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Merlin walked away from the fire, leaving some of the knights still watching. He was happy to have been able to give the skeleton man a proper send off. He was also happy that he didn't have to go in the lake anymore; it was too cold and lifeless in the depths. As Merlin walked across the courtyard, he got nods from the knights, showing their appreciation. Smiling, Merlin knew that it wasn't going to last long. He nodded back and carried on walking. Jogging up the steps to the castle, Merlin took in its mighty beauty. He was grateful that Arthur and the knights were at the lakeside just as he came out.

He walked the corridors towards his and Gaius's chambers. The smell of one of his mentors potions could be smelt about three corridors away, and it was an odd smell of lavender and horse muck. Pushing the door open, Merlin's smile widened to see Gaius trying to put out a small fire on his bench. Picking up a wet cloth, Merlin danced over to the table and started to put the fire out. After a few minutes of trying to put it out, Merlin put it out with magic. Gaius breathed a sigh of relief when the fire was finally put out and smiled at his ward.

"Glad you don't have to go swimming anymore?" Gaius asked and turned to pour some liquid into a bottle. Merlin leaned against the table.

"A little... I might go swimming in the lake some time," Merlin said and almost laughed at his mentors shocked face.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?" Gaius asked, putting his bottle and bowl down.

"Yes Gaius," Merlin replied, but the old man didn't believe him. He placed a hand on his forehead. Merlin flinched backwards.

"You're freezing!" the old man exclaimed. He grabbed Merlin's arm and forced him to sit on his bed. Merlin stretched his arms out and shook his head.

"Gaius, I've been outside, its cold out there and I usually have a low body temperature!" he said cockily. Gaius came back over. "I'm fine, I'm just not scared of the water anymore!" Merlin said as Gaius grabbed his head and made him look down. He started to look at the back of Merlin's head.

"You don't appear to have knocked your head," he said, thrusting Merlin's head back up. "Merlin, can you remember. Who. You. Are? Who. I. Am?" He said in a slow and mocking tone. Merlin pushed the man's hand off his head.

"I. Am. Fine! I. Am. No. Longer. Afraid. Of. The. Water!" Merlin said, getting louder and louder each word. Gaius shook his head and smiled. A knowing smile of happiness and pride.

"I'm glad to hear that," Gaius said, moving back to his work area. Merlin kicked his feet back and lay down on the bed whilst Gaius turned a page in his book.

"You know, Arthur's probably never going to thank me truly for what I did," Merlin said, putting his hands behind his head.

"Oh dear," Gaius said not looking up from the book he was reading. Merlin sat up slowly and stared at him.

"What?" Merlin asked, standing up and walking over to the table. Gaius looked up at the boy, whose eyebrows raised. Gaius looked at Merlin then back at the book, mouth still wide open.

"I now know why the potion worked on you only," he said. Merlin tilted his head, showing his interest.

"Go on," Merlin threatens lightly. Gaius sighed and started to read.

"However, the potion shall only work on certain personalities," Gaius read, then turning the page that had only three words written on it, "with strong magic," said the old man, looking up. Merlin's mouth was open and Gaius could see his tonsils.

"What?" he said, anger and irritation in his voice was as clear a young boy's sight. Gaius raised his hands in defence as the boy started to straight his back and make himself look taller and mightier, eyes like daggers ready for a kill.

"Now, now Merlin, calm down... You over came your fear didn't you?"

"What?" Merlin repeated, taking a step to the side, indicating that he was going to be walking round the table. Gaius took a step backwards.

"Camelot's safe isn't it?"

"WHAT!" Merlin almost shouted, still not over the fact that it was only ever going to just work on him. Gaius took more steps backwards as Merlin inched closer every second.

"MERLIN!" Arthur called from somewhere in the castle. Merlin snapped his head up and sighed. Walking past Gaius and shouting 'I'm coming', Merlin left the room, leaving Gaius thanking the Lord that Merlin was Arthur's servant.

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