Zuko took another sip, "It's good, my Uncle would approve." Jin pumped her fist and cheered in excitement, she went back to the empty kettle and filled it with water again as Zuko back to the newspaper, finally finding what he was looking for. 'Avatar Aang and his Water Bender is possibly the worst play that the Ember Island Players have ever showed on Ember Island. The story is full of many inaccuracies that is even obvious to the dumbest patron there. Pu-on Tim needs to do his homework before deciding to write a play about the Avatar or his girlfriend. I highly recommend walking into a middle of a Fire Bender's flame before paying for a ticket to this play. 0 out of 10.' Zuko smiled and flipped the page.

The front door slammed open, "ZUKO!" Jin nearly dropped the kettle as Zuko calmly drank his tea, knowing exactly why Katara was yelling. She stomped through the house as Jin leaned over to see who was coming and immediately regretted the decision. "Where is he?!"

"I'm in here," Zuko told her as he set down his paper. Katara came in and slammed the folders on the table.

"Why is there a picture of Aang on a ID that says 'Kuzon Agni'?" Her voice now much calmer than her look. "And all these documents, passport and apparently now a Facebook page?"

"Because Aang wanted another identity," Zuko told her. "He came to me last night and asked for me to make him another identity, one that no one knows is him."

"But why would Aang need another identity? And why does he have this ridiculous chin hair?!" Katara pulled out the ID and gave it another look.

Zuko shrugged, "I have no clue on the chin hair, I think it looks ridiculous too. Though the blonde hair looks kind of nice, but you're going to have to ask him about wanting another identity. I just put the orders through and we had that Air Bender that Zach hangs around with to do everything else. So he is legitimately Aang Ono and Kuzon Agni, my cousin on my Mother's side and Master Fire Bender."

"You seriously have no clue of why Aang would need an identity, but you gave it to him anyways?"

He nodded, "Why wouldn't I? He's the Avatar, he saved the World and keeps peace, why shouldn't the guy be allowed to have an identity where people aren't mobbing him for autographs or questions? I thought he would at least try to tell you, but I assumed that he hadn't said a word to you about it."

"You're going to give me a ride to the gym to find him," Katara told him. "And I won't be forced to kill you…"

"I'll take you," They turned to see Suki holding Toph, who was still hog tied. "Sokka most likely forgot to bring something to eat, so we just need to stop by the Football field first."

Zuko eyed the Blind Bender, "Should I even ask?" Both of them shook their heads. He got up and finished his cup of tea before returning it to the sink and giving Jin a kiss on the cheek, "I'll be back later…hopefully in one piece. I hope you two are going to change before we go," Zuko commented as he left the kitchen, Suki set Toph down and followed along with Katara.

Jin looked down at Toph, "Would you like some tea Toph?"


Suki walked towards the field with Katara by her side and Zuko behind them. "I can't believe you bought him three sandwiches," Zuko commented.

"You've seen him easily eat two of these things and he's still hungry, so I'm just making sure my man is satisfied," Suki said with a happy smile.

"So basically you're just making up for not driving him this morning?"

"Yeah, basically," She said. Suki looked over the field looking for Sokka, until finally seeing him over by the benches talking to one of his teammates. Increasing her pace, she nearly floated over the grass until she was behind him, covering his eyes with her hands, "Guess who?"

His teammate turned away from them as Sokka turned around, "Hey Suki." He picked her up and gave her a kiss, "What are you doing here?"

He set her down and she held up the bag of subs, "We brought you sandwiches." Zuko and Katara finally made their way over, Zuko gave Sokka a nod as Katara eyed Sokka's teammate. "I knew that you probably didn't bring anything for lunch, so I thought I would make up for not bringing you here and bring you some lunch."

"Thank you so much," He gave her another kiss as she handed him the bag. "Why are you two here?" Sokka asked.

"Long story, we're going to go to the gym and find Aang," Zuko told him. Katara ignored the conversation and walked towards Sokka's teammate. She put her hand on his blonde haired head and slowly turned his face around. Aang's nervous smiling face soon faced her.

"…Hey Kat…"

"Aang?" Suki questioned before Sokka put a hand over her mouth, making sure no one heard her say his name.

Her eyes narrowed, "Mind telling me what's going on?"

"Would you believe that it's an Avatar Duty?" The anger on her face didn't fade, "Didn't think so…" He turned around on the bench and patted the seat beside him. "The reason I made this fake persona is so that I can play Football with Sokka."

"Why do you need a new identity for that?" Suki asked.

"Why do you think?" Zuko added, "He's the Avatar, no one is going to let him play. They'll think it's unfair."

