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Note: Other vocaloid songs will be mentioned in this story. The vocaloid song that inspired this chapter is 'Alice (of) Human Sacrifice'.


Gilbert smirked.

"Get a room!" He yelled, smirking.

The two kissing blondes parted. Alfred stared into Arthur's emerald eyes.

"You're an idiot if you think we're leaving," he smiled.

"You're an idiot for staying!" Retorted the shorter boy. He was blushing.

"You're not the first of people to enter this circus. You're not the first of people who have befriended acts." Arthur began.

"People before you have entered the circus, and let me tell you, each and every one of them met gruesome, bloody fates."

"The first was a young girl. Her name was Elizaveta. She was pretty, smart and quite the talker. Despite this, she had a dark side. She was violent. She caused chaos within the circus. She pranced around with a frying pan. She would often smash it on people's heads." Arthur continued to tell the story of Elizaveta whilst still in Alfred's embrace. "France didn't have the heart to stop her. He doesn't have a heart at all. He allowed her to harm his 'employees'. It wasn't long before Elizaveta crossed paths with Russia. One flick of the wrist. That was all it took. Elizaveta had hit Russia with her weapon and soon after, Russia ensured that there was nothing left of her but memories." Arthur sounded monotone.

"One death?" Alfred asked, unconvinced. "What makes you so sure it will happen again?"

"She wasn't the circus' only victim," Arthur quickly informed.

"The next outsider to visit the circus was a rich musician. His name was Roderich. He stayed here at the circus for quite a while. He often sung to many of the circus' acts. I remember, he had an amazing voice, but his lyrics were often words of insanity. One of the circus' acts at the time, Switzerland, a crazed gunner, detested his voice. I'm not sure why. He'd grown tired of Roderich's constant singing. He shot him in the head. Roderich was the second to have his life taken."

Alfred felt oddly nervous.

"The third victim was a girl named Victoria. She was a whore. There's no nice way to put it. She visited the circus constantly and allowed several acts to toy with her. It was sickening. France soon became aware of her visits and began to join in; he too began messing around with her. France harboured no feelings for her. After a while, he gained no satisfaction from her acts. He disposed of her." Arthur spoke of Victoria in a dark tone. Alfred suspected that her behaviour disgusted him.

"Three deaths." Alfred muttered. "What makes you think Matthew and I have the same fate?"

"Three deaths and two lives which, I suspect, will soon spiral out of control." Arthur frowned. "You and your brother are the fourth and fifth visitors of this circus. Leave whilst you still can."


Gilbert began to tire of mocking Alfred and Arthur. There wasn't much of a show left either. Instead of snogging, they were conversing.

"Ah man!" He whined. "This is so boring. Unawesome!"

"Uh, Gilbert?" Matthew murmured, trying to capture the German's attention. "Your act was sickening."

"Thanks, Birdie!" The deformed man cheered. "That means a lot to me!" A bright smile was plastered onto his face.

"No, Gilbert. That wasn't a compliment." Matthew began to let his frustration better him.

The bird in Gilbert's hair ruffled it's feathers. It squawked at the Canadian twin.

"Calm down Gilbird." The albino silenced his angry pet. "Deformity is my job. It's all I know." Gilbert sounded quite serious. "I'd appreciate it if we left it at that. Don't insult my works."

Matthew was about to protest. A bellowing voice echoed around the circus' arena.


"Ah, Angliya!" A loud, seemingly sweet voice called. The two circus acts and the twins turned to the source of the voice. Russia, the tall, manipulative cannibal stared back at the four boys.

"Uh..." Arthur muttered. He stepped out of the American's embrace. "Yes? Can I help you, Russia?"

"Da!" Smiled Russia. "Da, you can, malyutka."

A wave of possessiveness flooded Alfred. Matthew shuffled closer to Gilbert. Gilbird buried himself in Gilbert's messy hair and the German's eyes widened.

"Oh nein..." He muttered.

"How can I be of assistance?" Offered Arthur.

Russia's creepy smile grew larger.

"Angliya..." Russia began. The tall circus act took advantage of England's condition; shirtless, bleeding, wings folded, vunerable. He grabbed the undead boy by the arm and pulled him closer. His grip was a lot harsher than Alfred's tender yet forceful embraces. Alarmed, the American boy lunged for the Briton's waist.

"One more move, Amerika," Russia threatened. His gloved fingers traced Arthur's collar bone. "Poor Angliya will not see tomorrow's sunrise, da?"

Alfred felt his words stick in his throat.

The cannibalistic man turned Arthur around by his shoulders. He now faced Alfred. Russia leant his face down to Arthur's exposed neck. He nipped lightly the pale skin. Arthur squeaked.

