Chapter 2

I made sure everything was packed before I left, I didn't want anything important left behind. The guards had been hired and were surrounding the house as I set up. I had given them strict instructions no one was to enter the house apart from me, if there was a problem they should call me immediately. I was looking forward to returning to New Orleans.

The day was warm as I stood in the meadow; I wore a long blue dress with my brown hair down and straight. I soaked in the days' sun and sighed with a content smile on my face.

I felt arms being wrapped around me, soft little kisses being placed around my earlobe and then my neck. I knew who it was but my mind was a complete blank, all I knew was this man would keep me safe, safe away from the dangers in the world, safe from my crazed husband, safe in his arms. I linked my hands with his and turned my head slightly so he could kiss my forehead

"Relax Rose, I with you now" he whispered softly into my ear making my eyes close immediately.

"How long shall you be with me my lord?" I questioned, feeling my heart clench to his answer

"Forever my love, forever"

I sat up quickly as I was, once again, interrupted by my alarm clock which was flashing 7:00 at me and telling me to get up. I slammed the button down and the noise suddenly stopped. I sighed in content and thought about my dream, maybe my friends were right, maybe I needed to see someone about them. But where was I going to find the money to see a person and tell them about my dreams. They were never scary per-sa but some were…un-nerving.

I climbed out of my warm and comfy bed before dragging my feet across my carpet and into my bathroom. The apartment was quiet and Alice's toothbrush wasn't in the holder. I guess she slept as Jasper's again. Tonight I would be working at a bar called XOX. It was better then the other bar work I had done in the past, no-one pinched my ass or tried to hit on me. I spat the toothpaste from my mouth before rinsing my mouth with the blue mouthwash.

I looked myself in the mirror and looked at the dark circles underneath my eyes, in 7 days I would be turning 20, the big 20. Alice of course was planning it I would hear her whispering to Rose about strawberries with champagne and elegant with a hint of madness. I was dreading it I hated my birthday being celebrated, hated everyone got me presents. Anyway back to normality I quickly got changed and ran towards Starbucks where I would be meeting Jake.

Hush whispers

The creaking of floorboards

Three people entered the private residents of a rich and respected man's home, seeking what they thought was a hidden treasure which they would profit from.

"Are you sure it was here Vic? What's it suppose to be anyway?"

"I've told you this, I heard him talking about it with another guy, it's supposed to be placed beneath the floor underneath the picture of Alexander the Great" Victoria whispered. The three kept on searching each floor until they found the picture of Alexander the great. James, a blond man with dirty finger nails and muddy boots, approached the picture hearing a loader creak of the floorboards beneath him.

"Get the tools Vic" Laurent whispered to her, Laurent was a tall man with olive skin and black eyes, James and Laurent waited for Victoria to get the tools out of the bag so they could begin

"Hurry up" James hissed "The guards will wake up soon"

"Shut up" she hissed back, before tying up her fiery red hair, she gave him a sledge hammer and he quickly got to work.

"You know you can help Laurent" James panted as he repeatedly hit the floor with the hammer, only cracking slightly.

"Fine, but I told you to go to the gym" his friend sighed.

The kept on hammering while Victoria kept watch, they had tied the guards with rope and sealed their mouths with tape but it was just in case they had triggered a secret alarm.

"Shit" James hissed he clutched his hand

"What?" Victoria placed the light where his hand was and saw it was bleeding "I told you to go to the hospital so they can stitch up the wound properly"

"Hey guys" Laurent moved some floorboards out of the way and Victoria helped him by lifting the box out of the hole

Victoria gasped stood back "Is…is that a coffin?"

"You've got to be fucking kidding me" James hissed leaning over the coffin

"You're getting blood on it James" Laurent pushed him out of the way

Little did they know, James' blood seeped through the cracks of the coffin and entered the bodies mouth. The creature's eyes opened immediately. He felt the chains wrapped around his body and recalled his last moments of freedom in his mind.


I walked down London's cobbled road at 11:00 in the evening, the streets were getting quieter but I didn't need to feed on more than two people tonight. The whores flirted with the males as they flocked by keeping an eye out for the police. I smiled a woman who passed by me, her blue eyes looked down with a small smile as she passed, I heard her heartbeat quicker and I turned away quickly, I had seen her before as the governess maid, the last thing I needed was exposure.

I looked to the corner of a deserted alley way and saw him, my creation. He looked at me with a calm face he tilted his head to the side as he turned and walked away. I followed; he had been a pain in my side ever since I had turned him.

I followed him down the alley he disappeared round the corner and I chuckled to myself but I was slightly irritated I was in no mood for games tonight, as I walked down the side road I looked round to see where he was. The doors had been boarded up as well as the windows. I saw a drunken man sleeping in the corner of one of the abandoned houses front porch. I looked up and saw him come out from the doorway I eyed him warily wondering what type of game he was playing. Just as I was about to take another step I felt a sharp pain into my back when I turned I saw two men had stabbed me with silver stakes and then I turn to my front and my creation stabs me in my chest, did this fools think I could die from a simple stabbing of silver? But another blow came to my sides but this time by silver sticks I am pinned, I try to fight but find it difficult, he knew I hadn't fed making it difficult for me to connect myself to my true strength. I was pushed inside a box and then I was closed away from the world.

The creature was even more furious, his creation had trapped him in this prison, but then another image came to mind, one of a creature so beautiful it took his breath away.

"Will you come tonight" she asked me shyly, her cheeks blushing as I smiled at her

"Of course I will my love, nothing shall stop me, I will sneak into your bedroom tonight and we will talk"

She bit her lip "I shall miss you"

I placed my hand on her cheek and heard her heart beat faster "Forgive me for being so bold Selene, but may I kiss you?"

She placed her head down and tied her hands with mine; her brown eyes looked into my green eyes with a small shy smile "You shall"

Selene he gasped in his mind, his beloved Selene. If only he hadn't been a fool and tried to kill his creation he would have been with his precious Selene. He must go to her immediately; she must think he had abandoned her. He heard voices outside talking before a big clang. He closed his eyes immediately.

They opened the coffin and gasped

"What the hell?" James bent down and examined the chains "Hey look, diamonds"

"Imbedded in the crosses" Victoria stated

"We need to get them, James give me hand untying the chains"

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