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Last Time

Yami smiled, before continuing in silence.

Yugi didn't relax this time, just in case Yami wanted to scare the teen, which he felt would happen. They continued in a silence.

Yami's head shot up, his eyes wide and in thin slits as he gazed around his surroundings while his instincts were in full action. Yugi noted the dragon's action, "Yami? What's wrong?"
Yami didn't respond, a quick /Keep quiet and hold tightly to me./ was all he said. Yugi couldn't even process the command in his head as a small confused noise escaped his lips, "Wha-" Before Yugi could even finish his sentence, Yami's wings closed and stayed onto the dragon's body as if it were glued there. Yami dove straight down; Yugi couldn't even process a bit of what was going on as the two headed straight towards the ground.

Yugi was smart enough to have the common sense of not screaming, no matter how fast the two were dropping to the ground. The sudden change in flight pattern of course scared Yugi a lot. The teen had kept his eyes closed during the drop, trying his best to make the fall not as scary as it would be.

After a few seconds, he slowly opened his eyes once more, spotting the ground almost right there in front of the two. Yami had dove near the large pine trees in the area, his panicked breath was evident.

/Yami, what is going on?/ Yugi asked the dragon, clinging onto his mane.

Yami's head popped up, his eyes looked very panicked and his breathing sounded more like hyperventilating. Yami was panting a lot, which worried Yugi so much as to hug the neck of the slender creature. /Yami please tell me what's wrong,/ Yugi pleaded, pushing his face deeper into the dragon's mane.

Yami then snapped out of his panic state, though he still appeared to be a startled animal. He sniffed the air, taking in the different scents within the area before growling lowly. Yami then moved into the large pine trees, trying his best to hide himself within the forest, no matter his size. Yami held his head low, watching whatever he saw in the sky.

/I saw one of those damned Wyverns./ Yami sent to Yugi, still scanning the sky for anything out of the ordinary.

/Wyverns?/ Yugi asked with a confused look on his face. He had defiantly heard the term before, yet he could not just remember where.

/Yeah, they are sort of a genetically engineered creature used by those "Slayers." The abominations have some DNA of a dragon, yet the things are mixed with lower animals. They can be mixed with birds, wolves, anything you name it. When you look at them, their wings are attached to their arms in a weird way, making them use their arms to fly. Lowly bastards./ Yami explained, just out of habit adding the last statement.

Yugi looked up into the sky, squinting his eyes to try and spot one of those creatures. With no luck no matter how long he stared, he saw nothing in the sky.

A loud, indescribable howl and or roar ripped through the forest, forcing Yugi to plug his ears trying to drown out the sound. Unfortunately for Yugi, more and more howls could be heard, each one different from the last. Yami's slitted eyes opened widely as he looked once more to the sky, finally spotting the dreaded creatures.

There were two of them; both looked more into the reptile category than what else Yami had described. The creatures looked more like dragons than Yugi had thought: scales covered all of their bodies while the tissue of their wings was thin. They were tan in color, while their unusual eyes were fully yellow, no pupil at all.

The two beasts flew high in the sky, scanning each and everything in sight. Yami kept as close to the ground as he could, not even using his magic to hide himself from the wyverns. He eyed them, watching as they hovered slowly above him and Yugi.

/We should consider ourselves lucky; wyverns like these ones don't have as acute senses than actual dragons. Since they are mixed with other animals, their genes take away stronger and more acute senses ./ Yami sent to Yugi.

This made sense to the teen; Yami had been deeming dragons as such a strong, confident, and powerful animal, which they were. He assumed that when you compare the two, dragons were the winners no doubt.

Yugi held on tighter to Yami's neck, hiding his face more into the dragon's mane. Yami noted the action and inwardly smiled, looked at Yugi, then back at the sky. He smirked a bit, damn these things were stupid. They couldn't spot them, which of course was a good thing.

One of the wyverns then stopped in its path, the other looking back at it and screeching. The first wyvern to stop spoke back to the other with another strange sound. The two seemed to have conversation before both scanned the trees near where Yami and Yugi were.

'Damn, they might have sensed me. Stupid lowlifes,' Yami thought to himself. The dragon started tightening his muscles, just in case that the two needed to burst into a sprint and fly off. Yugi noted this, and clung onto Yami, preparing this time for any sudden move that Yami might make.

