Two chapter's in one day, you guys got lucky. I just happened to come up with two ideas and I know if I put of for next time it'll take forever and I'll probably forget it, so here it is!

Haru was sitting next to Hibari as he was reading. She chatted animatedly to Hibari but he seemed to be ignoring her as he continued to read his book. The odd thing was he keep and arm wrapped around Haru as he read his book to keep her from leaving. Things like this would happen often, Hibari always seemed to ignore Haru but always seemed to hold her to him somehow. With an arm around her waist, leaning on her head or trapping her between his legs as he lounged on the couch. There would also be times when he would be working and Haru would want his attention, she would poke and pout trying to get him to notice her. Many would of been annoyed or exploded at her as many expected Hibari to act but he surprised everyone again. Whenever she did he would continue to do what he was doing until he finished or felt like stopping turn and listen to what Haru wanted from him.

It was glaringly obvious he treated her differently from everyone else.

Everyone knew he chose Haru to be his woman because she was what he considered the most qualified. His explanation was one of the most confusing parts of their relationship. Through the years the crew saw many potential female partners that they felt would have fit the role better and many that would have been more than willing than Haru had been in the beginning. Hibari had stated in the beginning that he chose Haru because she was afraid of him and wouldn't defy him.

Was that wrong. Haru would always make it clear when she didn't like something that Hibari did. She would scold and pout until he pulled her face into his chest to silence her and she would forget what she was bothered about and snuggle up to his chest. Afterward if it wasn't bothersome for him he would fix what Haru didn't like. Whenever she cried instead of ignoring her, like expected of him, he would always seem slightly worried and with a sigh he would open her arms and pat her back as she clung onto him.

The question of what made Haru so special ate at almost everyone. Finally they sent the only person willing to to and ask Hibari himself. The human sacrifice was Yamamoto Takeshi.

Yamamoto sat next to Hibari as he sat in the kitchen looking through paper to ask about Haru. Haru herself had gone out to cake with Kyoko and the rest were listening in the hallway next to the doorway.

"Hibari, we've all noticed you treat Haru differently?"

Hibari took a sip of his cup of tea. "Hn, I do?"

"Yes," Yamamoto smiled, " we also know that there are a lot more females that fit your requirements for a mate better than Haru, so we were wondering what makes her so special?" The others wanted to collapse at how forward Yamamoto was approaching the topic but Yamamoto keep a smile on the whole time.

Hibari finally set down his cup of tea and papers to look at Yamamoto.

"She reminds me of Hibird and Roll."

This time people did collapse in the hallway.

The reason Hibari kept Haru around was because she reminded him of small cute animals?!

LOL sorry it's short but it still is two in one day. I thought of this when I thought of reasons why Hibari could possible be attracted to Haru and I noticed she tends to act cute and hyper like a small animal LOL DBSKLOVER