Chapter 1

Awaken the power...

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BTW: I think it was sad how Kimimaru died, as well as Tayuya, so I'm gonna have Naruto save them for later in the story.

Summary: Naruto brings Sasuke back after the of the valley of the end battle when he awakens his true potential. But because of it he is banished from the Leaf Village, marked as a Missing Nin. Ten years later a new powerful village is discovered, and their Kage is not only powerful, he's the Wind Sage! Smart/Powerful Naruto x Fem. Kyuubi /Harem. Enjoy! R&R! Major Sasuke and Sakura bashing!

Buckle your seat belts this is gonna kick ass!

Normal p.o.v.

Sasuke Uchiha stood over the defeated form of Naruto Uzumaki, the self proclaimed next "Hokage of Konoha". He smirked as he looked at his former teammates unconscious body. He frowned when he saw that where his Chidori had punctured Naruto's chest, and supposedly his heart, was unharmed aside from a stain of blood and smear of dirt. 'What is this dobe indestructible?' His gaze shifted and then he noticed something. Something vital...Naruto's eyes were open...and they were locked on him.

Jumping back so there was at least twenty feet between them he activated his Sharingan, "Still want some more, huh Dobe?", He yelled ready to test his new Sharingan abilities, the fact that he was going to use them on Naruto just making it the harder to wait for his move. He watched as Naruto stood up not even showing any sign of fatigue or exhaustion, as though he had never been hit with the Chidori in the first place.

Naruto looked at Sasuke's forehead protector with the slash threw the Leaf Village symbol, He let out a dreadful sigh, "Teme, if I can't persaude you to comeback, than at least tell me why you're doing this.", this in turn caused Sasuke to scowl.

"Dobe, I already told you! I'm doing this so I can get stronger and defeat Itachi, you, Kakashi, Sakura and all of Konoha are holding me back from doing that! So unless you wanna eat a Chidori this time you'd better stay out of my way!", Sasuke yelled. And with that he turned around only to come face to face with Naruto once more. "You just don't give up do you?", He said in a low dangerous voice, before he attempted to stab the clone in the neck with a kunai. He didn't expect Naruto to stop the attempt...especially by allowing the kunai to pierce threw his left hand which immediately grasped onto Sasuke's hand that had yet to let go of the kunai. The pain didn't seem to affect Naruto at all.

Sasuke noticed Naruto had a scowl on his face with his head tilted down, shadows concealing Naruto's bright blue eyes. Naruto's voice was low and emotionless as he spoke, "Teme how can you say that...", Naruto raised his head revealing his cerulean blue eyes with slitted pupils. What startled Sasuke was not that they slitted, but that they were pure white.

"How can you say such a thing about them? Kakashi who trained you like you were his own son! And Sakura! You know she loves you! She was in tears when we left to get you! And here you are! Leaving her and your entire humanity behind to give yourself to that treacherous snake Orochimaru!"

Sasuke was about to yell back at him when he felt Naruto's hand clamp down harder, causing him to hiss in pain. "And don't lye to me or yourself by saying he's helping you, dammit! Was he 'helping' you when he gave you that mark during the chunnin exams? Hell no! He was marking you for his own use Sasuke! He was planning on using you like a pawn in game of chess! You're eyes can see many things, Sasuke, but they're blind to Orochimaru's true intentions."

Sasuke had enough of Naruto telling him off. Thanks to his Sharingan he managed to from a Chidori in his left hand before he brought it up and into Naruto's stomach, right where his seal was. Naruto gasped in pain as the chakra from the Chidori danced about and within his body, his grip on Sasuke's hand loosened before he released his hand convulsing violently with a horrible electric crackling in his ears. Sasuke smirked at this before he started to lift Naruto up with his Chidori still embedded in Naruto's stomach.

"Nothing to say now huh, loser?", Sasuke said smugly before he tossed Naruto in the air and kicked him in his stomach wound sending Naruto flying back twelve feet. Naruto landed with a yelp of pain, his wound pulsating waves of pain throughout his body. 'I can't give up...I promised Sakura-chan...I'd bring back...Teme.', That was the only thought that kept him from passing out from pain and blood loss. Then he felt it, a surge of chakra that did'nt feel like Kyuubi's, but like his own. He found the strength to push himself up and stand. Sasuke's eyes widened at what he saw, Naruto's wound had healed right before his very eyes and there wasn't a scar to show it had been there. But what was there was a seal so complex that he couldn't figure out one mark in it, even with his Sharingan at it's full three levels he couldn't decipher one bit of it. What confused him was that it was glowing white and bright blue, and the two colors seemed to try to dominate over the other.

Suddenly Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke and decked him hard in the jaw. Sasuke was knocked back from the blow and slammed into the foot of one of the statues. He looked around for Naruto and spotted him two hundred feet away. But even from this distance He saw something that scared him, Naruto's skin...was burning off of his body, turning to nothing but white smoke. His clothes following suit as he was suddenly encased in a spiral of white and blue chakra that whipped around so violently it looked like fire. But when the flames died down what he saw shocked him to no end...

Two hundred feet away from him was a demonic fox. It's fur and entire body seemed to be a human-fox crossbreed made of nothing but blue and white chakra that rippled and moved in a nonexistent wind. It's back had a very prominent bend like an actual fox's, on the very top of it's back was a spiral of red chakra fur that was a perfect replica of Naruto's spiral symbol. It's feet were like elongated human feet but with the big toe drawn back along the foot like a clawed thumb. It had a single tail that was mostly white near the tip. It swayed behind it like a cat's and looked anything but fluffy and soft. The most shocking feature was it's head and face. You could see spikes of blue and white hair/fur on top of the head with two ears on top of the head on either side. It had a human looking nose and mouth but when it opened it's mouth Sasuke got a glimpse of it's bright blue fangs that looked like they could bite any thing. It's entire face was a mask of dark blue chakra fur.

"Naruto?", Sasuke whispered so low he barely heard it. The Fox's right here twitched before it turned it's head towards him. His red Sharingan eyes met a pair of bright silver blue eyes that contained no pupils or irises. Sasuke knew one thing was for sure. Naruto wasn't the dead last every thought him to be.

"...Sasuke...Uchiha...!", This was the only thing Fox Naruto said before taking a step towards Sasuke...

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