The two creatures kept scanning the trees until one lay eyes upon where Yami and Yugi were hiding, somehow spotting a bit of Yami's body. One roared and dove towards the two, the other following its lead.

Yami's eyes widened; his muscles moved as he leapt forward, still within the trees. Yami kept dashing forward, heading towards a cliff where he could take off. The two wyverns were moving closer in on the two.

Yami ran faster, his slender body seeming to glide off the ground. Yugi had been holding on for dear life as Yami was sprinting, the dragon was actually pretty fast.

There! The cliff was just a few meters away, then, Yami stepped on the edge of the cliff, using his strong legs to jump off of the rock and then into the air. Yami extending his wings quickly, flapping them to move higher up into the air. /Yugi! Do your best to hide yourself right now, and cling onto me as much as you can, do NOT let go!/ Yami ordered, Yugi was quick to follow instructions.

Yami now was flying almost perfectly in a 180 degree angle, the wyverns close behind. The damned things were unable to see Yugi, thankfully.

Yami then made the quick switch to spread his wings and hovered a bit, looking at the beasts and roaring at them. The animals screeched back, trying to challenge Yami.

In Yugi's mind, Yami right now was just a wild beast. He was growling and roaring at the wyverns, scaring Yugi a bit, but all this didn't really matter at the moment due to his very life on the line right now.

Yami kept hissing at the animals, warning them to leave him alone. They paid no heed. Yami snarled more, before opening his mouth widely, a strange purple glow erupting from his mouth. A hissing sound came from the dragon's mouth before everything happened all too fast: Yami had release a strange sort of fire from his mouth, the flame was a mix of purple, crimson, and azure.

Yugi looked at Yami's unique flame as it landed on the body of one of the beasts, causing it to roar in anger and pain.

Yami took this chance to take off once more into a different direction, heading towards huge, rock, and empty mountains. Yugi wanted to talk with the dragon, yet he knew that if he took Yami's focus away, he would cause their untimely death (or something like that). Yugi had so many questions to ask as well, such as: 'What connection does Yami have with these creatures?' and 'Why are they after Yami?'

Yami was flying swiftly with the wind as the two wyverns were trying to recollect themselves; within a few moments, they were hot on Yami's trail again. Yami looked back in a swift movement, before growling and speeding up his pace. With a great flap of his wings, Yami lurched his whole body forward before diving down, closer to the rocky land.

Yami flew as close as he could to the mountain side, watching the two wyverns try to catch up to him. He slowed his pace, knowing one strategy that would work against the beasts. Yugi noted the slowing down, looking back while still trying to hide himself against Yami's body. Lucky for him, Yami's thick black mane was somehow able to hide him (a/n I personally think of Yami as one of those… 'Fluffier' dragons with more hair on them).

The wyverns saw the slow in speed, moving closer to their target, Yami. Yami came closer to a turning point of the mountains; luckily Yami had been there before in the past, so these mountains were somehow familiar. The turn was just up ahead, Yami speeding and keeping his body as flat as he could to speed now; the wyverns quickly following.

There! Yami quickly turned his body, flowing the sharp edge of the mountain, losing the two wyverns as they flew without following Yami. The dragon then took this chance to once again opening his mouth, generating a sort of strange light. He shot it towards the injured wyvern, bringing it down by setting fire to its damaged wing. The creature screeched in pain, anger, and frustration as it plummeted. The other then turned around spotting Yami as he once again flew into a different direction.

Yami then tried a different tactic, getting closer to the canyon like bottom of the mountains. He slowed down once more, letting the wyvern pass ahead of him a bit, only following where he thought Yami was heading. The dragon took this chance one again, moving higher into the air, just moving above the wyvern, many meters higher to be exact.

He soared above the unaware creature, before uttering a quick /Hang on tight/ to Yugi. The teen followed instruction; Yami dove, once again forming his strange fire before shooting it directly onto the back of the wyvern, the animal giving a roar of pain. Yami took the weakness of the creature, then grabbing onto the wounds by his claws, driving them both towards the ground.

The creature gave wails and screeches of anger and pain, while Yami just dove down closer to the ground, once about three meters above the ground, he gave the animal a harsh shove into the solid rock ground, killing it once and for all. Yami gave a snort of pride before smirking somehow. /Serves them right. Damned things./ Yami said, before flying off once more, leaving Yugi kind of scared and confused at the same time.

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