Author's Notes: Hi everyone! So I wrote this fic a long time ago, back when the Huan Zhu Ge Ge fandom was still in it's heyday. It was originally posted onto Winglin's, but later deleted due to their database problems I think. Anyway, I'm reposting it here on due to a request from Ruan Chun Xian. The story is sadly, unfinished, and probably won't ever be... but I'll be posting what I have written so far... :)

So, hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 : The Truth Comes Out

Xiao Yan Zi looked outside for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

"Don't be impatient, they'll be here in a few minutes" chided Yong Qi.

It had been three months since that fateful day they were married. It took quite a while for Xiao Yan Zi to get used to life in the palace without Zi Wei, but she finally accepted the idea, after Qian Long, the emperor decided to let her keep her servants at Jing Yang Gong, and sent Jing Yang Gong's servants to Shu Fang Zai.

Today was the 7th day of the month, a day Xiao Yan Zi looked forward to every month. The 7th, 15th and 28th of each month was her day off from the book room, as well as the day Er Kang and Zi Wei came to visit!

Suddenly, Xiao Yan Zi heard what she'd been longing to hear all day…

"Fu da ye dao, Zi Wei Ge Ge dao!"

Xiao Yan Zi rushed out straight into the arms of Zi Wei and hugged her. "I missed you so much…you're late today…I thought you weren't even coming anymore" she complained, "Er Kang, is this your doing?"

"Don't blame Er Kang, I just had to finish some sewing with Er Niang" replied Zi Wei, gently releasing her sworn sister to study her well-being.

"Alright then, you're forgiven this time Er Kang…" said Xiao Yan Zi, cheekily smirking at him. "Don't you guys have to go and see Huang Ah Ma?" she enquired, turning to face her husband.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Huang Ah Ma wants to discuss something with us" Yong Qi spoke up.

"We better be hasty then, take care Zi Wei" bidded Er Kang, turning to leave.

"What about me?" cried Xiao Yan Zi, grabbing his sleeve and feigning a look of hurt on her face.

"That's Yong Qi's job!"

Yong Qi was about to open his mouth when Xiao Yan Zi quickly leapt over to cover his mouth.

"Don't you dare Yong Qi, WE're not as mushy as soooome people" she cried indignantly, sticking her tongue out at Er Kang as she spoke.

Er Kang laughed and shook his head in resignation. "Ok then, we really must head off."

"Bye bye!" yelled Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei after them as Er Kang and Yong Qi walked out of the Jing Yang Gong.

"Now that they're gone, we can finally get down to business," said Xiao Yan Zi, dragging Zi Wei into the great hall. Zi Wei allowed herself to be pulled along by Xiao Yan Zi before taking a seat on the hard mahogany chair.

"What business might this be?" asked Zi Wei once Xiao Yan Zi has plopped herself dramatically beside her.

"Zi Wei, can you move in here for a week?" she now demanded, innocently batting her large round eyes at Zi Wei.

"What? Of course I can't! I live at the Fu's house now…and you're suppose to be with Yong Qi"

"But it's so boring here! There's nothing to do. Huang Ah Ma won't let me gamble, Yong Qi won't let me climb trees, and Xiao Jian won't let me practice the sword here. He knows I'm only allowed out twice a month, but he says it's too dangerous for me to practice in the palace. I'm not that bad!"

Zi Wei laughed. Er Kang too, had forbidden her to watch Xiao Yan Zi practice sword.

"Are you laughing at me?" scolded Xiao Yan Zi, softly punching Zi Wei, "Even you have turned against me!" she huffed.

"Okay, Okay, I won't laugh anymore…but you have to behave yourself now, you're married" Zi Wei scolded back.

"I do behave myself! I memorized three Tang poems last week, as well as twenty new words. This week I have to memorize the whole of the Manchurian history until now, I don't even know where to start!"

"It's part of your family history now…don't you want to know about your family history?"

"Of course I do, not the Manchu stuff of course, but my own history. I only know I came from Hang Zhou, and had noble parents. Xiao Jian won't tell me anything else. The least he could do is tell me who murdered them. I don't know why he can't just tell me who our family enemy is, if he's already taken revenge. Why would I become revengeful as he says? I can't do anything about it, but I just want to know!"

Zi Wei drew in a sharp intake of breath as Xiao Yan Zi spoke. 'The secret mustn't be revealed…not ever!' she thought, unconsciously shaking her head and screwing her brow.

"What's wrong Zi Wei, don't you feel well?" asked a concerned Xiao Yan Zi, after seeing Zi Wei's reaction.

"No, I'm fine…" Zi Wei answered, re-composing herself. "Xiao Jian probably has his reasons not to tell you, you shouldn't badger him about it," she added.

"That's what Yong Qi said…I have a feeling you're all hiding it from me," muttered Xiao Yan Zi, pouting wholeheartedly. "You don't happen to know who it is do you, Zi Wei?"

Zi Wei's heart began to beat faster at the question. If there was anything she wasn't very good at, it was lying. "Of course not…" she stammered.

Hearing her stammer, Xiao Yan Zi carefully studied Zi Wei, knowing at once that Zi Wei was lying. Other people might not know, but she had always been able to pick out when Zi Wei was lying. She was so bad at it. Xiao Yan Zi had meant her question as a joke, but from Zi Wei's expression, she could now tell that Zi Wei really did know the answer to her question.