"Nice and soft... da?" Russia smirked. "Easy to pierce. Cold. Colder than any living human!"

"What...?" Muttered England.

"Bastard!" Yelled Alfred. "Let him go!"

"Why should I?" Russia practically giggled.

Gilbert didn't know what to do. Matthew clung tightly to his circus uniform.

"Calm down, Birdie!" He tried to soothe the older twin.

Russia began to drag Arthur out of the circus' ring.

"Hey!" Alfred yelled.

Russia glared at him. He still wore a eerie smirk.

"Chtoby ne volnovat'sya," he sighed in Russian. "Dear Frantsiya shall have to come here! Fratsiya!" He yelled.

His voice bellowed and echoed throughout the circus.

"After Fratsiya is finished with you," Russia spoke sweetly into Arthur's ear. "Become one with mother Russia? Da, sahar?"

"Never! Russia! Let me-ah.. go!" Arthur struggled in the Russian's arms.

"Arthur!" Alfred shouted. He dived towards the Brit before two strong hands held him back by his shoulder. Weight was pushing down on his form. "Ah.." He winced.

Ukraine, as tall as ever, stood over him. She held him back.

"Vybach dorohoyu," she apologised in her native tongue. "I am only followed dear Frantsiya's orders." She held the American still without any real effort. She was as strong as she was tall.

"Ah, Angleterre!" France cooed as he entered the circus arena.

Arthur's head shot up to meet the amused eyes of his dictator.

"France..." He seethed. "I swear, once your bloody suck-up of an act releases me, I'm going to tear you to shreds!"

France laughed.

"Honhonhonhonhon!~ You're not in any position to hand out threats!" He smirked.

His expression became stern.

"Now." He ordered fiercely.

Without warning, several of the circus' acts entered the ring. Alfred, who stood still restrained by Ukraine, watched helplessly as they each launched attacks at Arthur. Russia prevented the emerald-eyed boy from escaping or retaliating.

"Ah!" The Briton yelled, shocked.

China waved a wok around aimlessly, catching Arthur several times. The Italian brothers reluctantly threw a few punches at the defenceless boy. A small girl with a cold expression and short blonde hair wielded a gun. She aimed the device at Arthur and watched as it spat out bullets at him.

"Good work, Liechtenstein!" France applauded the young girl.

The girl nodded her head.

"I hope I can become as useful and as amazing as big bruder was." She smiled and continued to blast bullets at Arthur.

The undead boy screamed as pieces of metal lodged themselves into his body. He grunted in pain as fists and woks bruised his pale skin.

"Arthur!" Alfred yelled. He felt tears sting his eyes.

"Hush now!" Ukraine desperately tried to silence him. "He's okay! Don't worry, Amerika!"

Concern was evident in the woman's voice.

"Arthur!" Alfred choked on his own words and tears. Arthur let out an ear-piercing scream as Liechtenstein shot out another bullet. Russia let his body crumple to the dirty ground below. Ebony blood stuck to Arthur's wings and soaked into the ground.

"Arthur!" Alfred cried once again. His voice sounded desperate. He fought against Ukraine.

Arthur's limp body was peeled from the filth and grime beneath him. Russia roughly carried Arthur by his shoulders and tossed him aside. He then took Alfred off of Ukraine's hands and did the same to him. Alfred landed on his knees and skidded beside Arthur. France cackled and he and his acts dismissed themselves. Gilbert and Matthew still remained unmoving, unsure of what to do.

"Arthur..." Alfred croaked out the smaller boy's name. His voice was strained and his throat was dry. He shuffled over to the other boy and cradled his smaller, thin frame in his arms, pressing kisses to his bloodied forehead.

"...Alfred..." Arthur weakly choked out. His jet-black wings were folded behind his back. His emerald eyes shone with unshed tears.
"I... I-I..." Arthur struggled to voice his words. He stuttered. Tears ran down his face.

"Shhh..." Alfred stroked the sandy blonde's hair.

"I... don't want you to get hurt. I won't allow it." Arthur sobbed.

"I won't allow them to abuse you like this any more!" Alfred vowed.

Arthur found himself leaning into Alfred's gentle touches.

The two blondes, both stained with ebony blood, fell asleep in a quiet embrace. Alfred held tightly onto Arthur. That night, the two dreamt of a shared, liberated future full of hopes and love.

Gilbert finally found the courage to move. He held Matthew's hand and directed him down several of the circus' benches.

"This can no longer go on!" He grit his teeth as he examined his injured comrade and the blue-eyed boy holding him.

Matthew winced at the sight.

"This is madness."


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