"I haven't played sports since I was 14," Aang continued, "After finding out I was the Avatar, Gyatso didn't want me doing anything like this, I couldn't play any competitive sports because it would become clear, through one way or another, that I'm not like everyone else. I've always wanted to just play like a normal kid. After watching my life at the play last night, I want to be known more than just the Avatar…I want to actually accomplish something, like Sokka or you and Suki." He placed his hand over hers, "I'm sorry I didn't say anything about this before, but I just wanted to try it out…and it turns out, after all these years that I'm actually really good."

"Not only did Aang make the team, he's a starter…as well as me," Sokka bragged.

"Really?" He nodded, "Good job baby," Suki gave him a kiss on the cheek, "You really earned your lunch."

Katara ignored the others, "I shouldn't have gotten so mad Aang, other thoughts just came into my head and it was just bothering me that you would keep this a secret from me…"

"If it means anything, I only came up with it when you fell asleep last night…I was going to tell you tonight," Aang offered, "It was going to be great, I was going to tell you that you're not only getting married to the Avatar, but a receiver for the Ba Sing Se Badger Moles." She couldn't help but let a smile break on her face and chuckle.

"Because loving you and being the Avatar was apparently wasn't enough for me?" Katara joked. "If you're going to be going to this school as two people, how are you going to keep up with double the load of classes?"

Zuko interrupted again, "That's where that kid Teo comes in, he set up a record for Kuzon Agni and every term, goes into classes that have extra spaces and adds him onto the roster and a final grade, so he can play without having to worry about classes…except for the ones he has of course."

Aang smiled, "But that's why I have Kat, she's the smart one out of us and will help me with those classes."

She cursed herself for letting his charm make it so hard to say no to him, "I may do that, but I'm not actually doing your work for you."

"Agni!" Both Aang and Zuko turned to the call, "Your papers just came in-" The Coach stopped mid-sentence when he saw Zuko, he dropped to his knee, "I'm so sorry for not seeing you King, I should have bowed to you."

Zuko waved him off, "It's perfectly fine, I'm not expecting any bowing or anything like that. I'm just making sure my cousin it's doing well." Zuko put a hesitant hand on Aang's shoulder, patting it softly. "Hopefully he hasn't tried to throw around his weight of being related to the royal family."

"Of course not King, this is the first knowledge of Kuzon being related to you," The Coach replied, "It's going to be an honor to have part of the royal family playing for my team. I'm sure he will more than exceed expectations."

"I'm sure he will, good luck with practice," Zuko said, turning to Katara and Suki, "You two ready to go?"

Suki kissed Sokka, "See you tonight." Katara was about to kiss Aang also, but realized that she wouldn't be kissing Aang, she would be kissing Kuzon.

Surprisingly, Aang leaned in and kissed her cheek, "Tell Aang I said hi."

Katara gave him a nod, "I will, good luck Kuzon."

The weeks went by and Toph and Ty Lee's wedding got closer and closer. Katara trained with Suki whenever she wasn't planning the wedding. While she didn't like the fact that Aang was going under the new name, she had to admit that she hadn't seen him any happier. She had watched a few of the tryouts and it Aang seemed to fit in with everyone. Also with the fact that he was starting to get more fit, Katara didn't mind watching him play. Katara slowly stretched in her and Aang's bed, her hand going to Aang's side and only getting mattress. Her tired eyes opened to see that she was once again alone in the bed. She rolled onto her back and yawned, she missed the days when he would just want to lay in bed with her. Crawling out of the bed, she walked into the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror to admire her own body. Along with Aang getting fit, training with Suki had toned her body pretty well. After a few different poses, she took a quick shower and pulled on a small pair of shorts and a tank top before going downstairs. Her brow furrowed when she saw Zuko in a nice black suit, a blood red undershirt and a black tie. "While I don't care for the color, you look pretty sharp there King Zuko."

"It's not too much is it?" He asked, playing with the cuffs, "I know I'm a royal and everything, but I don't want to over dress."

"For what?" She asked.

The click of high heels rang through the living room as Jin entered through the kitchen, she wore a red top with a matching skirt and a black pair of sunglasses resting on her hair that was pulled up in a ponytail. "We're going to have a talk with the royal pain in the ass."

Katara had nearly forgotten about her, "Azula? Why are you going to talk to Azula?"

"I don't have much of a family Katara. It isn't too late for Azula to change," Zuko said.

She scoffed, "Zuko, your sister killed Aang…I don't think you come back from killing the Avatar."

"Aang seems to think so," Jin commented. "He was the one who suggested it."

"Why in the world would he do that?"

Zuko shrugged, "I don't know, maybe he got hit so hard in football that he's not thinking straight. But it also gives me a chance to ask her about my Mom. My Father never told me where she was and Azula must know something if she was that close to my Father."

