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Fliss' Pregnancy Dilemma


Fliss Sidebotham and Ryan Scott seemed the perfect couple until 1 month later Felicity drops some shocking news that affects not just her or Ryan Scott but both of their families. Fliss Sidebotham was pregnant with twins. Ryan Scott wasn't really that bothered that his girlfriend was carrying his kids, Fliss on the other hand was in so much shock, she broke down in tears and didn't what to do or who to call.

'If I call my mum, she'll flip and I can't tell my four best friends-Kendra 'Kenny' Tam, Francesca 'Frankie' Thomas, Rosalind 'Rosie' Cartwright and Lyndsey 'Lyndz' Collins, they will hate me for what I did, I can picture it now Frankie saying that I was stupid for getting pregnant, Rosie will just refuse to speak to me and as for Lyndz and Kenny they hopefully won't be really that bothered. Fliss replied to herself when she got distracted by her phone ringing

'Who is it' Fliss asked feeling rather silly for asking when she realised it was Frankie and Kenny both speaking to each other.

'So how are you Fliss' Kenny finally piped up and Fliss said hi to both of them.

'Guys, I need to talk to you, it's important' a sobbing Fliss cried down the phone

'Fliss, what's wrong' Frankie yelled

'I can't tell you guys yet' Fliss sobbed when her mum knocked on the door

'OK, we'll be there in a few hours' Kenny replies down the phone before Kenny and Frankie said bye

'Come in' Fliss replies putting her phone down

'Felicity what's wrong' her mum asked

'Mum, promise not to get mad at me' Fliss sobbed

'I promise I won't' her mum replies giving her 19 year old daughter a hug

'Mum, I'm pregnant' Fliss sobbed

'Oh Fliss' her mum sighed

'Mum, I don't know what to do' Fliss sobbed even harder

'Does Ryan know' her mum asked

'Yes, he does mum, he was the first one I told when I found out' Fliss answered as Callum walked in with a glass of water for his sister

'Hey thanks Cal' Fliss smiled hugging her brother


'So, Fliss what's your big secret' Frankie asked

'I'm pregnant guys' Fliss answered with her eyes on her quilt

'Whoa, OK' kenny whispered as Rosie noticed her best friend put her hand on her stomach

'Fliss, we're here for if you want to talk' Lyndz replied

'Yeah and we'll help through this pregnancy' Rosie replied as the others nodded in agreement

'Thanks guys' Fliss smiled as the five girls discussed Fliss' pregnancy until 12 midnight