Chapter 4: Clash of the Titans

A/N: Sorry about the long wait. I honestly have had a lot going on including finally going home from the Army and getting a divorce. Updates will now be coming much more quickly...I hope... as I am done with writing all the way through Yafutoma on paper. As stated when I started writing this, this is a crossover of sorts in that it takes elements from a lot of places. To give you a heads up though, it will have a LOT of elements from Legend of Zelda and Macross. If you see something that looks like its from another work, let me know and I'll find it and give credit where due. Anywho... ON WITH THE SHOW!

I remember how bored, yet excited, I was that first time I set sail in the open sky. Yes, I did write that correctly. I set sail in the open sky on an airship that looked like it should be in the water. Mind you, it had smaller sails to each side on the lower hull, but it was still a sailboat. I also learned that there is a reason everyone wants moonstones. They use them to power the engines of their airships.

Shrine Island was a small deserted island that looked like the rest of it had broken off and dropped to Deep Sky, leaving only the shrine itself in the air. Critters of all types now lived there. Little did I know that this place would be where our grand adventure begins, the start of our very own legend.

-From the Personal log of CMDR Sora Hyrin, HNS Frontier-

-line here-

The wind flowed over Sora's face, blowing his hair back in a long trail behind him. Having set out the day before, his companions had already noticed his pointed ears. But, just as they had accepted he wasn't like them, they also accepted this was just another piece of the person call Sora. One thing he was questioned on, however, was why he wore a blue ribbon in his hair. His simple answer of "It was my sister's" was all the answer he gave them, as if it answered everything.

The trip itself was pretty uneventful... except when Aika rolled off her bunk, fell onto Sora, and proceeded to squeeze the life out of him like a teddy bear in her sleep. Now she had apologized profusely and bore a bright red blush the rest of the day. Vyse had laughed so hard saying Aika had a crush... and she then proceeded to beat up Vyse witha pillow, feathers flying everywhere.

As they drew closer, Sora caught an idea of just how large the tower that comprised the shrine was. At thirty minutes out, it still towered over and dwarfed the island it stood on. "Hey, Vyse, how much further is it?" "Bout half an hour. Look there, you can see the hole the moonstone made." Aika was leaning over the rail as she stared at the hole, "Holy...Look at the size of it, that rock's gotta be huge!" Vyse and Sora both laughed at her antics.

Coming alongside the island, they anchored the ship and stepped out onto what little actual land was there. "Big place. That hole is pretty big, too." Both Vyse and Aika nodded. As they crossed the small bridge to the entrance, they all wondered how to get inside. But when they neared the entrance, the door split and opened smoothly; only a soft sound of stone grinding on stone spoke of its movements.

"Hey, since when do doors open by themselves? This place is creepy." "Aika, I know you hate ghosts..." "GHOSTS! This place is haunted?!"
"No Aika, but Shrine Island is a relic of the Old World. Odds are that they have doors that open by themselves."

walking inside, the shrine was awash in silver light. The hole made from the moonstone poured water inside, filling the lower levels. At the bottom sat a massive glowing stone, the source of the light. " do we get it out?" Sora wasn't paying any attention to the question per say, instead he was looking around the room. "Well, we could swim down." "Ha ha, Vyse. you know I can't swim." Sora, finally noticed doors under the water, still glowing with power. "Let's empty the water." As the two looked at him curiously, he added, "Look, more doors. If they open like the one we came through, then we can drain the water and just walk out with it."
"Sora, you're a genius...but how to get to the doors...?"
"And how to stop the water. Even if we open the doors, the water will keep pouring in."
"Let's cross that hurdle when we get there."

Taking the only available path, the door they ended up at was one floor up and above where they came in. Outside, they split up to look around for another path. Aika, entranced by a large, spinning crystal, reached out to touch it. The crystal pulsed, turned the opposite way, then sank into the floor. Suddenly the island shook, throwing them all from their feet. As they finally gained their footing, they noticed they were at ground level and the hole in the wall was gone. "See, we crossed that hurdle and had no clue that Aika's love of shiny things would pay off." Laughing, they all went inside and followed the path back down.

As they continued to follow the path, the door they had originally used, now led to a thin, crystalline path under the island. The same circuitry patterns on Fina's clothes could now be seen on the floor pulsing with energy. As the trio moved on, they came across another door. This one, however, had water trickling from the edges. "Everyone, get back." Vyse, reached out with a cutlass and tapped the door. Almost instantly, it rushed open releasing a torrent of water. After a few moments, the water stopped and the three stepped through finding themselves at a new point a floor down from where they started. As they continued on, they surprisingly encountered no beasts or wildlife. Sora couldn't help but feel watched but couldn't find the source of the feeling. In a very short time, they had drained all the water and were standing on the edge of large circle painted on the floor.

"That rock is a lot bigger than I thought..."
"Moonstones are lighter than they look. Don't worry, Sora. This'll be cake."

As if some deity was listening, a large pile of boulders and rocks began moving and shaking. Hearing the movement, Sora turned to see a massive stone machine assembling itself from the broken rock on the floor. "Uh...guys...we have company." As the other two turned to look, the massive construct raised its arm which shifted and hummed. As it took aim, Sora realized what was happening. "MOVE!"