"You're the King, I'm sure you could hire anyone other than your crazy sister to find her," Katara argued.

"I'm going to see my sister either way Katara," Zuko straightened his tie before taking Jin's hand. "We'll be back later tonight. Try not to get into too much trouble while we're gone."

She sighed as she fell onto the couch, "Oh, you know me Zuko, Miss Trouble." Once they left, Katara turned on the TV. Katara wasn't too sure how long she was watching TV before Suki came down the stairs with the planning book in her hands.

"Katara, I think I have Toph and Ty Lee's wedding complete, now it's time to start yours and Aang's. What were you thinking? Big Wedding? Little Wedding? Outer Space Wedding? An Ember Island Player's recreation?" Suki teased.

"We can just have the wedding after Toph and Ty Lee couldn't we?" Katara asked. "I'm not too worried about the ceremony, it would save the time of getting everyone together again."

Suki frowned, "You don't want a special ceremony? You just want to reuse Toph and Ty Lee's idea seconds after they step away from it?"

Katara thought for a moment, "That would be a little trashy wouldn't it?"

"Kind of…"

"Fine, I just want a small wedding, Aang and I's Dads and the rest of the Gang, nothing too special," Katara said. "I don't really care about the location. Just as long as I'm marrying Aang, I wouldn't care if we were getting married in an outhouse."

"So small family and the nice wafting scent of feces in the air? I can work with that," Suki smiled, Katara just rolled in her eyes in response. She sat on the arm of the sofa, "Are you okay Katara? You seem a little down."

She rolled onto her back, "I don't really know…maybe it's because this is the only time I've really had any down time. No softball practice, you and I usually train at 3 and if I wanted to Water Bend, I usually save that for the night time. It's weird not having Aang here every day."

Suki patted her lightly on her leg, "Oh you're going to miss these types of days soon enough. Now, how much were you thinking about spending on this wedding?"

She scoffed, "Do you really think money is an issue with any of us right now?"

"Then I'm going to be window shopping venues for you upstairs if you need me then, there is this to die for venue by a river on mainland, you're going to love it," Suki sang as she climbed up the stairs again. Katara turned her attention back to the TV, thinking over Suki's words, maybe she should be happy for a lazy day. She stretched out her limbs before her eyes started to get heavy and fell asleep on the couch.

Zach walked down the steps of the empty club to see Zita sweeping the floor. "So along with owning the club, you clean it too?"

She sighed as she leaned against the broom, "Now I do, my cleaning crew quit on me this morning. Apparently they're done cleaning up messes after privileged rich people. Now it's up to me to clean this place."

"Well what can I do to help?"

Zita chuckled, "I'm not going to ask you to help me."

"You're not asking, I'm offering," He smiled. "What can I do to help my beautiful girlfriend today?"

"Tables need to be wiped down, trashes need to be taken out and the shelves need to be restocked," Zita continued to sweep.

"I'll have it done in a second," He kissed her cheek and quickly disappeared. Once she finished sweeping, she dumped the dirt and random pieces of trash into the garbage, only to turn to see Zach leaning against one of the columns. "Anything else you need done?"

She blinked a few times, "Wait, you did all of that in the time it took me to just sweep?"

Zach nodded, "Yeah, it was pretty simple. Do you need to wax the floor too? It's looking kind of rough."

"Uh, yeah, I was just about to get the floor buffer from the storage closet," Zita said.

"Well do whatever you need to do and I'll take care of the floor for you," He smiled. Zita blinked a few times, wondering if she was dreaming or not. She decided to let him do it and went up to her office. While the club was a mess after a night, her office was perfectly clean. Sitting down in front of her desk, she began working on the finances for the club. It wasn't too much longer before Zach climbed the stairs to her office.

Zita looked up to his smiling face, "You're kidding me right? The floor is already done?" He nodded. She got up from the desk and quickly bounded down the steps to see the floor perfectly shined. "And what do you usually do for work?"

"I don't work, I received inheritance from my grandmother's passing and I haven't really needed to," Zach explained. "So I have a lot of time on my hands."

"How would you like a job then? Clean my club and I'll pay you $200 a night," She offered.

"Well how to do you feel about office relationships? Can I keep my job if I'm banging the owner?" Zach grinned.

Zita laughed, putting her arms around his neck, "Actually, that's part of the new job description."

She calmly breathed in and then exhaled slowly as she meditated, a small ray of sunlight focused on her in the middle of the cell. Her eyes shot open when she heard the door to her cellblock open. She stood up, going to the cell door as she heard the guards coming down the hall, confused of why they were here. The only times they came through was for meals. Resting her arms on the horizontal parts of the bars, resting her forehead on the vertical metal bars. The guards finally came into view with Zuko and Jin behind them. She raised an eyebrow, "Zuzu? What are you doing here?"

