Just another author that few know of attempting to write GokuxChi-Chi. I would greatly appreciate if you give me any feedback for my story, because I seriously suck at romance. Due to this being AU, Frieza does not exist, and the saiyans simply have as much technology as humans. (The Arcosians aren't there either) No scouters, rejuvenation tanks, battle armor (which means ordinary clothes), or out of planet traveling. So, enough babbling, let's get to the story.

Concerning vampires and slayers…

Vampires always had many stereotypes surrounding them, such as sleeping in coffins. Most of them were absolutely ridiculous, like the former. Yet, some were true. They do suck blood, do have cold skin (as they no longer possess blood in their bodies), and they were immortal beings with inhuman strength and speed. Vampires, as they were always evil (barely any exceptions in history), could also summon dark magic to enhance their powers.

However, they do not turn to cinder under the sun, nor do they turn into bats. Those were simply random fantasies made up by people whose imaginations were too vivid for their own good.

People always believed that vampires become vampires because they were bitten. That was not entirely true. It was possible, but none in existence were human-made. They were born when they died, the souls unable to accept that they had died, and the denial corrupted one's heart, becoming the dangerous creature.

Perhaps it was the best for vampires to only exist on Planet Vegeta, where the most powerful beings of the universe reside in. Not that they were able to fight of the creatures of the dark, though. Only a selection of them had the ability, who all lived in a small, hidden village far away from the main city. They were the vampire slayers, trained at a young age to cleanse their planet.

Slayers were also the only ones to possess holy energy, the only thing effective against these creatures other than stabbing them in the heart.

For centuries, the two opposing forces fought violently, but always secretly, as both sides knew it would become catastrophic if the mortal world knew about the dark world.

And there was Gyu Mao, the best vampire slayer in history, finally retired after years of battling evil. But he had a daughter, Chi-Chi, who hated vampires more than anything else. She carried on her father's legacy, but little did she know that many trials await her, and one of them involved her accidentally falling in love with the second most strongest vampire after the One, the Assassin…


A young vampire that went by the name Goku quickly walked through the dark streets of the main city on Planet Vegeta, his tail curled around his waist. His hair stuck out in odd angles, and he wore a leather jacket with gi pants to not attract too much attention.

He was in a much more ghetto part of the city with a mission his master, the One, had given him. It was just passing a message to a bar that was owned by a vampire, not that ordinary saiyans knew about it. The vampire in question was becoming more and more ostentatious, and if he persists, the vampire world could be put into danger. And if that happens, that's where Goku would come into the picture.

Goku was known as the Assassin, the second strongest vampire after his master, the one who kills vampires who threatened to danger their world, or who started rebellions. Barely anyone knew what he looked like, as he always left before they could take a good look at him.

Very soon, he reached the bar called Blood Plus. Goku cringed at the name. Really, who would put a name like that? He walked right in toward the bartender.

"May I speak to the owner, please? I have a message to pass," he said.

The bartender started in surprise. "You the one?" he exclaimed, then looked around to see saiyans staring at him curiously. He then lowered it. "You're the Assassin! But, you seem a bit small and young."

"Just because I'm eighteen doesn't make me a child," he said, blushing faintly, annoyed at his comment, his tail bristling. Just because he was small and young didn't mean that he was incapable. He was glad at the low lighting, or the bartender would realize he wasn't…like normal vampires.

That was his secret. He was a human vampire, the only one in existence. None ever survived the painful transformation, but somehow, he did, though it meant having slight differences with his fellow creatures of the dark, namely, the inability to be able to summon a huge mass of dark magic. Sure, he could do simple paralyzing and things like that, but not great spells.

His master instructed that no one would discover he wasn't ordinary, because that meant his other secret would be unveiled. Because he was a human vampire, his heart was still pumping. Blood flowed through his veins, meaning that he could still bleed. Goku was capable of dying from blood loss and/or internal wounds. If his greatest weakness was discovered, killing him would be much easier than it was now.

"Follow me, kid, I'll show you the owner," the bartender muttered, excusing himself temporarily of his job. Goku followed noiselessly.


Chi-Chi hopped from building to building stealthily with several slayers right behind her. They were going through the city, stopping to kill any vampires that were roaming in the night at the area. Killing vampires were revenge to her, as some killed her mother many years ago.

She still remembered the time as clearly as if it happened yesterday. She still remembered her father, the great Gyu Mao, sobbing in despair as he held his wife. Ever since that day, she began training even harder to become the best slayer in history, to continue her father's legacy and to avenge her mother by purging the planet of evil.

And her plan was working so far. She hopped down into a less crowded part of the city and heard faint thuds of her fellow slayers landing beside her. Chi-Chi began walking briskly down the small, mostly empty street. There was one other person, and he had spiky hair sticking out everywhere, his tail waving behind him.

Their tails brushed each other as they walked past, and she froze at the contact. Instead of the normal mortal energy, she felt vampire power in him. Not just the usual amount they possessed; it was abnormally powerful and large. And from her education, only one bore such an amount and would be carrying out missions.

The Assassin.

"Stop!" she yelled, firing a ki blast at him. He quickly dodged it, confused for a second, before registering who she was.

Goku knew without a doubt that she was Chi-Chi, daughter of the legendary slayer Gyu Mao. He started running, cursing his bad luck. So much for a quick exit. Footsteps pounded behind him, chasing after him. She was with an entire group of slayers.

They repeatedly fired ki blasts after him, and he dodged every one of them narrowly. There were sounds of guns firing. The guns held by slayers carried bullets that had been filled with holy power. One bullet in him, he was dead. So Goku immediately took off into the air as fast as he can, summoning some dark magic to further propel him.

Chi-Chi yelled, "Stop him!" But it was in vain, as he already disappeared into the night.

"Crap," she muttered angrily. The other vampire slayers gathered around her curiously, wondering why she was so worked up.

"Who was that, Chi?" Takeshi, one of the slayers, asked her.

"It was the Assassin." And several gasps were heard.

It does seem very similar from the beginning with Kinoha's Accidental Love (Goku's a human vampire, Chi-Chi's a vampire slayer), but there are several differences, and I'm not going to make- I'll shut up now to not spoil the plot. Go read the story! So, what do you think? Reviews will be appreciated.