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Because it's Hibari

Gokudera sighed scratching his head irritatedly, Haru had just stormed off on him after another one of their arguments. Yet again it was about her self proclamation as Tsuna's future wife. Now adays it really troubled Goudera and he was determined to get her to stop calling herself that. Before it was because he thought she wasn't good enough to be Tsuna's wife but somewhere along the way he had fallen for the girl himself. His feelings were still a shock to him. He asked himself what attracted him to the loud annoying girl in the first place. It might of been the fact that they both adored Tsuna but somewhere in the middle of their arguments he found it intresting to see her mad, during those moments her eyes fierce with determination refused to back down to him.

"What's wrong Gokudera," asked Yamamoto as he took a seat next to Gokudera. "Did you fight with Haru again? Maybe you should just leave it alone, her saying she's Tsuna's wife won't hurt anyone."

Gokudera just uncapped the waterbottle in front of him and began chugging it down hoping the cool water would help cool down the headache the arguement gave him.

"Why don't you just tell her you like her?" Gokudera choked on a gulp and sputtered it across the table. He looked around for whoever asked the question and turned around to find that it was Reborn.

"Waaa," Yamamoto looked at Gokudera," you like Haru? Oh, that's why you don't want her calling herself Tsuna's wife."

"I don't- she's just-,"Gokudera sputtered but when he saw that Reborn wasn't buying it he sighed. "I can't."

"Why not," Yamamoto asked innocently.

"Because," Gokudera's eyebrows scrunched in frustration," well 1. She only looks at the 10th 2. She'll probably think I'm trying to tease her 3. We always argue whenever we're around each other 4. Because of all the reasons she'll probably reject me 5. SHE ONLY LOOKS AT the 10th!"

Yamamoto and Reborn just stared. Yamamoto finally broke the silence by grabbing Gokudera by the arm and began walking," those reasons are nothing, let's go tell Haru how you feel." Reborn joined the group feeling the outcome would be very interesting. They found her wandering around a park looking for Tsuna, they hid behind a tree. "There she is, go get her," Yamamoto encouraged patting him on the back. Gokudera was about to argue when something very surprising happened.

Hibari was standing in front of Haru. Haru looked instantly frightened by the male. "Hahi! Haru's sorry, Haru must be in your way, Haru will move now," Haru squealed trying to speed past the male but he caught her arm.

"I came here because I have somethings to speak about with you, herbivore." Haru's eyes widened as did Gokudera's and Yamamoto's, Reborn watched interested. What could Hibari want with Haru?

"Y-yes?" Haru wondered what she could have done to upset the dangerous male who still gripped her arm.

Hibari tugged on her arm tilting her towards him until they were eye to eye. "Be my woman." It wasn't a question, it was a demand. Everyone was shocked at the demand.

"W-what," Haru stuttered trying to supress the blush threatening to ingulf her face.

Hibari sighed,"you heard me, I don't like to repeat myself."

Haru's eyes darted everywhere but at Hibari. "H-Haru is sorry but Haru only likes Tsuna."

"So what, now that you know my eyes are set on you you're now forced to see me as a man." Haru's face turned red as a beet.

Reborn whistled. Yamamoto looked at Gokudera,"hey look you could of done that."

"Shut up," Gokudera growled trying to keep his eyes on the scene in front of them," besides if she heard it come from me she'd scream at me thinking I'm teasing her."

Haru started laughing nervously," hee hee you're just kidding right?"

Hibari raised an eyebrow,"why would I kid, I'm being completely serious, so give me an answer already. Are you going to be my woman?"

"Wow, Hibari is really straightforward," Reborn commented. He looked up at Gokudera,"maybe you shoulda tried being straightforward." Gokudera just gulped and continued watching the two.

"Why Haru?"

Hibari seemed to pause to think when Hibird flew onto his shoulder. "I guess because Hibrid and you seem compatible." Haru still looked confused, it didn't explain why he would want her to be his "woman" though. "I also realized in the future I will need to find a mate to carry my family name and you seem to be the best canidate so far," Hibari explained,"you go to Midori Middle so you dispite your appearance you must be intelligent and you seem to be intimidated by me meaning you will not challenge my authority." The others gave Hibari a look from their hidden location, his reasons were so...

"Well he solved the argueing problem," Yamamoto chuckled not taking the situation that seriously.

"But Tsuna-"

"Regarding that herbivore, you seem very loyal to him and I want that loyalty on me." It would of been romantic if it were worded differently and said by anyone other than Hibari.

"Haru is sorry Hibari but Haru only likes Tsuna," Haru mumbled nervously at her feet.

"Let's see how Hibari deals with the rejection," Reborn smirked.

Hibari stood there just staring at Haru in silence. Haru waited a few seconds to see if he'd answer but when he didn't she tried to shuffle around him but when she did he caught her once again and trapped her between his arms against a tree. "You're saying that now Herbivore but once I get done with you you'll only be looking at me." With that he turned around and walked off leaving Haru blushing and shaking in fear at the same time.

Yamamoto and Reborn looked at Gokudera. "See," Yamamoto smiled,"it's working for Hibari and you even have more in common with her than Hibari."

"It won't work," Gokudera sighed, it was scary how simple Yamamoto's thoughts were.

"Why not, it's working for Hibari."

"That's because it's Hibari."

"Exactly." A voice came from behind him causing Gokudera to jump, Hibari was already walking away. He knew they were there the whole time and sensed the silver haired herbivore was his rival for the female herbivore. Hibari smirked as he continued walking leaving his rival staring after him still in shock. It wasn't going to be much of a challenge even if the silver haired and brown haired herbivore had closer relations with the female, he would win in the end. Because he was Hibari after all and Hibari always gets what he wants and right now he was setting his eyes on a cheerful female from Midori Middle School.

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