They all leapt to the sides just as a beam of energy ripped through where they just were. As they all drew weapons, it moved with a speed unnatural for its size. A stone fist smashed into Vyse's guard, pushing him back several feet. Aika threw her boomerang at its back, drawing sparks but otherwise doing nothing but scratching the surface. Meanwhile, the other arm was tracking Sora as he sprinted along the edge of the edge. Seeing the cannon form, he shifted his weight and ran across the wall. The cannon, which had aimed low, missed but the shockwave threw him off the wall and into a rolling dive. As he regained his footing, he was forced to leap away again as another shot came straight for him. 'Why does this have to happen to me...?'

Aika had tried numerous times to do damage but decided the boomerang wasn't going to do it. Focusing magic on a purple moonstone, she took aim and fired off a large icicle. The icicle shot forward at amazing speeds and lodged itself in the machine's leg, drawing its attention. As everyone defended and attacked, it hobbled towards her, working to corner her. As she realized her position, it raised its arm and prepared to fire.

Vyse shouted at her to get out of the way as Sora darted forward, reacting to the threat. Time slowed around him as his innate magic pumped through his body. As the blast fired, he sprinted at what they all thought to be impossible speeds. Stopping to block the shot, time sped up again and the blast rocketed into a barrier spell. Seeing and feeling the cracks forming in the shield, he began pushing even more power into holding it up. As the beam finally stopped, the machine stood there, its attention solely on Sora. Vyse and Aika both stared dumbfounded, unsure of what just happened. 'Magic...? Without a moonstone?'

"You will not hurt my friends." Drawing his sabers, he once again unleashed his power, pumping magic into his body and slowing down time. As more and more energy pulsed through him, violet bolts of energy crackled in the air around him as his eyes began to glow an eerie red. The construct, sensing a change, charged forward. When it threw its fist forward, Sora leapt up and ran along the length of the arm. When the other hand came up, he dropped, spun around the arm like a gymnast, and leapt to its opposite shoulder. As he landed, he plunged both sabers into the joint and scissored them, severing the limb. Unable to react quickly enough, the remaining hand blasted him off, then fired a second time as he fell. Sora took the hit, breaking several ribs as he bounced off the far wall. "ow..." Looking at his sabers, he noticed one of them was broken in half. Tossing it aside, he switched the other to a knife grip. Focusing on his magic, he called up the most powerful ice spell he knew. "Vyse, Aika. GET DOWN! Nobilis CRYSTLIR!" Instantly, the air around him and the construct snap-froze locking the machine in place. Seeing his first success, he switched spells. "Kyare'kazin KRONDE!" The frozen air instantly superheated as a whirlwind of flames twisted around him. The machine's body cracked in several places as Sora got up and charged. Leaping high into the air, he came down in front of the machine, using his momentum to slice through it. And, as his magic faded and the construct fell into pieces, he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Vyse and Aika slowly arose from behind the moonstone they were hiding behind, surveying the damage Sora had wrought upon both the construct and the room. Where he had run across the wall, boot imprints were impressed into the rock. The twin sabers had cut gouges in the walls and floor wherever they touched. But the most damage was caused at the end. The sudden shifts in temperature had actually glassed the floor in a five meter radius. The floor had been cracked and broken from the impact of the destroyed machine's parts. There was even a body shaped imprint in the wall where Sora had struck the wall.

"Damn...remind me never to piss him off when he's at his best."
"No kidding, Vyse. I think he's been playing with you during your spars."
"Yeah, well... Let's make sure he's okay. that much magic would kill the strongest mage I know of."

It didn't take long to treat his wounds, but there was no saving the outfit he was wearing. The flames and the whirlwind of magic had torn them to shreds and left them smoldering. And despite all of this, Sora just snored softly, out cold and fast asleep.
"Well I'll be damned...He's sleeping!"
"Lets go get the stretcher and carry him back. He'll sleep on the way back home."
"Do you think he thinks of it as home, Vyse?"
"Why, Aika... Hoping he'll stay?"
Aika blushed as Vyse laughed. "Well, let's go. Its two days to get back and I miss Mom's cooking." Loading the Moonstone and Sora onto the skiff, the set course for home.

That day scared me. I'd never pushed that much magic before...and I lost it. I lost control and the magic got away from me. Klane` was always better at spells than I was, just as I was a better combatant. Also, the magic is continuing to change me. My ears have become a little longer and the red in my eyes has increased. Aika and Vyse both noticed it and asked me about it. After explaining my interested family tree, they assumed it was normal. And it may well be normal. Mom's eyes turned red whenever she used a lot of magic. Klane`s glowed a bright green.

The magic I used was a couple of my own making. Nobilis Crystlir, or Noble Ice, and Kyare'kazin Kronde, or Infernal Winds. These are two spells that actually scare me. And in all actuality, they aren't the most powerful spells I know. Dad taught us the three Goddess spells before he passed on. Filgaia Nayru, Kronde Din, and Kazin Farore. I use the last one, Farore's Wind, a lot when I'm running. It has the affect of slowing down time around you. Din's Fire is even more powerful than the Infernal Winds. And Nayru's Love...that spell is a powerful barrier. I remember thinking that if the things I encountered were all this tough, then I may be in Trouble with a capital T. The adventure was now underway, we just didn't know it yet.

-From the Journals of Sora Hyrin, Blue Rogue-