"Would you just allow me to help you?" Jin asked as Zuko used his crutches to get through the house. "For the last time, it won't show that you're weak, everyone needs help sometimes."

He shook his head, "I'm fine Jin, it's just a hyper extended knee, even though I would love you to help, I can do it by myself."

"Okay Zuko, whatever you say, have fun with the stairs," She went past him, going down the long set of stairs and into the kitchen. Zuko looked down the stairs and sighed, it was going to be a long morning. He took it a step at a time, replacing his hurt leg with the crutch.

Suki came down the stairs behind him, "How's your leg feeling Zuko?"

"It hurts," He grunted as he made it half way down the stairs, "I really wish I could have broken that guy's face."

"Well I'm pretty sure he's getting royal treatment in jail…so I don't know what good breaking his face would do," Suki laughed, "At least he didn't break your knee."

Sokka came down the stairs, "What are you guys talking about? Whoa, Zuko, what happened to your knee?"

"I hyper extended it Sokka," He told him, already beginning to tire about having to lie about it. His explanation to Jin was long enough. He didn't need more people asking questions about it.

"Well how did you do that?"

He sighed, mostly because he finally made it to the last step, but also because Sokka pushed the questioning further, "Suki kicked it." She shot him a glace of anger.

"Well why would Suki do that?"

"She got mad that she lost a bet and did it, right Suki?" Zuko asked.

Her eyes narrowed at him, "Yeah, that's exactly what happened and if you don't get out of range, I'll do the same to your other leg." He just laughed as he continued on into the kitchen.

"Suki you really should keep your anger in check," Sokka yawned and walked into the kitchen.

"I'm going to actually kill them both," She said silently to herself. Suki walked into the kitchen and noticed everyone was there, except for Katara and Aang. "Good morning everyone."

"Good morning Suki," Ty Lee exclaimed, she was at the stove cooking pancakes, "Do you want some pancakes, I made 100 of them."

"Ty, why did you make a hundred of them?" Suki asked, sitting down next to Sokka, "And why are you continuing to make more?"

She shrugged, "I felt like cooking a lot of food today, maybe Zuko's old friend will come over."

"I don't think she is Ty, she seemed very busy with Zach last night to come over," Zuko said, in between chewing.

Jin turned to him, "And how do you know she was with Zach last night? Did you go over to her house last night Zuko?"

He laughed nervously, "So Ty…love the pancakes." Zuko shoved them in his mouth as Jin mumbled something about a trust worthy boyfriend. It became silent as everyone started eating the multiple pancakes Ty Lee had made.

"So am I the only one that's going to bring up Aang and Katara having sex last night?" Toph asked, making Sokka spit out his pancakes.

Suki snuck upstairs to Aang's room and knocked really lightly, "Katara." She whispered. Nothing. As quiet as possible, she turned the knob and entered the dark room. She could barely make out the two bodies on the bed. Shutting the door behind her, Suki tiptoed into the room and went to the nearest side of the bed. Katara was completely passed out on the side of the bed, her hair was a mess, the paint on her face was completely smeared, she could tell some of it was smeared on Aang. Suki softly shook Katara, "Katara, wake up." She groaned in response.

"Two more minutes," She mumbled.

"Katara, if you don't get up, Sokka will come in here and see you like this and he won't be too happy," Suki whispered. Katara groaned and pushed herself up on the bed, wiping the little bit of drool on the side of her face.

"What are you doing in my room Suki?" Katara asked groggy, trying to find something to cover herself up with.

Suki gave her the dress she had on last night, "We aren't in your room Katara." She pointed to the other side of the bed. Katara glanced over and immediately stood up.

"What are we doing in Aang's room?" She asked, hiding her nude form with the dress.

"Well apparently from Toph's point of view on the issue, you two screwed each other's brains out last night," She whispered as she picked up the rest of Katara's discarded clothing. "Not that I'm not happy that you and Aang got back together, but did you have to sleep with him so fast? You two just broke up two days ago."

Katara rubbed the back of her head, "I really don't remember what happened last night, it just seems like a blur to me."

"Well did you two drink or something last night?" She asked as they both left the room. Katara tried to remember as they walked to her room. "That could be the reason or did he really screw your brains out?"

"Suki!" Katara nearly shouted, trying not to laugh at her friend's joke, "Shut up! He did not literally screw my brains, okay?"

"Yeah yeah, whatever, I know how long you went without sex, that must have been one powerful orgasm if you forgot about it," Suki laughed as they entered her room. She shut it behind them as Katara went into the bathroom connected to her room.

"Ugh, I look so horrible, I look like a whore that dresses like a clown," She said.

"Or maybe a whore that happens to sleep with clowns," Suki joked.