"You do know Zi Wei? Xiao Jian…he…he told you?" she stammered, her bright eyes seeming to pierce right through Zi Wei's own. Breaking away from Xiao Yan Zi's stare, Zi Wei shook her head.

"You do know…I can see it when you're not telling me the truth. How can you keep something as important as that away from me, Zi Wei?" begged Xiao Yan Zi, now tugging persistently at her sworn sister's sleeve.

"I can't tell you," said Zi Wei, knowing that she wouldn't be able to cover the fact that she knew anymore. "I promised Xiao Jian that I wouldn't say anything."

"You know! You knew all this time! Why won't you tell me? I thought you said that sworn sisters tell each other everything!"

"I said I can't, I promised Xiao Jian!" replied Zi Wei, backing away from Xiao Yan Zi.

"But…this is my family, I have a right to know!" demanded Xiao Yan Zi, "It's not fair, Xiao Jian was even able to tell you the truth about my family, and yet I still am kept in the dark about it! Please Zi Wei, just tell me…if Xiao Jian has already taken revenge, then there's no harm in telling me!"

Zi Wei gulped, and looked away once more.

"Unless…" Xiao Yan Zi bit her lip, "unless…he was lying about that too. He hasn't taken revenge has he? The murderer…the one who slaughtered my family, he's still alive isn't he?" she whispered, ignoring a tear that had escaped her eye. "Zi Wei, I need to know…if…if the person who has killed my family is indeed alive…I need to know! Please Zi Wei…I never knew my Mother, my Father…all my relatives…everyone…I need to know…"

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry, but I promised Xiao Jian," whispered Zi Wei, now giving up on lying. She reached out to wipe the tear that had slid down Xiao Yan Zi's cheek, but Xiao Yan Zi roughly slapped her arm away.

"Is Xiao Jian more important to you or am I? What kind of a sister are you anyway?" Xiao Yan Zi yelled harshly. She had been frustrated of being kept in the dark about her family, but now knowing that whoever had done such misdeeds to her mother and father in heaven was still alive, invoked a burning anger in her heart that she could not suppress, suffocating much of her innocence.

"Please Xiao Yan Zi, I cannot tell you, I promised Xiao Jian and Er Kang!" was Zi Wei's careful reply. Xiao Yan Zi's last words had stung.

"Er Kang knows too? Who else…Yong Qi? So I was right, you guys are all keeping it from me?" Xiao Yan Zi shook her head in disbelief. "Who else knows…Huang Ah Ma, does he know? Huang Hou?"

"No, only Er Kang," said Zi Wei, "He…" she tried to explain, but was cut off.

"Trust Er Kang to know! He probably was the one who told Xiao Jian not to tell me. Always being Noble Er Kang…Sometimes I'm surprised you got married to such a bore" yelled Xiao Yan Zi.

Upon hearing Xiao Yan Zi insult Er Kang like her, Zi Wei felt like she had been slapped.

"Please don't speak like that about Er Kang!" she stammered, tears rising to her eyes.

"Of course you protect him, he always has to know everything doesn't he? Thinking he knows best! Nobody has the right to keep me from knowing about my own family. Anyone else would have known that! But Er Kang's always taking things his own way…"

"Xiao Yan Zi…" said Zi Wei, raising her voice slightly, "It's not Er Kang's fault. Xiao Jian was the one who said not to tell you, he's only protecting you."

"Protecting me? From what? If the killer is still out there, how does he expect to protect me? What if the killer comes and kills us tomorrow? Is that protecting me? The only way for this to be settled is for the murderer to die, how can Xiao Jian be such a coward? How can he let this cold hearted scoundrel live on?"

"Xiao Yan Zi, you do not want to say that…"

"Say what? That the murderer of my family is a scoundrel? Are you on his side now? He is a scoundrel, not only a scoundrel, but a cold hearted, good for nothing ghost that deserves to burn in the depths of hell…"

"No Xiao Yan Zi…" scolded Zi Wei, refusing to hear such words about her father whom she worshipped.

"No what? Don't tell me you're on his side? I can't believe you would stick up for the son of a bitch…"

"STOP Xiao Yan Zi, STOP! You mustn't! It's Huang Ah Ma…you cannot insult Huang Ah Ma…you cannot!" Zi Wei screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Gasping, she came to her senses, and realized what she just said.

"H…H…Huang Ah Ma?" Xiao Yan Zi shakily let out.

"Xiao Yan Zi…it's not true…that's not what I said" whispered Zi Wei, reaching out to her sister.

Xiao Yan Zi stood in shock. No, it wasn't true, it couldn't be. It mustn't be Huang Ah Ma…he was her…Huang Ah Ma…her father…how…but…

"No…no…it cannot be…you're joking aren't you" she forced a laugh while trying her best to hold back her tears. "It's not…not true," she stammered, before running out of Jing Yang Gong.

"Xiao Yan Zi!" Zi Wei called after her, giving chase, but Xiao Yan Zi used her qing gong to race off before Zi wei could catch her.

"What…what have I done?" Zi Wei thought to herself.