Chapter 11- Epilogue

It didn't take very long for human society to learn of the existance of the alien kats. First, the residents of Las Vegas started milling around the remnants of Dark Kat's fear ship, taking pictures of it with their cell phones, cameras, and such, plus many more went out to the desert itself to see the portal linking the human world with the kat world. Very soon, all of the pictures were milling through the internet at high speed, so there was no way the U.S. government could hide anything, or even hope to try. Of course, once the fans of the long-defunct cartoon show, "SWAT Kats the Radical Squadran", found out that the two masked kat vigilanties, Megakat City and the rest of the show's characters actually existed in another dimention, they naturally went bonkers. There were those skeptics and pundants who thought the whole incident in Las Vegas was staged, but such idiotic people were few and far between. All one had to do was come to city, take a tour bus out to the portal, and walk through it into an alien universe. Of course the scientists who had created the portal were made instant celebrities, including the late Dr. Thomas Price, who was solomnly laid to rest a few days later in the desert near the portal. As for Timothy and his entire family, well, let's just say that life would never be the same for them again. Upon hearing of what her husband had accomplished, Tracy Lestor decided not to file for divorce, and apologized to Frank for not believing him before.

"No, I apologize for not being with my family these past six months.." sighed Frank, as he hugged her. "I just wish we could have saved Tom, before that monster Dark Kat killed him."

"Well thanks to you humans, that Omega has finally been taken out!" smiled Commander Ulyssis Feral, who upon hearing of the portal from his niece, had gone to Earth to meet with the human SWAT team to thank them personally. Along with Feral was Mayor Manx himself, Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs, and the SWAT Kats, who were all having a private dinner together with the human scientists, their families, and the Mayor of Las Vegas in a banquet hall in one of Vegas' hotels. Of course Timothy was absolutely thrilled to meet his heroes face to face, and both Razor and T-bone each gave the young human a big hug. As Commander Feral muttered something unintelligible under his breath, Felina sighed, "What did you just say uncle? Come on, spit it out, so we can all hear you.."

"Oh, alright.." sighed Ulyssis, " If we kats are cartoon charachters in this world like you say, then does this show reveal who these two hotshots are under their masks?"

"Sure it does," shrugged Tim, "But do you really think I'm lettin' you see it?"

"Attay boy, that's our main fan!" exclaimed T-bone, "Sorry Feral, but besides me and Razor, no other kat is going to watch OUR cartoon show, ever, period! That of course includes Mayor manx and Ms. Briggs here, hope the both of you understand.."

"Of course we do.." smiled Callie, "Right, mayor?"

"Er, um, if you say so Ms. Briggs, " Manx replied. "But um, can we speak of more pleasant subjects? I've heard, Dr. Lestor, that your world has some very FINE golf courses, is this true?"

As the Deputy Mayor rolled her eyes, Frank said, "Oh yes, we have hundreds of them... Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Augusta National, those are some of the top places to play. We even have our own Professional Golf Association, otherwise known as the PGA. Top tournaments are played in this country and all over the world every year.."

"Fantastic!" exclaimed Mayor Manx. "I just might decide to spend my next vacation on your fair planet! Make a note of it Callie, so I don't forget about it.."

"I'm sure you won't.." sighed the deputy mayor.

"Don't worry, you won't have to accompany Manx on his vacation, I'll be happy to go along with him," said John Grant, the human reporter, who was sitting nearby with the she-kat reporter Anne Gora.
"I know how much you hate golf.."

"Thank you.." said a relieved Callie. "But I still would like to spend some time here myself, and take in the sights!"

"While you do that Ms. Briggs, T-bone and I have a little stop to make at Tim's elementary school, we've been asked to make an appearance there tomorrow.." said Razor.

"I can't wait..." grinned the eager human boy, who had told his teachers and the principal about his little idea. The following day at school, Tim was in the auditorium with his fellow classmates, when the SWAT Kats themselves walked on stage, to the shock and delight of the children. Of course there was one pupil who was scared silly about the alien kats being there, and of course that was Nathan Turner, who had torn Tim's SWAT Kat poster to shreds a week ago. Nathan breathed a sigh of relief when the SWAT Kats just answered a bunch of questions from the other kids about their planet and such, and left the stage. Mr. Turner thought he was in the clear, but then during lunch, the boy gasped when the vigilanties walked into the cafeteria, and over to where he was sitting. Razor and T-bone then sat on either side of a frightened Nathan, while Tim sat across from the bully who just three days ago had dumped an entire container of chocolate milk onto his head.

"Hey there pal, thought I would introduce my two friends to you, these are the SWAT Kats.." smiled Tim from ear to ear.

"H-h-h-hi.." gulped Nathan, who was shaking like a leaf.

"Hey there buddy, don't we know you?" said T-bone.

"N-no, I d-don't think so.." he muttered.

"Oh, I think we do, kid.." grinned Razor. "You're the little creep that tore up our friend Tim's poster of us, right?"

"Yeah, and I believe, according to Tim, he also poured milk on him when the teachers weren't looking.." added T-bone.

"It wasn't my idea, I swear!" gasped a frantic Nathan, pointing his finger at two kids who used to be his friends. "They made me do it!"

"Your on your own this time jerk, " said one of them, "SWAT kats, it was Nathan's idea from the start to pick on Tim, just because he's bigger than him."

"Yeah, so who's the real loser now?" added the other kid.

"But... but..." gulped a scared Nathan, who was just about to pee in his pants.

"Now take it easy kid, relax, as we kats say, don't cough up a hair ball.." said T-bone, "We're not going to hurt you, right partner?"

"Nope, just embarrass you.." said Razor. "Now buddy?"

"Now.." said T-bone, after which the SWAT kats pulled out two big huge bottles of ice cold chocolate milk from underneath the table, and poured them over Nathan, soaking the poor kid to the bone.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!" screamed the other children in the cafeteria, as Nathan stood up, and slowly made his way to the showers, spitting milk out of his mouth.

"Now THAT was funny!" exclaimed Razor, causing the kids to laugh. "Well guys, hate to say good bye, but we've got our own city to protect! Bye everybody!"

"Bye SWAT Kats, we love you!" shrieked all of the students. Tim then went outside with his heroes to the Turbokat, which he had already ridden on with them the day earlier.

"Will I ever see you again on my world? Please, come back!" gasped the human boy, as he gave each SWAT Kat a hug.

"Sorry little buddy, but you know we can't risk the other omegas using the portal as it is.." sighed T-bone. "As soon as we get back home, Professor Hackle and your dad are going to make another machine to reduce it's size. Sure you can visit us anytime you'd like to, but we have a job to do.."

"Sure, I understand.." gulped Tim, as tears came out of his eyes. Taking a step backwards, the boy watched, as the SWAT Kats boarded the Turbokat, and blasted off into the sky. Tim and the rest of his family would be having more adventures with the SWAT Kats in the future, but as the saying goes, that's another story.