Once there was a dark land. It was always cold, always night. There were no stars to light the way. The people who lived in this desolate land existed in terror that one day the darkness would devour them all. One day a villager went out into the dark night to try to find help, everyone was sure he would die. However his family never gave up hope, for every year he was gone they would light a lantern and float it down the river next to their house. Ten years passed. It was the anniversary of the day the man set off. At midnight all the lanterns that had been sent suddenly came back, floating down the river. The village was frantic, and tried desperately to get them out of the river before they drifted past. They finally did, but there was a note attached to the last one. It said to turn out all the lights in the village and live on top of the highest hill they could find for two whole weeks. Everyone was highly confused, but in light of what had just happened they did as they were told. Two weeks later they came back and found a man sat by a gigantic pitch black snake. Most tried to run away at the sight. Until the man spoke and said, "I have returned and now we may all live in the light," all were, again, confused. That very night the beast rose up and took to the sky, eating up the darkness. The next day the village in the darkness saw light for the first time. From that day onward whenever the darkness came to the land a bright light would fill the sky in shape of a snake, it is said that that light is the snake devouring the darkness to give birth to a new day.

Mushi: Kuchini Yami

Form: takes the form of a giant black snake when resting or a long serpentine looking string of light when feeding

Effects on the planet: can cause a lack of darkness in its feeding area

Special traits: Lives for thousands for years, will live its entire life in an area of its choosing.