This is an AU story, pure fantasy for those who like fantasy. All characters resemble those of the SVU cast with some additions as well. A list of Main Characters is below.


Dolen (Don), Olethia (Olivia), Ellard (Elliot), Miron (Munch), Fatin (Fin), Ailis (Alex), A'isha (Abbie), Stina (Serena), Caci (Casey) Zafirah (Essentially Mrs Cabot), Treton (Trevor), Lonyn (Liz), Kelifa (Kathy), Gair (George), Majida (Melinda), Jaecar (Jack). I spent hours doing research on names that started with the same letter so you would at least know who I was referring to. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.

It was a beautiful planet, a majestical one. The planet had extremes though which either added to or could subtract from that beauty. From its geography to its weather, to its inhabitants and with its creatures it was a sight to behold.

The planet was very grand with everything in a grand scale. With Mountains that soared into the sky, wide rivers that flowed fast and deadly after rains but were tranquil at other times, plains full of the greenest grass you had ever seen, vast deserts that were beautiful one minute, deadly the next. Then there were the forests, majestical trees that reached up into the clouds, tall and proud with thick trunks and, long healthy limbs covered in thick foliage.

There were three clans on the planet. No one knew if they had been one clan before, there were always three, each clan ruling their own section.

The Mountain Warriors who ruled the gigantic peaks, their valleys, the caves, tunnels and the raging torrent rivers that ran in between. In their thousands of year's existence on the planet they had never started a war, but once at war they were masters at finishing them.

They rode majestic flying creatures called Tantons. Fierce looking creatures with hearts of gold that were fiercely loyal to their owners. They were bipedal with short claw like front legs, wings that spanned for meters, a long tail with large spikes for balance and attacking. They had fur covered bodies to help moderate temperature with thick leathery skin underneath, except on their wings which were feathered. Their eyes were slightly forward facing and sight was their weakest sense. Their smell and hearing made up for the lack and they had a keen instinct and sixth sense that was only surpassed by their masters.

Their masters were humans, strong in so many ways besides just physical strength. Talented with both bow and arrow and swords. Warriors wore thick hide pants for protection, thick knee high leather boots, long or short sleeve tunic with a protective leather vest. In the cold extremes they wore fur jackets and pants for warmth. No head protection was worn, merely a fur lined cap in winter to keep their heads warm.

The warriors lived in caves in the mountains and navigated from mountain to mountain through manmade and natural tunnels. The warriors were as natural in water as they were in the air, controlling the rivers that ran through the mountains as well. The tribes were made up of both men and women and both were able to become Warriors but few women ever did.

The second tribe were the plainsmen or desert nomads. Predominantly males, except for a few women who were either born into the clan or captured for mating. These men were skilful soldiers with large 4 legged beasts at their disposal called Zaders. Twice the size of a Clydesdale horse, a horn infinitely more deadly than a Rhino's and teeth more deadly than a lions. Fierce creatures that had been beaten into submission to work the lands for the farmers, haul for the miners and assist an attack in a war. They could survive both the extreme cold and heat. Perfect for the grassy plains and the extremes of the desert.

The plainsmen dressed as the Mountain Warriors did, in skins, leather, cotton, hessian and fur. The desert nomads dressed in layers of soft skins, cottons and leathers to protect them from the extreme heat. Plainsmen lived in stone, mud or wood huts which were their permanent shelters. The desert nomads sort shelter where they could, had canvas tenting or in winter had areas where they had dug underground rooms for warmer shelter, their tents protecting the entrances.

The plains were beautiful with waist high green grass almost all year round. Plenty of game roamed for food. The deserts were the opposite. Harsh red sand, clay and rocks that could make life miserable if you had no idea on how to survive. Although teaming with life, you couldn't find food unless you knew where to look as the natural inhabitants did. The soldiers of these tribes were very good with spears, short swords and long shields. The foot soldiers were extremely organised on their defence. So good in fact that arrows were practically useless against them.

The third tribe were a tribe of mainly women. They lived in the giant trees which stretched endlessly into the sky. The trees themself were thousands of years old and so thick at the base they were as wide as a semi was long. The tribe was very hard to find so not much was known about them. They were believed to be very beautiful, very skilful with light easy to carry weapons such as blow pipes. They were also known to be handy with bow and arrows. They had very few warriors though as they lived so deep in the recess of the woods most gave up in trying to get through the thick foliage and undergrowth to get to them. They lived in villages high up in the trees in large multi roomed wood tree houses built around the trunks. Bridges made from wood and woven vines linked one tree to another. Large vines were also used by the more daring to swing from tree to tree.

Some men were allowed to live with the women simply in order for them to populate. It was very rare that a woman chose a life partner. It was believed that the women wore finer clothes, made of finer cottons in summer, soft, flexible shoes that gave them purchase in the trees and protected their feet from splinters. In the winter they wore heavy drapes and cloaks to keep them warm and ventured outside only in the need to hunt food and socialise. The only structures in their houses not made of wood were their stone fireplace, which required careful planning and positioning, not only to provide warmth but to cook food and boil water.

