I walked down London's cobbled road at 11:00 in the evening, the streets were getting quieter but I didn't need more than two people tonight. The whores flirted with the males as they flocked by keeping an eye out for the police. I smiled a woman who passed by me, her blue eyes looked down with a small smile as she passed, I heard her heartbeat quicker and I turned away quickly, I had seen her before as the governess maid, the last thing I needed was exposure.

I looked to the corner of a deserted alley way and saw him, my creation. He looked at me with a calm face he tilted my head to the side he turned and walked away. I followed, he had been a pain in my side ever since I had turned him.

I followed him down the alley he disappeared round the corner and I chuckled to myself but I was slightly irritated I was in no mood for games tonight, as I walked down the side road I looked round to see where he was. The doors had been boarded up as well as the windows. I saw a drunken man sleeping in the corner of one of the abandoned houses front porch. I looked up and saw him come out from the doorway I eyed him warily wondering what type of game he was playing. Just as I was about to take another step I felt a sharp pain into my back when I turned I saw two men had stabbed me with silver stakes and then I turn to my front and my creation stabs me in my chest, did this fools think I could die from a simple stabbing of silver? But another blow came to my sides but this time by silver sticks I am pinned, I try to fight but find it difficult, he knew I hadn't fed making it difficult for me to connect myself to my true strength. I was pushed inside a box and then I was closed away from the world.