…The room was lift up as the sun shone brightly. She was dressing in a white wedding dress that showed off her delicate shoulders and white gloves that reached her elbows. Her hair was done into a bun nice at her neck, white veil was placed on her head and trailed down past her shoulders a few inches. And she was sitting on a chair that placed in front of the large glass window.

She was really nervous, well, she was going to marry the man she loved! How could she not be nervous then? Closing her eyes, Aoko willed her heart to stop beating so fast and her hands to stop shaking.

Anytime now, she could see the man she loved…

The door creaked open and Aoko opened her eyes to see who was it then she immediately brightened up, face turn slightly red at the sight of the newcomer.

Dressing in a fine black suit with black bow and hair neatly slicked back by gel was none other than Kuroba Kaito.

He smiled at her and she beamed right back.

"Hey," he greeted the stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

She nodded in greeting; the smile never left her lips. Though Kaito soon broke the atmosphere by a surprised gasp.

"Whoa," he looked completely shocked, "You look really beautiful today, Aoko-chan~."

And she giggled at his display, "And you look weird with your hair like that, Kaito."

She commented as she looked at his hair funnily…though she had to admit, it made him even more handsome.

"Oh this," Kaito glanced up, trying to get a look at his hair but failing miserably, "Well, I want to look a bit presentable in your wedding, Aoko," he grinned and explained cheerfully.

"But really, Aoko…" he sighed dramatically, "Who would have thought you would look this beautiful, I mean, I thought you were a boy, y'know…"

Her eyes narrowed at the remark yet the smile still on her lips.

"Do you now?" she stood up, trying to make herself taller but well, it was fruitless.

"Nope~! You're totally a girl~!" he flashed her a mischievous grin before with practicing skill, he flipped her dress despite the heavy layers and no, I don't know how he did that.

"Ooh, why blue? You're supposed to wear white today!" he yelled out in mock disappointing before quickly dodging the fist that was aimed at his head.

"you come back here! BaKaito!" Aoko roared then chased him around the room. Though with the heavy dress, she was soon worn out and so, she returned to her chair to settle on glaring deadly at him. Kaito only shot her an innocent look then shrugged carelessly.

"Still nervous?" he asked and she found her heart aching at his soft smile. But then she shook her head to clear unwanted though before finally processing what he had said.

Aoko blinked, hey, she actually calmed down now, so he enraged her just to ease her nervousness eh…

She smiled gratefully at him, "Thank you."

And he returned her smile before making a red rose appear from no where to clip it on he hair, "You look too white Aoko, a bit of red wont hurt, ne?"

"Yeah…" Aoko looked down, a sad smile on her lips, "I'm glad things turned out like this…"

"Really…you two should have punished me for my selfishness…" she continued quietly, still staring down at her laps shamefully.

"Aoko, don't say that, you're my best childhood friend y'know," he said gently and patted her head like a father would do to his daughter, "And I and Shin-chan got together in the end, didn't we? So no mourning over what happened, Aoko~! Cheer up! It's your biggest day after all!"

"Yeah…" Aoko looked up brightly, "Thank you, Kaito…"

"No problem~! After all, you're like my sister~!" he cheered, "That Hakuba'd better not do anything that hurt you or he'll have to deal with me and your sister-in-law~!" Kaito cackled madly and Aoko sweatdropped before blinking.

"Huh? Sister-in-law?"

"Mh~," grinning, Kaito showed her a simple but beautiful golden band on his finger.

"Oh!" Aoko smiled, "She accepted?"

"Well….Sorta," Kaito grinned sheepishly and Aoko rolled her eyes, "Don't tell me you force her into it…"

"No way! She'd kill me if I ever tried!" Kaito's eyes widened at Aoko's accusing.

Right then, a protesting sound reached their ears and shortly after that, Shinichi and Hakuba stumbled into the room with a grinning Ran and Keiko behind.

"Well~," Keiko began, "These two refused to come in…"

Ran continued cheerfully, "And they spent time outside the room moping and being jealous, so we just have to help them~!"

"Oh," Kaito and Aoko blinked as both Shinichi's and Hakuba's faces turned red.

"Why, hello there, Shin-chan~?" Kaito grinned soon after that and bounced over to the detective girl to snake his arm around her waist.

Shinichi only rolled her eyes and swatted his hand away as it travelled dangerously closed to her backside.

"Hey there," Aoko smiled softly as Hakuba came to stand near her.

"uhm…hi," Hakuba smiled back, a faint blush still tainted his pale cheeks, "You look….uhm…really….beautiful." the last word was spoken in such small voice that made the rest, saved for Aoko, who blushed prettily, rolled their eyes and shook their heads.

"Well! The time's up!" Ran cheered, "The wedding is about to start! Get back to your position, people!"

Xxxxx End xxxxxX

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