Yeah… No one probably needs to ask to know that Goku was currently sweating bullets and frightened out of his wits. Seriously, no one in their right mind (if they were in his current situation) would taunt them and beckon the group to fight. Them refers this very dangerous looking group who's glaring at him angrily with deadly weapons at hand, reading to kill at a moment's notice.

Vampires and slayers both are targeting one measly one vampire. How unfair this world is… Of course it is.

But seriously, if he wanted to get out of here alive and mostly (hopefully, actually) alive, he'd have to use his wits and outrun them all. Running away like a coward wasn't his forte, but he had no choice now, did he?

"Right… so all of you want to kill me? Really?" he asked in a light tone, almost teasingly. The implied message was quickly understood by the group.

The leader of the vampire bunch growled. "I was actually contemplating on giving you a quick death then dealing with these." He jerked a scarred thumb toward the slayers. They glared in response. "Now it doesn't seem so possible anymore."

Goku tilted a head in confusion. "You're talking like you could kill me," he responded with a sly grin, "I can't believe how stupid you are to delude yourself into thinking that."

They all advanced, getting into a battle stance as they held the respective weapons protectively in front of their face, ready to attack and defend.

He narrowed his eyes. The only way to get out of this mess is to attack first, then somehow distract them and create a diversion. Doing this will allow him to escape as quick as possible so he could alert all his friends tucked away in his home. He took a deep breath, then charged.

In that split second, three knives flew toward him in attempt to stab. They were targeted at his head and feet, but he turned in mid jump, performing a twist and a flip to land. They plunged uselessly into the tree behind him.

He dashed away from the trees so he would have an advantage in fighting them, instead of been pinned to a tree. Goku took the standard Turtle stance, taught to him by Master Roshi. His hands were placed by his side in such way that a ki ball could easily fit there.

"Ka… me… ha… me…" he chanted. "…. HAAAAAH!" The powerful attack flew out of his cupped hands and into the general direction of his opponents. At first, nothing happened except for explosions, mushroom clouds, and a lot of screaming.

Then, ki blasts were launched back toward him. Goku quickly raised a thick ki shield that deflected them… which hit right in the face of many. He snickered. However, at that moment, he found one of the slayers behind him, ready to fire a bullet into his heart.

The Assassin ducked. The silver bullet hit the shield he put up, shattering it. There was a moment of cause as that had caused another explosion, rocking the earth they stood. He disappeared into the smoke, and his opponents scrambled to find him.

Maybe it was just pure coincidence, or he really got caught, but somehow he found himself cornered by that dratted tree again with guns, spears, and swords pointed at his head. Just great. The back of the knives poked uncomfortably at his back.

"If you kill me, then you'd never know where I hid Chi-Chi," he said conversationally. The words were directed at the slayers.

"We don't need you. We could find her ourselves," the head girl said dismissively, shaking her head.

Goku then took the opportunity to inch to the left, an empty spot where there was a large rock there. Perfect.

"Any last words?" she sneered, loading her gun.

He whipped a green ocarina out of seemingly nowhere. The group stared.

"What… the… hell? Do you want to play a serenade before we kill you or something?" a vampire guy asked, thoroughly confused. Who wouldn't? The instrument seemed slightly suspicious though, and a bit familiar. There was a little memory tugging at his brain, but he couldn't exactly remember.

"This, in case if any of you are interested, is a green ten-hole ocarina bought in a local music store by the main city," he said, dopy smile still on. One of the vampires face palmed.

Tut, tut, tut. E, D, C, A, C, D, E.

Another slayer's head snapped up. "That tune!" he yelled out, alarmed. But it was too late. Goku already stuck a seal onto the rock, making it explode into a million little chunks. Exploded right in their faces. One person screamed out, "MY MAKEUP!"

Goku stopped from grand escape to snicker. He wondered who that was.

He flew at rapid speeds away from that area and hurried frantically back to his friends. He can't afford to lose anytime, in case the two sides might go after him. But if he knew well enough, they might just go and try to kill each other then stop before any major wounds kill.

He skidded to a halt right in front of his little cozy home, charged in, then yelled, "Get the hell outta here before the vampires and slayers come and get ya!"

Obviously, his dramatic entrance was met by wide-eyed looks of confusion.

The Assassin snapped his fingers. "I'm serious. I was just chased by a group of slayers and vampires. I want all of you to run away before any of you get hurt or killed."

The shocked expression melted, forming into a look of understanding.

"Of course, Goku," Bulma said briskly. She stood up. "Up you go, all of you. We should go back to where we each need to be." Then, she jogged out the room, followed by all the others… except her Royale Highness.

"Well?" he snapped, "what are you waiting for? Get out of here! I don't want you to be killed. You could go back to your little slayer village and pretend this big fiasco never existed at all. Isn't that a good idea?"

"Not really, actually," she responded indifferently, standing up as well.

Goku wanted to scream in frustration. "Hey, I'm saving us all from trouble. Can't you just STOP WANTING TO KILL ME?"

Chi-Chi flinched at his furious tone. "That's not my intention!" she retorted. She felt slightly ashamed of herself. It really seemed as if the impression she had put onto the Assassin was an annoying heartless bitch… which was not something that she had in mind.

He glared, not believing. "Then? Uncover my greatest secrets?" his voice was filled with venom.

Her face flushed and she shook her head violently. "No, not that either!"

"Then?" The Assassin's eyes bore into hers.

"I… I…" her voice faltered. Well, what did she really want? She realized that she had somewhat of an obsession about him. He was so mysterious, so dark, powerful, and she knew next to nothing about her. All the strange clues about who he really was fascinated her. Chi-Chi wanted to follow Goku… not to mention, he was really, really, good looking. She blushed deeper.

Goku stared at her, confused. Why was she blushing, or even acting in this weird way?

There was brief silence, then they heard a loud explosion. "Aww fuck…" Goku muttered. He turned to Chi-Chi. "If you really want to follow me," he said stiffly, "you better move your ass now, before they get to us." Then, the Assassin took off towards north.

Chi-Chi grinned inwardly and followed.

This was once again cut short but I wanted to get the chapter out. :3 It's been long overdue. Thanks to all that's still following me! :D