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A man walked along the lakeshore, carrying his bag on his back. The man was medium height, about 1.65 metres (5'5") and around the age of seventeen. His short brown hair covered his eyes and he was continually flicking his head to move his hair off his face. No one would miss him, his mother was dead and his father was a drinker. Running away from Camelot, the busy city seemed the best option.

Walking calmly on the pebbles that were crunching and moving beneath his feet. He breathed in the cold winter air and sighed at how peaceful everything was.

When suddenly, the water started to ripple...

Water splashed onto the shore quicker and more violently. The man stopped as he noticed the water lashing at him. Suddenly, the water itself grabbed his ankle. The man fell to the floor, and tried to grab onto anything that he could hold, but there was nothing.

Helplessly, he was dragged into the lake...

50 years later...

"Come on Merlin!" Arthur shouted, riding ahead on his horse. Merlin grumbled as he watched Arthur and the knights go ahead. He shook his head and kicked his horse to catch up with them, dead animals banging on his body and on the horse. For some reason the only thing hunted that morning was rabbit and bird.

Merlin tried to catch up with the others as they chased a deer. The strong looking male deer ran away from them quickly. The deer weaved through the trees gracefully not caring that it might die. One of the knights shot an arrow at it, perfectly aimed, but missed by a mile. Merlin smiled. They had been hunting this deer for months now, and he loved how it always got away every time.

The knights burst out of the forest and onto the shore of the lake. They came to a halt, as the deer was nowhere to be seen. Arthur scanned the area, but it truly was nowhere to be seen. Merlin came out of the forest at a slow and tired pace.

"Oh no, did it get away... again," Merlin said more than asked, sounding disappointed but it was obvious that he wasn't. Arthur turned to him.

"Merlin! For once could you be quiet!" he bellowed.

"Or what, you'll put me in the stocks again?" Merlin asked innocently. Arthur huffed and went back to trying to see the deer.

The water started to ripple...

Waves lashed up the shore towards them. The horses started panicking, knowing that something was happening before their riders did. Everyone fell backwards off their horses and watched as they galloped off. Merlin was closer to the forest than the rest, and he noticed before any of the knights did that they were sitting in half an inch of water. Merlin scrambled back as the water reached out to him. It was closer and closer to touching him and something told Merlin that he didn't want that. Suddenly, the water stopped, as if it could go no further. Merlin looked to his side and saw that he was in the forest, but only just.

Suddenly, a scream ripped through the air. Merlin looked up to see one of the knights being dragged into the water. He didn't come back up. Merlin noticed the water wrapped around another knight's leg.

"Get away from the water!" Merlin shouted, but it was too little too late. The knight was flung into the air screaming. He was then flicked through the air and splashed into the lake water. "Teaertr," Merlin whispered. A high-pitched scream of magic cut through the air like a knife, and the water retreated to the lake.

Arthur and the knights ran towards Merlin, a safe distance away from the water. Another scream hit them. They turned to see the knight out in the middle of the lake struggle to stay afloat. They all knew something was wrong, as this knight was a brilliant swimmer. Arthur took a step forward to go help the man, but Leon put a hand on his shoulder. They watched helplessly as a scaly hand rose out of the water, grabbed the knight and pulled him under for good.

Merlin fell on his knees to the floor, using that magic had tired him out. He breathed deeply. Leon leaned down and patted the boy's back.

"It's never easy to watch a man die like that, Merlin," he said. Merlin didn't look at him. Going with the story that he was in shock was a good idea, it would win Arthur over any day. He might keep that for future reference.

"I have never seen a lake do that, or hands like those," a knight said. Arthur nodded.

"We must inform my father, and find a way to stop this," he said, marching back through the forest.

Merlin took one last look out over the lake to see the deer on the other side of it, then got up and stepped off after Arthur.

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