Hey everybody! I know what you're probably thinking. 'She's in the middle of four other stories, why the hell would she start another one?' Well I'll tell you why! Nobody gives the losers any cred. Ralph gets the girl. Jack gets the girl. Does Maurice? Does Simon? Does Piggy? Does ROGER? No! I am on a mission of mercy to give these poor, neglected boys a chance with the ladies. In Teenagers, well, those of you who have read it probably know where it's headed. Who knows? Maybe Simon won't DIE! this time. I've got one chapter left in Neverland, so then I'll be down to three again.
This story is another geeks get the girls story. Well not geeks. In all honesty, I only wrote that because I'm listening to that song on my iPod. Heheh. Anywho. A loser gets the girl. One of teh aforementioned neglected boys. Here's a better summary.
Summary: All rules of psychology clearly state that a sociopath is a person who cannot experience remorse, love, or any emotions besides anger and hatred. But no two minds are exactly alike. When Roger McAllistor was sixteen years old was diagnosed as a sadistic sociopath and committed ot a mental hospital. A year later, while on a vacation to America (she spent the last year living in England) a girl from his past walks back into his life.

Five year old Isabella Martinez got in a car crash on the way home from ballet practice. Her mother was okay. Bella…wasn't. Shortly after the arriving at the hospital, Bella went into a coma. A week after Bella's accident, her kindergarten class went on a field trip to visit her.

"Quiet kids. Don't disturb the patients." Ms. O'Reilly, the kindergarten teacher, told the kids. The children quieted down, but still giggled and whispered to each other. One dark-haired boy was silent though.

The class reached Bella's room. They went silent as they entered. One by one, they set down cards, stuffed animals, letters, and balloons by her bed. A few kids sniffled at the sight of their friend lying still in the bed, sleeping dreamlessly, her chocolatey brown hair splayed across the pillow.

"Ms. O'Reilly? Is Bella gonna wake up soon?" Bella's best friend Ally asked shyly, sniffling.

"Well Ally, I hope so." Ms. O'Reilly said sadly. Ally and Bella's other best friend Becky walked up to Bella's bed timidly. They pulled up a chair and stood on it so they could see over the bed rail.

"Bella, we brought you Brownie and Mr. Bubbles." Becky said. The two girls put a stuffed horse and a stuffed monkey in her arms. "We know you can't sleep good without 'em."

"And we brought you a picture of your puppy Shadow. In case you miss him." Ally added. She put the picture on Bella's bedside table.

"That was very nice of you girls. Now we should get out of this nice doctor's way so he can help Bella get better." Ms. O'Reilly said. The children followed her out of the room. But the dark-haired boy turned back at the last second. He remembered a story his mommy told him before bedtime a few nights before. He walked up and stood on the chair Ally and Becky had pulled up. Quickly, before he could chicken out, the boy gently kissed Bella on the cheek. Then he hopped off the chair and ran out to catch up to the rest of his class. Seconds later, little Bella Martinez woke up just in time to see a dark-haired boy run out the door.

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