They stopped in front of the cell, "You can leave us," Zuko told the guards. They both looked at each other and left the hall. Zuko cleared his throat and stepped forward, "Azula, I wanted to come see how you were doing."

She laughed, "Oh you know, just having another lazy day. I was going to get some errands done, but then the newest season of my favorite show just showed up on Netflix…how do you think I'm doing Zuko?"

"I've come here to talk to you about letting you out of here," He said.

She studied him for a moment, "You're kidding right?" He shook his head, she looked over at Jin. "He must be kidding." She shook her head also. "You're thinking about letting me out of jail after I fried the Avatar?"

"He was actually one of the people who convinced me to think about letting you out of here," Zuko explained. "And also I wanted to ask you about Mom."

Azula laughed, "Our Mother? You want to ask the girl who has been in prison for months about our Mother? I don't think I'm best person to be asking about her."

"You must have heard something Father has said about her," Zuko said.

"Oh he has said things about our Mother, nothing good obviously," Azula told him. "I have no idea where she is or where our Father buried her."

He rolled his eyes, "He didn't kill our Mother."

"How do you know?" She questioned, "You have no idea what happened to our Mom while I could know that he caved her skull in with a pipe and threw her body in the ocean. Maybe it made a good meal for a shark."

Jin put a calming hand on Zuko's shoulder before he could response. "Azula, do you want to leave this prison?"

"No, the company is just so great in here," Azula sarcastically replied.

"Well you can tell us all you know about Zuko's Mother and we can attempt to get you out of here…or I can come in here every day and or I can use my legal right to let Ty Lee become your cell decorator and I'll become your hair stylist. She's thinking a lot of pink and ponies while I'm thinking a buzz cut." Jin threatened.

Azula glared at Jin, the soon to be Queen not faltering from her stare. "You wouldn't dare…"

Jin leaned in, her face close to Azula's, "Try me…I have all the power in the country and have nothing else to do…"

She sighed and backed away from the bars, "Fine…Zuzu, you should be happy you found yourself a peasant with balls." Azula crossed her arms in front of her chest, "From what I've heard from Father, she left after I was born and she went away. He never said where or why, but I could only guess because she realized how messed up in the head our Father was. I've actually tried looking for our Mother, but I got as far as you did."

"Why did he hide her from us?" He asked.

She shrugged, "Like I know. The man recruited his own daughter to scar his son to prevent him from stopping his world domination plans, he's a lunatic. I'm surprised I know what I do…"

"Is that all?"

"Do you really think I want my cell to be pink and have a buzz cut Zuzu?" Azula questioned, "I would have found her by now and burned her hair for leaving us."

Zuko was silent as he let the information sink in, "Okay…thank you Azula."

Her brow furrowed as they turned to leave, "So? Am I getting out of here or not?"

"We'll work something out," Jin called as they left.

Katara shot up from the couch when the door closed, she wiped the drool from her mouth, ignoring the smile from her brother and Aang. "Did we wake you up?" Aang chuckled, pulling off the blonde hair that concealed his identity. She nodded as she rested her face back down on the couch and Aang sat on the edge, he moved a stray strand of hair from her face, "What did you do today Kat?"

"Mostly this," Katara mumbled.

"Come on, I'll take you to the room," He picked her up from the couch, carrying her bridal style and she rested her face in his neck.

Katara's nose crinkled when she breathed in, "You smell all sweaty."

"I didn't really have time to shower, Sokka really wanted to eat after practice so we got changed and just left," He admitted with a chuckle. Aang quickly climbed the stairs and into their room, laying her down on the bed. Before he could move any further, she grabbed his wrist.

"Lay with me," She mumbled.

Aang smiled, "I will as soon as I take a shower, I smell horrible Kat." Katara reluctantly let go and he went into the bathroom. She assumed she fell asleep because it wasn't long before he crawled into the bed behind her smelling like mountain spring. His arms went around her waist and he kissed her neck.

Her hands went over his, "You smell better."

"Good to know," Aang whispered against her skin. "Why are you so tired?"

Katara shrugged, "I don't know, but I've never been so comfortable." He stopped himself from laughing. "Suki wants to know what kind of wedding we want."

"Whatever is going to make you the happiest."

Her fingers intertwined with his, "I said a small wedding, she said she's looking at a venue beside a river. I told her money is not an issue."

"Well unless it costs a billion, I'm sure we can get you whatever you want Katara," Aang kissed her neck again, making her slightly groan.



"I love you."

He couldn't help but hold her closer, "I love you too Katara."