Welcome back to yet another drawn out multi-chapter fic by me, cpw. Big thanks to MaggieMay14 and smmiskimen for their beta magic and to Risbee and Acinad816 for pre-reading and encouraging this madness. Each chapter has alternating POV's, with the present day chapters told in EPOV and the past chapters told in BPOV.

Those who have read my stories before know of my love of art. It's only mentioned in like 10 of them, LOL. This summer I saw an Abstract Expressionist Exhibit in Toronto that had come from MOMA in NYC and it may have brought some light to this story. Each chapter is named after a painting I love. If you are interested, Google them. They are beautiful and compelling.

I don't own Twilight. I do own a HUGE book about Rembrandt.

"I'm interested in expressing the big emotions—
tragedy, ecstasy, doom." – Mark Rothko


Present Day

Have you ever just had one of those moments where time seems to stand still and you look at your surroundings and wonder how in the hell you got there?

I just had one.

I'm twenty-four and somewhat happy in my career and life in general. Sure, it wasn't the field I expected to go in to, but I'm doing okay for myself. I have nice friends and a small but decent apartment, but there was always one thing that eluded me – I never truly fell in love.

I take that back.

I never fell in love again.

There was the one that got away. Isabella Marie Swan to be more precise, though she never let anyone call her that; not even me. For six mind-blowing months we were inseparable. She was my sun and my moon; my life and my art revolved around her.

My art. It no longer existed.

I thought nothing could be worse than the months that followed her leaving, but I was wrong. I was basically a shell of my former self and my brother even tried to stage an intervention, but it's hard to do when it's just him and his girlfriend, now wife, Rosalie there.

I was stubborn, heartbroken and hard to deal with. I still can't fathom why he didn't just have me committed to an asylum. Instead, he dealt with my shit and helped me put back the pieces of my life. I was finally moving in the right direction.

However, things have been made a hundred times worse, because I was forced to sit in a fancy ass restaurant with my family, and my cousin, Peter, brought his fiancée to dinner with us. I hate family dinners, especially ones that include Peter. Thankfully they have been few and far between until now. It seems that Peter and his fiancée are moving to Seattle in a few weeks and were in town to scope out apartments to move into.

Usually this wouldn't affect me, and I would just nod my head and strike up some casual conversation with Peter about his beloved Chicago Cubs, because lord knows he never really cared to talk about anything that interested me. However, this time, I'm slack-jawed and silent, because his fiancée is none other than Isabella Marie Swan.

The girl who broke my heart.

And she wouldn't even make eye contact with me. How fucked up is that?

Final note - all remaining chapters will be much longer than this. LOL. Thanks for reading.