A/N: My first Fanfic for Hetalia, based on a vocaloid song 'Dark Wood's Circus'. I own neither the song or Hetalia. I don't own Vocaloid either. Enjoy!

"Come on, Mattie," yelled a boy who looked to be around seventeen. His hair was a mix of blonde and brown; one gravity-defying lock stood on top of his head. To many, the sight was quite ridiculous. The boy held onto the wrist of his twin, Matthew, and ran. Both boys wore glasses. Matthew, who was slightly shorter than his brother, also had blonde hair of a lighter colour.

"W-wait! Alfred!" He protested, trying to dodge trees as well as slow his reckless brother down. Alfred stopped and turned to face the other boy.

"Where are we going?" Asked Matthew shyly.

"Here!" Alfred smiled, pulling out a leaflet from his pocket. He showed it to his brother.

"What? 'Dark Wood's Circus'?" A look of horror etched its way upon Matthew's face.

"Yeah!" Cheered Alfred, oblivious to Matthew's discomfort.

"Alfred, that place is an urban legend. It's not real," Matthew sighed. "Besides, even if it were real, it's supposed to be a place of horror and deformity."

Alfred didn't look too convinced.

"It's real!" He cried.

The two boys had been standing in the middle of a forest for a while now, arguing over the existance of Dark Wood's Circus. Alfred, being as popular as he was, heard of the place from his 'friends' at school. He didn't display his excitement and enthusiasm at school - no one believed Dark Wood's Circus to be real. The brothers continued to quarrel with Matthew showing rare bursts of confidence. They didn't notice a figure standing between two of the tallest trees around them.

"Dark Wood's Circus is real! It is! It has to be!" Alfred shouted.

"Clever boy," a sarcastic voice with a thick British accent called out.

The brothers flinched from the shock. Matthew, the older twin (by minutes), felt the urge to protect Alfred.

"Who... who's there?" He asked.

For some reason, he felt as if the shadowed figure standing in front of them was pleased. Smug, at least. He was right. Out of the eerie shadows stepped a boy much shorter than the twins. He had sandy blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Alfred, for some reason, felt captivated by them.

"Ha," the shorter boy laughed. "My name is Arthur Kirkland. Though that is of no importance."

Arthur smirked and pointed towards Alfred.

"So, why do believe in a place such a Dark Wood's Circus? You should listen to your friend here." He asked.

Alfred remained silent. Arthur laughed.

The green eyed boy turned away from the brothers and began to walk back to where he came.

"Wait!" Alfred shouted, stepping forward. He grabbed the Brit by his shoulder. "Who... are you exactly? Arthur, yes, but why do you speak of Dark Wood's Circus like you do?" Alfred wanted to know the truth about the place of myth and legend. Arthur froze in the taller boy's grip.

"You are a normal, average human being. You have a life full of love ahead of you. I will tell you, Dark Wood's Circus is no myth. It's real, I'll give that, however, if you decide to pry further, you may find yourself risking that promising life that awaits you..." Arthur stayed facing away from Alfred.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Asked Matthew. He suddenly became aware of the fact that he was missing his beloved Polar Bear cub, Kumajirou.

"It means," began Arthur. He turned to face the twins, shaking off Alfred's hand and wincing slightly at the loss of warmth. "Go home!" He ordered.

"No way!" Alfred protested. "Not after we've came all this way!"

"Obnoxious Americans..." Snapped Arthur.

"Actually, he's Canadian," smiled Alfred, pointing to his shy brother.