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"No, Kyoya," Haru pouted pushing Hibari away. Hibari growled at her but she didn't remove her hand from his chin. They were in Hibari's car in front of Haru's workplace with Haru in the passenger seat with one of Hibari's arms around her waist and another cupping her cheek. She on the other hand had a palm pushing on Hibari's chest and another one pushing on his chin while he glared over his chin at her. It was hard to believe that the couple were engaged.

"Remove your hand, Haru."


"Then quit."


"Then I have no choice but to do it," Hibari removed Haru's hand from under his chin and leaned in again.

"No, Kyoya," Haru's hand was yet again under Hibari's chin and he let out another frustrated growl. "It's embarrassing and it's starting to hurt." What they were talking about was the fact that everyday before Haru went to work Hibari would make sure a hickey that he gave her was visible, if it wasn't he'd make sure to leave a new one. The tradition started after a night when he found a coworker of Haru's hitting on her when he came to pick her up.

"Just wearing the ring won't keep them away," Hibari scowled. It actually had the opposite effect. Once the guys at Haru's office learned that she was engaged they targeted her more often then ever. What was with male herbivores always going after things they couldn't have? The only thing that seemed to stop them was either he come in himself or if he left something of his around her. She complained that his clothes were to big on her and made her look funny so he complied and began giving her hickeys. Now she was even complaining about that. He was getting ready to lean in again when Haru stopped him yet again.

"Stop it, Kyoya," Haru pouted with tears in her eyes, "if you do it, Haru will never forgive you until the wedding!" Hibari was fine with that, he was more patient than she was and she would actually torture herself more than him with that threat but it would still be bothersome especially since the guys at her office would try to take advantage of the situation and he would have to go in and fix it. And also because for some reason Hibari was still weak to Haru's tears even if it was pouting tears that he knew she would use to get her way around him.

"Hn," Hibari mumbled and let go of Haru turning to look in the opposite direction.

Haru's tears disappeared in an instant and she smiled throwing her arms around Hibari. "Thank you, Kyoya," she gave him a peck on the cheek, "Haru will make sure to do Haru's best to keep away from all the guys in Haru's workplace, Haru promises!"

"Hn," was Hibari's response as Haru got out of the car. As he drove away he began thinking of what he could do to make sure that every other male would know Haru was his. He thought about buying Haru a collar but he was getting a headache from just imagining how she'd react.

He was still thinking about it when he finished a mission with Yamamoto and Gokudera when Yamamoto approached him. "Hibari, I thought I should pass this to you before I got it dirty again." He extended his hand to Hibari and in it was a handkerchief that he recognized as Haru's. "Could you give this back to Haru?"

"Why the heck do you have that woman's handkerchief," Gokudera voiced the question in Hibari's head.

Yamamoto laughed innocently, "I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking one day and walked into a tree branch. Haru saw and rushed to hand me her handkerchief. I told her it wasn't that bad of a cut and that it wasn't any use getting her handkerchief soaked over but she insisted I keep it pressed on the cut. So the least I could do to return the favor was clean it for her."

"Soaked?!" Gokudera exclaimed while Yamamoto just chuckled.

Hibari was too focused on the handkerchief. It would have normally smelt like Haru but the handkerchief in his hand smelt distinctly of the baseball loving herbivore. He was ready to bite the smiling herbivore to death but an idea came to his head.

"Is this for Haru?" Haru asked holding a bag that Hibari had handed her. Hibari had appeared in her office out of no where and handed her a small bag. It had the logo of one of the few stores that she managed to get Hibari to go to. The females in the office were squealing over Hibari from a distance while the males were hiding from their coworkers intimidating fiance. Hibari smirked at the cowering forms that were the male coworkers while Haru scowled. It didn't really bother her that he was protective of her, she just didn't like how the females would stare at Hibari. What was with women and the interest in men that were already taken? "Was this so important that Kyoya had to come to Haru's office to give to Haru?"

"Yes, put it on right now," Hibari ordered. The female population of the office squealed and moved closer to see what Hibari had bought Haru. The squeals stopped when Haru pulled out whatever was in the bag.



"Are you sure this is the right bag?"

"Of course."

"But this is the cologne you use." And it was, in Haru's hand was a bottle of Hibari's cologne brand.

"Yes it is."

"Haru is supposed to put this on?" Haru extended the bottle to Hibari as if to make sure that he understood that the cologne was the one in question.

"Yes," Hibari sighed crossing his arms and leaning against Haru's desk. "Since you refuse to let me mark you physically to keep the male herbivores away I'll leave my scent on you as a warning." The squeals were back and the males were left amazed and a little scared at what attracted the opposite gender.

Haru gave him an incredulous look. "Kyoya is marking Haru with cologne?!"

"Would you rather I pee on you?"

LOL sorry had to do it. I was looking at the perfume isle a while ago and thought of the marking someone's territory with perfumes. LOL it was cuter in my mind but then I killed it with that last line LOL sorry that its short, I did warn you guys my writing was rusty. Thanks for reading this still! -DBSKLOVER