Hello everyone and welcome to the sequel of "the forgotten sister"

It'll retell Henry's and Mary's story from Henry's POV and I hope you enjoy it.

This is just as short teaser to start with and I hope to update more often with longer chapters to come

I heaved a sigh and looked around the small ballroom. I despised gatherings like this, probably because I had to visit them on a regular basis.

I disliked almost everything about it. The people, all interested in social standings and wealth instead of the person beneath the surface.

Usually I was surrounded by women, trying to catch my eye, knowing what my interest would mean. Wealth, connections, luxury.

But tonight was different for one certain reason. The woman standing to my right. Her glare scared off any potential interested ladies.

But th glare was only for others, when she looked at me, I received the most horrific expression. A smile, so bright and so obviously affected that it hurt my eyes. She flashed one of those smiled at me, once I turned back and continued to listen to whatever it was she had been telling me about.

"…which is why I think we should have the wedding as soon as possible." she concluded and I shuddered. She was talking about our wedding.

We barely knew each other. This was the second time we had actually met, how could she be so interested in marrying me?

Well, I of course knew that. It was because she was like everyone else. She wanted my title, the money, the prestige.

And that disgusted me.

Our parents had decided a long time ago that we would marry. I was not happy about that arrangement, but Camille obviously was.

That didn't stop me from hoping to find a way out of this engagement.

"I was wondering what you think about that…" she finally said and looked up at me. Her blue eyes held so much admiration, I really didn't understand that. She had pinned her blond hair skillfully to the back of her head and wore a blue dress that accented her slender figure.

It wasn't that she was plain, quite the contrary, but I didn't feel drawn to her. Which probably had to do with her character. I liked to think that the mind of a person was just as important as the appearance.

"I think we should get to know each other first." I told her honestly, even though I was already sure that I didn't want to marry her. The thought of spending the rest of my life with her pained me.

"Of course. And I cannot wait to know everything about you." She told me, again with that bright, not real, smile of hers.

"I highly doubt that." I mumbled when she started talking about. About her favorite topic. The few times I had met her, I had found out that Camille only loved one thing more than wealth and that was Camille.

I heaved another deep sight. This would be a very long night.

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