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Chapter 1 – The first meeting

I was excited, like really excited. It was FINALLY my final year of high school and after an amazing summer vacation I thought my life couldn't get any better. After I got up from bed, had some coffee and said goodbye to my mom, I went my way.

'Yo Rizzoli, over here!' Yelled Frost at me when I came into the school. Barry Frost was a good friend of mine. He always had my back and he was just a special guy, so when I walked up to him I gave him a quick hug. 'I didn't peg you as the hugging type Rizzoli.' And there was Korsak. He could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but overall he was a really great guy.
We talked for a while, and a few more guys came to talk with us, and when we were talking about the new teacher, a few guys reacted.. well like boys do. Frost and I were in the class of a so called 'Dr. Isles'. 'I heard she is smoking!' I heard a few guy say, and when they were talking about what they wanted to do with her, I ignored everything.

I always had guy friend because they were so much more fun. They always laughed with each other and unlike girls they always had your back when you earned their respect.

When I was paying attention again, they were still talking about our teacher and I was getting pissed. 'Like we don't know you're really gay, Crow. We all know you always had a boner when you were in the class by Mr. Torres.' A few guys were hiding their grins and I saw Crow was getting red. He mumbled something that no one understood and we went are own ways to the classroom.

My first class was that from Dr. Isles. Frost and I were sitting in the back of the class and talking with each other when she walked in. When I looked up I saw that she wasn't old at all. She was maybe 2/3 years older than I was. She had gorgeous honey blond hair, the most beautiful hazel eyes I've ever seen and don't let me start about her body and that dress that hugged all of her curves the right way. She was just plain hot.

Wait; did I just think she was hot? A woman? My teacher? Jesus Rizzoli, keep yourself together!

When we locked eyes I felt some sort of electricity course through my body and I got this tingly feeling on my skin. I just couldn't stop staring at my beautiful teacher.

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