Important Author's Note!

This story is currently paused along with most of my other stories. I know I will most likely not be writing anymore in Scattered Hearts, but Loud Whispers and The Echo of a Heartbeat will most likely be updated before the end of summer. I apologize to everyone who has been waiting patiently for my updates. Having a job and other family problems have kept me busy most of the summer but most of that is now well-handled enough that I can start writing again. Once again, I'm really sorry.


I have a poll up on my page asking about a story I just started. It's a Persona 3 story so if you've never played it, then this poll would not matter much for you. The poll is asking if I should pair the main character (Minato Arisato) with Akihiko, Ryoji, Shinjiro, or Ken. And yes, if paired with Ken then the story would have fewer moments… but it is possible seeing as in the female version on P3P, you can have a lover's bond with him. Anyway if you do know what Person 3 is and have an interest then please take my poll. Thank you and sorry for the really, really slow updates.