"You got that from a TV show didn't you Suki?" Katara asked. She nodded. "How do I not remember what happened last night? Everything from leaving the house to waiting for Aang is all I can remember."

Suki gasped, "Maybe he drugged you!"

Katara glared at her through the doorway, "Suki, why would he drug me when he knows I would agree to fuck him?" Suki opened her mouth to say something, but then stopped. "There is no way Aang could have drugged me."

"Maybe I was right, you had such a giant orgasm, that it totally gave you amnesia," Suki suggested.

Katara washed her face of the red paint, "I don't know Suki, that doesn't sound reasonable. I mean, has there to be a better reason. Aang would never drug me…would he?"

"He might have Katara," She said.

"But I didn't…" Katara heard Aang's voice and looked out of the bathroom door. He was standing in the door way in nothing but shorts, looking at Suki.

"How long were you there Aang?"

"Long enough, Suki could you leave us alone for a moment," She silently got up and left the room, he shut the door behind her and came to the bathroom. She subconsciously covered her naked body from him with her hands as he got closer to her. Before she could say anything he captured her lips and it all came back to her; their kiss, going up to his room and the passionate and oddly quick sex. She moved her arms around his neck now as they continued their kiss. He lifted her up so she was now sitting on her counter. Katara broke away from the kiss and looked into his stormy eyes. "I would never drug you Katara, you know that right?"

"Yeah, but happened? I thought you and I weren't together, but I woke up in your bed…" She lied, wanting to hear his take on the situation.

"Well, after I came home, you were there waiting for me. As soon as I came in, you hugged me, saying that you were happy I made it home. Then I noticed that you weren't wearing anything under that dress…and I couldn't help myself," He chuckled slightly, remembering last night. "You were just…amazing, you were simply too beautiful for me to pass up." Katara blushed. "I shouldn't have suggested breaking up."

Katara kissed him, "I shouldn't have agreed. I don't care anymore Aang, if we need to travel to make sure the world is at peace, we can do it."

"It won't be much traveling anyways, it's just meetings with the other world leaders, a few dinners here and there and we can be back home in no time," Aang smiled. "And if we need a babysitter when we have kids, I'm sure Aunt Ty Lee will gladly watch over them if need be."

"I want to be with you more than anything Aang…but what if you want to break up again if we get into another huge fight?" She asked.

"I never want to be single again Katara, being without you is like losing a piece of me, I feel so empty when you aren't with me. After a night of not being with you, I never want to know what it feels like to be with someone else, I just want you," Aang told her.

She smiled and kissed him again. Katara pulled down his shorts and looked down at his hardening erection, "Do you want to take a shower with me?"



"What do you think Aang and Katara are doing?" Ty Lee asked, both of the girls decided to go to town and get some food for the house. "I hope they aren't fighting again."

"They aren't fighting again hun, they're probably doing it like bunnies," Toph bluntly replied. "Now, where is the food market here?"

Ty Lee looked around, "Um, I think it's over there…I mean, over here." She took Toph's hand as she led the way.

The blind girl laughed, "You forgot that I was blind again, didn't you?" Ty Lee nodded, "And I'm guessing you just nodded?"

"Sorry Tophy, I'm just not thinking straight right now," She led Toph into the market. Ty Lee grabbed a cart and put Toph's hand on her shoulder as they went through the aisles. "This is so cool! It's so different then the stores back in town!"

"That's because we are on an island Ty, but I agree, it is cool that we are shopping while sweating horribly instead of being in air conditioned stores," Toph complained while Ty Lee got two jugs of milk. "And why are you leading me around? I can see through my Earth Bending."

She continued down the aisle, "Oh Toph relax, it won't take that long to shop. With all these people around, it just makes me uneasy and I don't want you getting lost or something." Her hand tightened on Toph's, "If something happened to you, I don't know what I would do Tophy."

Toph sighed, "I know, it's just…well you know…"

"Yeah, but being your girlfriend, sometimes I get to protect you instead," Ty Lee told her, "Now, we have to get some meat for Sokka, how much do you think we are going to need?"

"Knowing Sokka? We are going to need about 10 pounds…just for tonight,' Toph joked. Ty Lee giggled as they made their way to the butcher.

He finished packaging some meat as Ty Lee looked at the display of meat behind the glass. "Hi, can I get um, all those steaks?"

The butcher washed his hands, "Sorry, we don't serve your kind here."

Ty Lee raised an eye brow, "Women?"

"No, gays. I don't serve fags like you two, get out of this store before I throw you out," The butcher spat at her.

Toph was about to yell, but she felt a hand on her, "Is there a problem here Sam?"

"Yeah, these fags are gaying up the store," Sam said.

