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Quiet Day

It was a quiet day at the café. Earlier Alpha had awoken and stretched glancing by her bed to the place she put out the futon when Kokone was there. Alpha smiled remembering when Takaherio had slept there as well. She would check the mail today, perhaps Maki had written a letter.

Alpha made coffee and breakfast. As a matter of routine she put out the "Open" sign. It had been 2 weeks since the last customers. They had been sailing around the coast by boat and had heard of her place by rumor.

Ojisan's prediction had come to be first there were only the older residents of the area remaining as the young moved away. Then they also were gone.

She had worked in the garden the day before and it would require no attention today. For a time she puttered around the café then she decided to go for a walk. She took her camera. She would probably not take any pictures but it was a kind of company.

She glanced at the shed she had built. It held the pickup, a tractor, her scooter and a pair of bicycles. There was also room for Kokone's scooter.

For a moment she watched the water of the ocean sparkling in the sun. Then she started walking down the road. It had become more of a track than anything else each year more of the asphalt was overcome by the grass.

A bird passed overhead and attracted her attention. In the distance appeared mount Fuji and she paused absorbed by its beauty.

She walked on observing the grass, bushes, and trees. She was distracted by a patch of wild strawberries and picked some. She saw a thunderstorm off in the distance and shuddered at the thought of being hit by lightning. If that occurred now there would be no one to come to her aid.

The storm was small and she soon observed it was continuing out over the ocean. Soon the only reminders of its passage were a few high clouds.

She decided to return to the café by way of the shoreline. This path was harder and required more of her concentration. She saw some flying fish these reminded her of Ayase and she wondered if he was still traveling with the kamas.

She rested on a rock on the shoreline observing the distant smoke of a ship far to sea. Her thoughts turned to owner. She was enough of a realist to know that wherever he had gone it had been long enough that he would never return.

Entranced by the beauty of the sea she lost track of time and the sunset was approaching as she returned home. Along the road streetlamp trees competed with their manmade counterparts to light the way. As time passed the working streetlamps became fewer and fewer as their bulbs burned out. The path remained lit however as there were more and more of the trees. In the dimming light for a moment she thought a note was attached to the door but it was merely a passing leaf fluttering by.

No customers today she thought, but there will be tomorrow she had an uncanny way of knowing these things.

Inside she made another cup of coffee and sat for a time on the deck. There was a full moon with 3 rings. Alpha relaxed enjoying her quiet time alone. She enjoyed being alone and yet she reflected she enjoyed the time spent with customers and the time with Kokone when she stayed at the café. As she grew tired and prepared to head inside a shooting star crossed the sky.

Yawning she dressed for bed. Tomorrow would be another day for now she slid gently into sleep a small smile on her lips.