Chapter 1: Enemies Under the Same Roof

It first started when I threw a water bottle across the cafeteria at him and laughed as it soaked his hair. On the other hand, maybe it was when I decided to try out the new karate kick I had learned the previous day out… on his face. It could have always been that time when I took the last chocolate cake and ate it right in front of his eyes.

It doesn't really matter when it started but one thing is true: I have and always will hate one Gray Fullbuster until the day I die. I know so; I have a plaque saying that hanging inside the entrance of my pent house suite. Or rather the entrance to my portion of our pent house suite.

My name is Natsu Dragneel, owner of the coolest last name in the history of ever, and I am a seventeen year old male model under the management of the renown Fairy Tail Industry. I also unfortunately share a pent house suite in one of the top apartment complexes in Tokyo with Gray Fullbuster.

This is the story of how my life went from a chaotic mess into a high school soap opera. Models and high schools do not mix, they are also both extremely flammable. Don't try this at home, kiddo.

My life started out like any other, I grew up in a city park where I ate, bathed, and slept my days away. Normal? Ordinary? Not in the least bit. I was also taught at a young age how to lie through my teeth. You can probably tell by now that I was an orphan. My family was actually very well off until my parents passed away. I was thrown around from relative to relative, all of whom were determined to tame the little brat and walk away with the prize money. Imagine hearing that coming from outside your bedroom door while you were busy trying to sleep like a good little boy, and that was actually at one of my tamer houses.

The only one who I could ever stand was my grandmother on my dad's side who I would visit every Saturday without fail, despite who I was currently stuck living with. Yet the inevitable happened and she was sent to a nursing home. After that, it grew increasingly hard to deal with my scheming uncles, plastic aunts, and two-faced cousins.

One day I took my credit card and a change of clothes. I hugged my butlers goodbye as well as the old nurse who was like a mother to me. At the age of seven, I walked out the mansion doors willingly for the first time since my parent's death, ready to a new life.

Perhaps I gave too much emphasis on the fact that I lived in Central Park. I only lasted there for a week before one of my butlers quit his job, picked me up from the bench were I was sleeping, and brought me to his apartment. As far as I'm concerned, my life began with Igneel that day and I had yet to change my mind. He gave me a place to live, food to eat, rides to school, and a father to love.

I stayed with him for eight years before my friend Lisanna introduced me to her sister Mirajane who works as a model under Fairy Tail and hooked up my interview with the recruiting director. I don't know what happened to Igneel, I came back to check on him a month later and all his processions were gone, the man himself had disappeared without a trace.

Now we're all caught up in my life. Natsu, out.

I don't suppose it would be chivalrous of me to let this story go on without telling the audience about my side of the story since I am technically the other main character. My name is Gray Fullbuster. Yup, that's my real name. It's nice to meet you too. I guess it's a nice day out, if you consider storm showers and a hurricane on the horizon nice. No, I'm busy on Saturday but thanks for asking. Don't you hate those voice-mail where the person pretends they answered the phone and you feel like an idiot as soon as you realize that you just wasted your time talking to a machine and worst of all, that you were caught doing it? Yeah, I'm going to stop now.

There's two versions of my story: the fake and the real one. I'll leave you to decide which one is which. Have you ever heard of the famous actress Ur Mikovich? I'm her son. That's right, that one. I grew up in a world of luxury due to my mom's wealth but it was rare for her to stay home more than a month because of her work. She was constantly off, going to exciting and foreign places to shoot for a new film as nothing less than the lead. I was basically left at home most of the time with my older sister, Ultear. We're not really related, Ul and I.

We have different fathers although we've been living together since I was born so it was more of a minor detail that wasn't all that important. I'm not really sure what happened to my dad. Mom says that he died in a car accident while she was pregnant with me, but I could never figure out if I should take her seriously since she never seemed to shed a tear or do any of the things you would expect a widow to do when they talked about their deceased husband. That just might be her personality, though.

Besides Ultear, I also have my fraternal twin brother, Lyon. Lyon's older then me by eight minutes. Eight awfully long minutes that he has harassed me about every chance that he could. I haven't really been on speaking terms with my family as of lately. Before you ask, no, it's not a guy thing. It's an everyone thing if you catch my drift. That's about as far as you're going to get, digging into my psyche.

Oh, and if anyone asks, I was raised by a polar bear in the north pole and arrived in Japan due to an accident made by a farsighted stork. Don't question it.