Or, what if instead of going with a completely happy ending for the 1986 film, they'd gone for a different ending?

"Oh, shit," said Audrey Two, as the electricity caused it and its children to explode. At that point, Audrey ran in and embraced Seymour. Just a few days later, they were walking into their newly purchased house, somewhere that's green. They weren't married yet, but they would be in just a couple of hours. But they were stopped at the door by a lawyer, as The Meek Shall Inherit instrumental came back in...

"Seymour Krelborn, where the hell were you? I'm with Maples and Calder, you're in for it now. You don't answer calls, so we came here in person. You still have your money, so God speed the plow."

We cut to a different scene. Seymour is standing in an office, next to a very nervous, confused-looking Audrey. Yet another lawyer begins speaking. "Why, my boy, it all must be paid off by Thursday, we'll take the house, the dress, and the car." Audrey looks visibly horrified, now. "We paid for that show, quite a lot, didn't happen, now ask yourself, Seymour, is that up to par?"

Now Seymour and Audrey were in an enormous courtroom, with a veritifiable choir of lawyers.

"We're nailing you, kid, on property damage!"

"I represent Marvin!"

"I represent Steve!"

At this point, the judge chimed in. "Listen, there's no way that you can afford this, so pay all you can, then shut up and leave!" On the last word, he pounded his gavel down. The camera tilts to the jury, which is made up of, among other people, Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon.

"They say the meek shall inherit, you know the book doesn't lie! It's not a question of merit, it's not demand and supply! You know the meek gonna git it, and you're a meek little guy! You know the meek are gonna git what's comin' to 'em! You know the meek are gonna git what's comin' to 'em! You know the meek are gonna git what's comin' to 'em by and by!" At this point, Seymour and Audrey were unceremoniously dumped in Skid Row by a passing bus. Audrey turned to Seymour. God, this would be awkward. With all the legal procedings, it might look like those were the reason... but she had to do it. She couldn't tell him why, but she had to do it.


"What, Audrey?" Audrey kind of cringed, but Seymour thought nothing of it, as she had done that for the past week or so. She'd never been able to hear his words the same way since she'd figured it out.

"Well, Seymour..." She was talking to a murderer - and worse yet, a murderer she had thought she loved. "I think it would be better if we were just friends."

"O... okay..." With nothing else to say, Audrey left. Seymour sat down on the street corner, and began to sing softly to himself. "They may offer you fortune and fame, love and money and instant acclaim, but whatever they offer you, don't feed the plants... they may offer you lots of cheap thrills, fancy condos on Beverly Hills, but whatever they offer you, don't feed the plants..." We slowly zoom out on this scene, as a Don't Feed The Plants-inspired instrumental plays (more sad than scared, though, differentiating it from the original song). We then get still images of all the actors' faces, as, in voiceover, Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon sing a slow, bittersweet version of the opening song, a la Science Fiction Double Feature Reprise from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"Little shop, little shop of horrors, bop'sh'bop, you'll never stop the terror, little shop, little shop of horrors, no, no, no, n'no, no, no, n'no, no, no, n'no-oh-oh..."