Katkind meets Humankind

Introduction- A group of brilliant human scientists create a portal to another dimention, the world of the SWAT Kats. But when Dark Kat decides to cross dimentional boundaries, and attack Earth, Razor and T-bone have to save humanity from the evil meglomaniac's wrath. Rated K+ for the moment, but it may go higher in later chapters.

Chapter 1

Planet Earth, May 10th,2050, 8:30 a.m:

Dr. Frank Lestor paced back and forth across the living room in frustration as his wife of fifteen years was explaining to him that she wanted a divorce. Their ten year old son Timmy was at school, so he fortunately did not have to see the terrible scene that was going on inside his house. Tim would have to know the truth eventually, because his mother was at the point of tears, trying to explain to Frank why she no longer loved him.

"You care more about your science lab than me!" she gasped. "Those stupid friends of yours, and that rediculous experiment means more to you than our marriage!"

"But Tracy, you just don't understand, we're on the verge of a breakthrough!" Dr. Lestor replied, " A few more tests, and we'll be ready to make scientific history!"

"Ha!" snapped Tracy, standing up and staring directly into her soon to be ex-husband's eyes. "The four of you are a bunch of crazy lunatics, as far as I'm concerned! For the past six months you've been saying that, and nothing has happened except you blowing up the lab...twice!"

"But this time it's different, we've made all sorts of safety precautions.." Frank sighed back,"Honey, I'm sorry that I haven't been around at all to spend time with our son, but this experiment is very, very important.. please, just try to understand that.."

"No!" she screamed, right into his face, "Nothing's more important than our son! Which means as soon as he gets out of school, I'm picking him up, and were both moving out, permanently!"

"Honey no, please, just give me another chance!" gasped Frank.

"You've had your chances buster, and you've wasted them.." she muttered, "So don't say another word to me, I have packing to do!"

Instantly, Tracy turned around, and went back into her room. Frank started to walk after her, but then decided that it was pointless. Going outside to his SUV, Dr. Lestor drove twenty miles to his scientific lab, which was located in a remote area in the Nevada desert. His group of scientists were working on a device, which, when completed, would be able to break dimentional boundaries, or so they calculated. Since NASA's space shuttle program had been scrapped by the U.S. government in 2011, it was up to private companies to explore space. So Dr. Lestor and three other scientists had pooled their resources together to form their own company, named EXDICORP, or the Exploration of Dimentional Boundaries Association. They were naturally laughed and scoffed at by society, especially after blowing up their lab twice in the same month. But not giving up, the small group of scientists had re-built it for a third time, and after another month of experiments, they were almost ready to test their dimention device. Looking like a cross between a satellite dish and a laser gun, the device was hooked up to a series of computers. It's core was composed of a combination of matter and anti-matter chemicals that were housed in a solid lead container. Earlier tests had been done on a smaller scale, creating a pin-sized hole in the dimentional matrix. A tiny camera had been placed through the hole, and to the scientists delight, on the computer screen was the image of another world with a green sky. The area itself was a vast rocky desert, with no signs of intelligent life at all, but there still was life on that world nonetheless. The previous week, the scientists had seen a creature resembling a moniter lizard sunning itself on a rock, unaware that it was been stared at by unseen beings living in another universe. Such a discovery would make Frank and his colleagues famous, but not wanting to spill the beans just yet, the scientists decided to test the device on a grand scale first. Only when the portal was up and running would they reveal the existance of the alien world to society, starting with John Grant, the local reporter who came to the lab at least once a week just to rail the group. He had just visited yesterday, spouting all sorts of vile and scandalous words at Frank and his team, so Dr. Lestor was quite eager to make John eat his words when the final test was completed. Looking at the computer screen he said, "So, have you seen anything other than a lizard, Tom?"

"Just the same one Frank, it must have a nest in the area.." said his colleague. "But the thing has to eat, so there's obviously other smaller things like bugs on that world, just like there are in our desert."

"It's amazing isn't it?" sighed Dr. Lestor, "Earth must have been like that world long ago, before even the dinosaurs existed. There's obviously an oxygen-like atmosphere on it, but we'll use our environment suits, just to be safe when we cross through the portal."

"If it works, Frank, " said Ted Langway, who had just come into the lab, "Charlie and I are just making some final adjustments to the devices' specs, we'll be able to start it in just a few hours."

"Fantastic.." sighed Dr. Lestor. "Then we'll silence our critics at last, and make human history!"

Planet Katrus, May 10th, 2050, 10:27 Pm, Megakat City:

"SWAT Kats!" exclaimed the terrified voice of Deputy Mayor Briggs, "Dark Kat's Fear Ship has been spotted over Pumadyne Industries! I'm afraid he's trying to steal more chemicals to make another bomb! The Enforcers are on their way to stop him, but I would feel better if you helped!"

"Don't say no more, we're on our way!" replied Jake over the intercom. "Let's go buddy, our work is never done!"

"You can say that again partner!" replied Chance, as they ran into their underground hangar, "Crud, will that creep Dark Kat never give up, this is the third time this week that he's tried to steal something from Pumadyne!"

"That's why we're here," shrugged Jake,as he changed into his SWAT Kat gear, and became Razor.
"To serve, and to protect katkind from all the scum who would try to harm them."

"Yep, despite what Commander Feral thinks of us.." said Chance, who put on his own gear, and became T-bone. "So, ready to kick DK's tail again?"

"You said it, let's hit it!" returned Razor. Moments later, the Turbokat blasted off into the green sky, the very same one that Dr. Frank Lestor was looking at on his computer screen.
For a fraction of a second, he thought he was seeing things, because the SWAT Kat's jet just happened to be flying over the Megakat desert.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Frank, " Guys, get over here now, I thought I just saw something in the sky!"

"What?" said Tom, coming to his side. "What did you just see?"

"A jet fighter plane!" exclaimed Frank, "Like the ones they use in the air force, although instead of being silver and white, this one was black with red trimmings!"

"Oh yeah, like sure you did.." laughed Charlie, feeling Frank's forehead. "Nope, no fever.."

"I'm telling you I saw it, I'm not sick!" yelled Dr. Lestor, "There was a fighter jet in that alien sky!"

"I think you need some sleep Frank.." sighed Tom, "Now no more wise tales alright, we're almost done with the specs.."

As his colleagues went into the back room to finish, Dr. Lestor continued to stare at the computer screen.

"Was I hallucinating?" he muttered to himself, as a bead of sweat ran down his face. "Or could there really be intelligent life on that world?"