"Sam, don't be an asshole, just because your wife left you for another woman doesn't mean you can take your anger and narrow minded views on this young couple," The man behind Toph and Ty Lee said. "Now get these girls their steaks and they will be on their way." Sam eyed him, but then finally gave in and took out all of the steaks, putting them in a bag. He handed them to the guy and they all walked away. "I'm so sorry for Sam; don't let his comments cloud your judgment on anyone here."

Ty Lee smiled, "Thank so much…uh, sorry, I never got your name."

"I'm Zach, I'm the one that left the club with your friend Katara the other night," Zach introduced himself.

"You're the one that Sugar Queen was talking about," Toph said, "But why did you stick up for us? We could have taken care of that guy."

Zach shrugged, "It's not that I thought you girls couldn't stand up for yourselves, Katara explained to me in almost great detail that you know how to take care of yourself. I just wasn't too happy about you two being insulted like that."

"Well thank you Zach," Ty Lee gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Zach chuckled, "You're welcome, now, would you two like some help shopping? I just happen to know what all is good in this market."

"Of course!" Ty Lee replied, an even brighter smile appearing on her face.

Toph punched Zach in the shoulder, "You know, you're not so bad Zach." Both of the girls walked down the aisle as Zach rubbed his shoulder, realizing what kind of bi-polar he had gotten himself into.

Zuko swallowed the pain pills Jin had brought him. It was oddly silent in the house, Sokka and Suki had gone down to the beach and Aang and Katara hadn't been downstairs all day, it was generally assumed that they didn't want to be bothered. He sipped the still hot tea and put it on the side table by the giant recliner that both he and Jin were on. She was lying on his good side as they watched TV. "Zuko, I still don't feel okay with you hanging out with your ex…"

"You know I would never cheat on you Jin, you know that," He assured her.

"I know…but it's just weird to me. My boyfriend is hanging out with his single, beautiful, sexy, horny…" Jin trailed off.

Zuko looked down at her face as her daydreamed, "Jin…" He gently shook her, "Jin, did you really just drift off and fantasize about Zita?"

"Sorry Zuko, it's just she is just what I would expect the literal representation of sex would be," She confessed.

He laughed, "Let's get off the subject of Zita, but I think she has found someone that can actually tie her down."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, it's that guy that left the club with Katara the other day. His name is Zach. When I was over there last night, he was…well, satisfying that itch that apparently no one can scratch," Zuko told her. "I'm really disgusted that I just said that."

The front door opened and Ty Lee came in with multiple bags of food, "And that was when I lost my virginity." Zuko and Jin looked up from the recliner, wondering how that answer came up. They saw Toph coming in behind her and Zach behind Toph. "How about you Zach?"

"Ty, I'm not really that comfortable telling you that story…even though you were comfortable telling me…after I just asked how you and Toph got together," Zach muttered as he followed them into the kitchen.

"That's my girlfriend for ya, giving too much information when you've just asked the time of day," Toph joked. Zach and Toph went back into the living room while Ty Lee put the food away.

"Oh, hey Zuko, this must be your girlfriend, hi I'm Zach," He extended his hand to her which she met with a smile."

"I'm Jin, you must be the one scratching Zita's itch," Zuko covered her mouth with his hand.

He nervously laughed, "She's a kidder, how was last night with you and Zita?"

Zach shrugged, "Good I guess, I'm staying over there tonight again. You guys coming to the club tonight?"

"Yeah, are you going too?" Zuko asked.

"Yeah, I'm looking for an excuse to get out of seeing my family, my parents and sisters are crazy," He laughed.

Zuko chuckled too, "I know exactly how you feel…well except my family is in jail and hers will never see her again."

It was awkwardly silent for a moment, "Lucky," Zach said, making everyone laugh.

Aang awoke to an empty bed. His hand went to the still warm spot to where his lover formally was. The spot was still warm, he lifted his head to see the bathroom light was on. "Katara?" He asked a little groggy.

She poked her head out of the bathroom, "Well good afternoon to you, get up and get dressed, I'm hungry."

"Do we have to get up? I just want to stay in bed with you all day," He whined.

"Aang, we did that after we took a shower, then we ended up having sex," She laughed, "If we stayed in here all day, we would just end up having sex all day."

He got out of bed and put on his shorts, "You're saying that like it's a bad thing."

"I never said it was bad," She put on her underwear, "I just don't need Sokka coming in here and freaking out while we are in the middle of having sex for the twentieth time."

"Because it would be awkward?"

"Well yeah, it would be awkward because I would make you finish in front of my brother, no one stops me when I'm trying to have an orgasm, you should know that by now," Katara told him.

