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Crimson, the most dreaded color within the village of Domino. Not because of it being the color of blood, but that the small village had been known to hold a legend, the legend of the crimson eyed dragon. The legend has been known to terrorize the poor village. When a youth discovers the Crimson Eyed Dragon, will the creature be as destructive and vicious as the legend tells?

Yugi Mouto, a sixteen year old boy who lived in the cursed village of Domino, routinely went to the market with his friend, Jono. Him and Jono had been good friends for as long as he could remember. Yugi kept quiet along the way to the village's market.

Jono noticed his friend's silence, usually Yugi would be talking to Jono about anything. "Hey Yug, what's wrong? You're so quiet, it's kinda weird."

Yugi snapped out of his trance, and looked at his friend, and back again at the ground. "Oh, it's nothing Jono, I'm just tired."

Yugi wasn't even close to being ok, and Jono could tell, "Yug, tell me the truth. Is it those dreams again?"

Yugi stopped walking, and began to think about his dreams again.

Crimson eyes glared at Yugi, watching his every move and circling him. Yugi stood there; too scared to do anything. As soon as Yugi made the slightest move, the crimson eyes pounced on him, the crimson eyes of a dragon.

"You know me so well, Jono. Let's not talk about it right now, plus, Anzu must be waiting for us. We did promise her that we were going to try some of her stew."

"Yug!" Jono yelled, as Yugi dashed away as fast he could. Jono ran after his friend, rushing into the village.

"Yugi!" Anzu called to the rushing teen. She was the village's baker apprentice. She held out a small tray, full of two loaves of white bread. "I baked them freshly, just for you guys!"

Yugi spotted Anzu and started running towards her, waving his hand high in the air. "Hi Anzu! The bread better be as yummy as you say it is!" Yugi stopped in front of Anzu, smelling the fresh scent.

By the time Yugi grabbed a loaf of bread, Jono reached Yugi and Anzu, panting, "Hey Yug! That's not nice! Leaving me behind!" Jono grabbed a loaf of bread and had a small bite, "Damn! That is good!"

Yugi and Anzu couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry Jono, like I said, we did promise Anzu that we were going to try some of her bread." Yugi answered, taking another bite out of the loaf.

Anzu, Yugi, and Jono were hanging out outside of the bakery talking about the normal teenage gossip. Actually, more like just listening to Anzu blabber on about local rumors. "Oh, have you heard the roars coming from the outskirts of town lately? They say that it's the Crimson Eyed Dragon. I think that it wants some kind of sacrifice from the village. My mother did say its been a while since they have had an attack."

Yugi looked down, now thinking about his dream again.

Jono noticed Yugi' head look to the ground and noted the gossiping Anzu, "Ex may on the legend day!" he kept pointing to Yugi, which Anzu didn't seem to notice.

Anzu stopped talking and looked at the signaling Jono, then to the depressed Yugi, "Oh, I'm sorry Yugi. I totally forgot about your dreams."

Yugi looked up sort of feeling better from Anzu's sympathy, "It's okay, Anzu. I just hope that they don't, mean anything, and that they will soon die down quickly."

They continued their small chat for almost an hour, Anzu not really noting that she had to look over the shop as her teacher was away.

The bakery's little bell rang, meaning that a customer had entered a shop. Anzu didn't even notice, because she kept telling Yugi and Jono stories. Yugi and Jono smiled at each other, sort of laughing at Anzu.

"Hello? Is there anyone who can assist me here?" A deep voice asked, coming from the front of the bakery.

"Um, Anzu, I think that there's someone at the front," Yugi kindly said to his talking friend.

Anzu looked up at the two boys, and she also heard the customer call for help once more. "Oh, I'll be right back." Anzu ran to the front, attending to the customer.

"Jeez, she sure as hell doesn't know how to shut up at times, huh Yug." Jono asked Yugi, stretching and going to the front part of the village.

Yugi smiled, "Don't be so mean, Jono. At least have some patience."

Jono rolled his eyes. "But it's not like we're girls. I didn't even understand half the things that she was talking about." Jono opened the door and showed Yugi to the front.

They looked walked past the counter and then sat down at a table.

Yugi and Jono turned to Anzu, and noticed her scared expression on her face. She handed the bag of treats to the customer and headed to the back again.

Yugi and Jono stared at each other in confusion and then at the customer that Anzu seemed to be scared of. As the costumer walked near Yugi and Jono, his face showed and Yugi and Jono stared in amazement. The teen looked almost identical to Yugi. Not only that, but the pure crimson eyes that the elder teen had. Yugi froze, he felt like it he was dreaming once more.

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