All 3 tribes lived in relative harmony, there had only been a few known wars over the last thousand years which mainly involved the Mountain Warriors and the Tribesmen. Neither tribe trusted the other. When it came down to it, the Forest Tribe would rather trust the warriors than the boorish soldiers and unfortunately for Queen Zafirah that time had come.

If the information she had received from loyal spies within the Plainsman clan was true then they were planning to attack the tribe for the need of more women. She detested the thought of any of her tribe being captured by those boorish pigs. Pure filth. She needed to go see King Dolen of the warriors and request his help.

She looked up as she heard laughter outside and was hardly surprised as her young daughter Ailis stepped in, her legion of friends following her. From the tall dark husky voiced A'ishah, to another tall blonde blue eyed Stina, the tall striking red head Caci and last but not least golden haired Kelifa.

All were beautiful but none held a candle to her own daughter Ailis who had was a willowy blue eyed blonde, who had a very aloof nature except around her few close friends that she trusted. She was very aware of the names the tribe called her daughter, like Ice Princess, but they had never truly gotten to know her daughter for herself, only wanted her for being the princess. All except her childhood friends who she had grown up with, played with before they understood Ailis's importance. Friend the Queen trusted with her daughter's life.

Many had tried to gain Ailis as a mate or even a lover, she was very positive that 99% of them had failed. If Ailis had taken anyone to her bed it would have been A'ishah but the Queen even doubted that, they got along far too well to be lovers.

She waited for her daughter to acknowledge her presence and Ailis jumped when she found her in her home. At 25 she lived independently in a home the queen had built for her not far from the Regal House. She was close enough for the royal guards to keep an eye on her at night when she was at her most vulnerable.

"Mother you scared me" Ailis chided gently with a hand over her heart and a warm smile. Her smile slipped however seeing the serious and slightly distressed gaze of her mother and she hurried forward, her friends all standing respectfully by the door. "Something has happened. What is it? Are you well?"

"Ailis I am fine, physically" the Queen assured "However what I have heard from my spies on the plains deeply disturbs me". She reached out and took her daughters hands "I have learnt the men are planning on attacking and kidnapping our women" she paused as there were shocked gasps from the doorway, hastily smothered when she shot them a glare.

"What! Are you sure?" Ailis asked.

"Yes, I am positive Ailis" meeting her daughters concerned gaze.

"We have no capabilities to fight them" Alex stated worriedly "If they are determined to get to us, we won't be able to stop them"

"My information is they have been planning this for a while, they will not be deterred" the Queen sighed and looked from her daughter to her very nervous friends "I have decided to request the help of King Dolen"

"Of the Mountain Warriors?" Alex's eyes turned to ice chips "They are just as bad as the Plainsmen"

"No daughter, they are not. They have never attacked us, they have their own women who have equal rights and they always keep to themselves" she soothed gently, she had known her daughter wouldn't take well to her decision.

"But they are barbaric, they train to fight, they are loud and rude and they train free animals to do their bidding!"

To say the Queen was slightly astounded by what her daughter was saying was a mild understatement but all the same she doubted she could change her daughters mind, so did not try. Ailis was going to just have to do as she was told and she would find out maybe where those ideas had come from on the trip.

"Someone has been feeding you with stories my daughter" the queen smiled and stood slowly, forcing Ailis to stand also "You need to pack, as do your friends. Make it light, you will be carrying your bags with you and it is several days journey to the border, several more to get to the Mountains."

"What! We're going their personally?" Ailis was concerned. Why not just send messengers?

"Yes, I believe it's the only way the King will listen to my request for protection" the Queen informed and swept her gaze around the room "We will be leaving at dawn." She stepped toward the entrance of Ailis's home and her friends moved out of the way and bowed in deference as she passed. She stopped in the doorway and looked back at her daughter who had a stubborn set to her chin "Don't test me on this one Ailis, please, just do as I ask. I am concerned for your safety and that of your friends". With that she was gone.

Ailis stood there in a daze while all her friends rushed to her, all speaking at once in their excitement and fear. It was Caci who finally asked.

"What are we to do Ailis?" and everyone hushed, waiting for her answer. Ailis raised her head, looking at her friends and it was only her concern for them that had her determinedly pushing her argumentative stubborn side down.

"We pack, make sure you have your weapons though, I hope that mother is not ill informed and that the Warrior's welcome us" she sighed and raised a hand to gently pat Caci's shoulder in assurance "We will be fine". Now if she could only ignore the tingle at the back of her neck. "You better return home to pack, Do as mother says, pack light, it is a long trip. We will have to rely on their hospitality once we get there"

She hugged her friends separately, assuring each that they would be fine, and watched them leave. She turned quickly to go to her own bedroom to pack the essentials she would need for the trip.