"You would make me finish in front of your brother? I'm pretty sure he would cut my dick off…or try to sew your vagina shut," Aang shuddered at the thought.

Katara put on a pair of pants, "I would like to see him try, now go get dressed so we can get something to eat."

"We can just make something here. We wouldn't have to pay, we wouldn't have to leave the house, and I can feel like a good boyfriend by making you something to eat," He suggested.

"Okay, saves me the money. What do we do about everyone else? We've been up here for hours, they know we've either been having sex or fighting." She said, "And I really wouldn't like people to know we've been just fucking."

He nodded, understanding what she was getting at, "We can just tell them nothing, it's our business and we are dealing with it. If anyone asks, we will just change the subject."

"Fine, but for the love of the Spirits, get dressed or else they will know we were having sex," She complained. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek before leaving the bathroom.

He poked his head back in, "Oh and could you wear this?" Aang held out his betrothal necklace he had made her. "It would make me the happiest man in the world." She took it from his hand and he left the room. Katara looked at it, wondering how Aang had found it under her mattress. She tied it around her neck, put on a shirt and left the bathroom.

Aang came down the stairs, he had only put on a white shirt and shoes in addition to his shorts. Everyone but Sokka and Ty Lee was in the living room watching TV, even Zach was there. Katara sat on the couch closest to the stairs. He came up behind her and leaned in to her ear, "What would you like to eat?"

She leaned up to him, "Sokka and Ty are making dinner and are going to be done soon, I can just wait until then."

"You sure?" She nodded, "How about something to drink?"

"Can I have a Vitamin Water?" He nodded and walked into the kitchen. She back to see everyone but Toph looking at her. "What?" Everyone but Suki turned back to the TV

"What were you two talking about today?" Suki asked, scooting over to Katara.

Katara remembered what Aang had said in case someone asked, "Oh nothing, what did you and Sokka do today?" Suki's eyes narrowed.

"Okay spill because I know you're just trying to change the subject now," Suki stuck a finger at Katara. Aang came into the room and handed Katara the drink, then continued walking towards the front door. Suki jumped up and got in front of him. "What's going on between you and-AH!" Aang air bent her out of the way, making her collapse over the couch. He went out the front door as Suki blew a strand of hair out of her face. "Why did he do that?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "I think it's probably because of earlier, but I wouldn't mess with him." Suki got off the couch and followed Aang out of the house. Katara sighed and followed the soon to be show down between the two.

Aang calmly walked to the middle of the yard about to bend himself a pillar to meditate on when Suki came out, "Hey! What was that for?!" He turned back and looked at her, but just went back to Earth Bending. Aang went up about 3 feet and sat down, but Suki climbed up. "Why the hell did you do that Aang?"

"Suki, drop it, you're barking up the wrong tree," Katara warned, leaning up against the house. "You're not going to like the answer from Aang."

Aang looked Suki in her eyes, "You would be wise to listen to her."

"I don't care, what's your deal?" She yelled. Aang ignored her while he tried to meditate. Suki flicked him on the nose, "I'm talking to you Aang!" She instantly dropped on her ass as Aang bent the Earth back down in the ground. Katara rushed over, seeing what was most likely going to happen now.

"Don't piss me off Suki," Aang growled, towering over her. Katara came over and got in front of Aang.

"Aang, stop," Katara told him as Suki got back up, "Suki, I told you not to do this."

Suki dusted off the dirt on her butt, "All I asked 'The Almighty Avatar' here why he thinks he can just toss me around like a fucking rag doll and he's being a little girl about this."

"You betrayed me as a friend Suki!" Aang yelled, the gang now looking out the window. "You suggested to Katara that I drugged herand then had sex with her…what kind of friend does that?! Please tell me!"

"Katara wakes up in your bed, naked, and it's obvious you two did it and she doesn't remember? Seems like being drugged to me!" She screamed back.

Katara felt Aang's anger rise, she wouldn't be able to hold him back. At that moment, rock came all around Aang. Katara looked over and saw Zach holding his Earth Bending position, "Suki, you better leave, I can't hold Aang for long."

"What is he going to do hit me?" Suki mocked. The rock around Aang cracked, but another came up as Toph helped.

"Suki! Shut up and go inside!" Katara yelled. She finally listened and went past the Earth Benders into the house. "Let him go," She told them, the Earth came down and Aang started towards the house. "Aang, Aang, stop." Katara slid across the grass as she tried to hold Aang back. "Aang, stop, you're starting to hurt me." He instantly stopped. "You need to relax now, I know you didn't drug me, and that's the only thing that counts. Okay?" Aang nodded. She turned around to see the rest of the gang staring at them. "Shows over everyone, return to your TV."